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Country Spotlight: How to Send to Germany with Interparcel

13th May 2021, 2:02pm in Shipping Advice by Eva Malpass

Famous for its architecture, art scene, and beer festivals, Germany has many treasures that draw interest worldwide. The country has a rich historic background and a varied landscape, offering visitors the opportunity to explore forests, mountains and rivers.

For businesses across the globe, Germany has long been an excellent destination for trade and commerce selling. Trading a large amount of the world's cars and electronics among other goods, cheap shipping to Germany has been essential for many years.

Whether you've been sending parcels to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Frankfurt, Interparcel is here to help you take full advantage of the most industrialised nation and the largest economy in Europe.

Why send to Germany?

Germany is not just a large export nation, they have the third largest economy in the world and are famous for its technology advancements and achievements. Each year many more businesses and brands discover Germany as a secure and rewarding place to invest in, and sell and deliver to. Some of Germany's major imports include machinery, vehicles, electrical equipment, and foodstuffs.

The average German resident receives 24 parcels per year which is the highest of all inhabitants of countries in Europe! In 2019, £3.2 billion parcels in total were sent to Germany, meaning that affordable parcel delivery is a must!

What you need to know when shipping to Germany

Information to know

Interparcel can help you send to Germany stress-free and at excellent prices. Sending to rural areas is just as easy as sending to large urban cities like Frankfurt, but to make the process as smooth as possible we've got a few areas for you to think about before sending.

Get to know Brexit changes

Since 1st of January 2021 parcels sent from the UK to Germany must go through customs. This means that when sending to Germany you'll need to fill in a couple more details when going through the booking process. This customs document simply enables foreign countries to identify what and where goods have come from so that tax can be calculated.

At Interparcel, we're in the business of making shipping easy. That's why we've done all the research and sorted through what customers will need to clear customs easily.

When booking with us you will just need to include these extra details:

  • Describe your items (type, quantity, value, manufacture location)
  • State your tax status (non-commercial, non-VAT registered business, or VAT registered)
  • Reason for sending
  • EORI number (this is mandatory for all sales, whether it's a VAT business or adhoc eBay seller) - read more about these here)
  • HS code (this is used to classify your items - find out more about these here)

It's now even cheaper to send to the EU from the UK as we do not charge VAT on shipping costs!

Make sure you check where each individual component of your goods originate from. If noted incorrectly, this could cause delays at customs.

Choose a services to suit you

When you send with Interparcel you have access to a wide range of suitable services that can help you ship efficiently to Germany. If you value speed and need your delivery shipped to Germany fast, services like Parcelforce Euro Priority can have your parcel delivered between 2-7 days. Or, if you would like to find cheap parcel delivery to Germany for your non-time-sensitive goods, services like Asendia Premium Goods would suit. This service offers affordable rates and offers collections right from your doorstep!

At Interparcel we know that customers need a range of shipping services to meet their varied sending needs. For commercial or eCommerce senders, having a range of reliable and cheap shipping services to Germany for their customers puts them ahead of the competition! !

Prohibited and restricted items

It is always worth checking that your items are suitable to send to Germany, or any location you intend on sending to. We have compiled country and courier based lists that outline the items which are prohibited and restricted.

When you've decided on the service you would like to use to send a parcel to Germany, you can refine your search by courier and country to ensure your items are good to go! Particularly when shipping to Germany, you will need to be extra sure that your goods aren't prohibited, so that your packages don't get held at customs. If parcels get held at customs they may incur additional fees.

Protection packaging

To avoid damage to your parcel, make sure it is packed well for protection. When packaging goods to send to Germany, keep in mind that your parcel will be handled multiple times when being loaded on and off vehicles and aircraft.

Ensure you:

  • Use a strong and rigid outer box (preferably double-lined particularly if the packages' weight exceeds 10kg)
  • Individually wrap loose items to protect from movement/vibrations
  • Fill the empty space in the box with cushioning materials such as packing peanuts, tissue paper or bubble-wrap

In general, even if your parcel won't be traveling on a cargo plane to be shipped internationally, it will still be processed by at least two depots and placed on several conveyor belts. Find out how to send your parcel safely.

There are also sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions available to use for parcels such as bio-based plastic, mushroom packaging, seaweed packaging, and paper-based packaging. Help reduce your environmental footprint and show brand commitment to caring for your environment by following our guide.

If you have any niche items to send such as a fishing rod or car parts, check that your items are not prohibited to send. It is also important to add extra protection to your parcel to minimise movement in transit. For more advice on sending niche items, read here.

Why use Interparcel to send a parcel to Germany?

Sending to Germany with Interparcel

With over 16 years' industry experience, sending to over 250 countries and territories, we can get your parcels to where they need to be. Alongside our courier partners, we have worked hard to ensure our customers find the cheapest way to send a parcel to Germany.

We also endeavour to offer our customers the lowest prices and fastest delivery times on international postage and want them to be able to choose a service that suits them from our wide range of solutions. Customers can benefit from a range of services depending on the urgency and price range of their delivery and send a parcel to Frankfurt, Nuremberg or Berlin in just a few clicks!

To see postage price comparisons to Germany just pop your parcel dimensions and weight into our Quote Tool and find a service to suit you today.

Looking to send to Germany as an E-commerce business?

Germany is a fantastic market to engage with if you're an E-commerce business so finding a reliable shipping service to send orders with is key. We created our Shipping Manager and its many integration functions so that online sellers could have access to cheap international delivery solutions and easy order fulfilment.

Businesses that use our shipping manager also have extended access to:

  • Multi-channel fulfilment: collates orders from multiple e-marketplaces into one place
  • 'Send Again' and 'Return Parcel' actions to streamline repeat and return orders
  • Parcel Presets to save parcel details for speedier sending on future orders
  • Cheap shipping to Germany!

If you are interested in sending a parcel but need to ask a question first, contact our parcel delivery experts. They are available from 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am - 1 pm on weekends via telephone, live chat and email.

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