Christmas 2022 wrapping guide

Interparcel’s Christmas Present Packing Guide 2022

13th December 2022, 11:11am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Love it or hate it, Christmastime involves a lot of wrapping. No not the singing kind. We’re talking wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and whole load of cello tape.

Christmas parcel wrapping

The unboxing experience should be exciting and memorable for whoever the recipient may be. For businesses, the packaging of your products should feel like unboxing a present. If your product comes readily encased in luxurious tissue paper or fabric, customers are more likely to purchase from you again, and your store benefits from additional profit.

Whether you are wrapping up gifts or orders, here are some ways to vamp up your Christmas present wrapping to rival Rufus’s masterpiece in Love Actually (minus the sprig of holly!). Plus, tips on packaging your item safely for transit and suitable carriers and services.

Let’s start unwrapping!

Christmas gift-wrapping tips

First things first, make sure you remove the price tag! It’s easily done, but no one wants the embarrassment of explaining a sale sticker…

Colourful boxes/mailbags

Invoke the festivities with colourful boxes or mailbags. You could opt for traditional reds and greens or branch out into custom-design mailbags. For businesses, it’s a great way to invest in making your design Christmassy without breaking the budget.

Include handwritten notes

Handwritten notes add a personal touch, especially at Christmas. Including a handwritten thank-you note or a blank card for them to write their own message is a simple way to show a bit of gratitude- so don’t underestimate the power of paper and pen!

Turn to nature

Wrapping paper is typically a single-use item and is sent for recycling. Glitter-encrusted or foil gift wrap cannot be recycled and is particularly damaging to the environment.

However, many recyclable packaging options, like eco-friendly kraft gift wrap, are available. Many are also crease-resistant, meaning no more messy wrapping!

DIY designs

Christmas tree stamp design

You could create your own repeat print using block print techniques to add a personal touch. Equally, old cardboard boxes or offcuts of a card can be transformed into bows or other 3D elements to add to your neatly wrapped gift.

Wrap with fabric

Another eco-friendly gift-wrapping alternative is using fabric cloth. The traditional Japanese wrapping method is furoshiki, and it can be made using many different fabrics, including cotton and silk.

Outer packaging

Now, your present is sitting there looking pretty, but it’s not quite ready for transit yet. It would be best if you repacked your gifts properly, as many goods sold in attractive packaging will not be suitable for shipping. There’s nothing more disappointing than receiving a damaged item in the post, so make your product packaging up to scratch.

Protect your gift with cardboard outer packaging

Parcels sent via our courier network must be encased in cardboard; otherwise, they are prohibited and cannot be sent through our services. We recommend using a new corrugated cardboard box to maximise strength. If you want to add a bit of festive cheer to the outside of the box, you could create a repeat pattern using a rubber ink stamp. You can purchase many designs online, including snowflakes, presents, and stars.

Use plenty of internal cushioning material

It’s not enough to rely on pretty wrapping paper to protect your present inside the cardboard box. You must add an appropriate amount of cushioning material, such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts or shredded paper, to minimise movement within the box.

Securely tape up the parcel

Christmas gift arrived in post

Your parcel must be strongly sealed for transit. Otherwise, your items could fall out or become damaged. We recommend taping the box lids and sides with strong packing tape. Masking tape will not suffice for heavier parcels.

Attach relevant documents to the outside of the box

One of the most critical elements of a parcel is, of course, the delivery address. Ensure you attach your shipping label to the top side of the box. You must attach a completed customs invoice if you’re sending a package abroad.

For gifts to friends or relatives, you would select ‘Private Individual’ for Tax Status, and ‘Gift’ as the Reason for Export, along with the relevant parcel information. You must be as accurate as possible on the form to avoid delays during the customs process.

Our handy packaging video demonstrates the correct way of sending a parcel through our courier network.

Ship with Interparcel

To quote Love Actually, “if you can’t say it at Christmas, when can you, eh?” We want to help all our customers say it with a thoughtful parcel delivery this holiday season. Make Christmas 2022 a memorable time with special packaging and speedy delivery services.

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