Liquid Parcel Delivery

Send liquids with a specialist liquid service from only £11.60 + VAT

Do you need to send liquids in the post?

Liquids are typically restricted for sending by most delivery companies.

However, liquids are accepted on certain courier services providing that they are sufficiently packaged.


Sending liquids by courier

Due to the spillable nature of fluids, parcels containing liquid can pose a risk to other packages in transit. However, delivering bottles or cans has never been more in demand. That's where Interparcel can help.

We've negotiated some of the best prices with reputable couriers like APC and Parcelforce so you can send liquid affordably. Just enter the parcel details on our website to obtain a free quote.


Fast and reliable liquid parcel delivery

Whether you plan to send a bottle of wine to a friend or craft beer to a customer, you can find a cost-effective courier service in minutes.

APC Liquid Services offer fast, overnight delivery for parcels up to 30kg and containing up to 20 liquid items per consignment. Packages are handled by specially trained staff, sorted by hand and sorted in individual cages to maximise protection. We also offer Parcelforce collection and drop-off services.


Popular liquid delivery services

APC and Parcelforce are the only couriers that Interparcel offer that will accept liquids on specific services.

Why choose Interparcel for sending liquids?

Courier collection and drop-off services

We offer collection and drop-off shipping options, giving you the flexibility to make sending suit your schedule. You can rely on us to ship your parcel safely and quickly nationwide.

Free comprehensive tracking

You can receive our proactive email or SMS tracking notifications to monitor your parcels' journey. You can also enter your 12-digit tracking number on our website to monitor the progress of your shipment.

Transit cover included free

Most courier services booked with Interparcel come with free transit cover as standard. You can also purchase enhanced transit cover to match the value of the goods you send for an extra fee.

Award-nominated customer service

Our parcel experts deliver friendly, efficient and helpful support via telephone, live chat, contact form, or email. If you need help, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Can I send liquid in the post?

Liquids can be sent in the post, but, there are restrictions:

For Parcelforce liquid delivery services:

For APC liquid delivery services

  • UK delivery only
  • Maximum of 20 liquid items per consignment


Am I covered if I send liquids in the post?

Liquids are only covered by our transit cover if they are sent on the APC Liquid, APC Liquid Saturday, Parcelforce Express 48 Liquid or Parcelforce 48 Liquid Drop Off Service.

The APC Liquid services include £25 free transit cover. You can purchase additional cover up to a maximum of £1000.

The Parcelforce Liquid services include £25 free transit cover. You can purchase additional cover up to a maximum of £250.

Please note: The APC Liquid Services are specific fragile handling services. However, parcels sent on the Parcelforce Liquid services travel through the normal Parcelforce network.


Liquid Delivery FAQs

What classes as a liquid?

Liquids or fluids are generally defined as substances that flow freely at a constant volume—for example, a bottle of wine. We advise you to check our Prohibited & Restricted list for guidance.

What is the best way to send liquid by courier?

Items containing liquid must be well-packaged to withstand a slight tumble. Any items that are wet, leaking or emit an odour cannot be sent on a UK or International service. To make sure your item is sufficiently packaged for transit, we advise you:

  • Choose a robust cardboard box
  • Wrap each bottle in polythene or sealed plastic bags with tape
  • Fill any space with protective cushioning materials
  • Use foam dividers for extra protection

For more information, please read our blog post on shipping liquids by courier.

Are there any prohibited or restricted liquids?

There are a variety of liquids that are prohibited from sending via courier services. Examples of prohibited liquids are:

  • Flammable liquids
  • Chemicals or solvents
  • Poisonous or toxic liquids
  • Perishable liquids

Please check our Prohibited and Restricted Item list before you book a courier service with us. You can filter results by courier and destination country.

Which couriers will deliver liquids?

APC Overnight and Parcelforce are the only two couriers that will accept liquid on certain services.

These include APC Liquid, APC Liquid Saturday, Parcelforce Express 48 Liquid and Parcelforce 48 Liquid Drop Off.

What is my tracking number?

If you need help tracking your parcel, we are here to help. Your tracking number starts with GB followed by ten digits, e.g., GB1234567890. You can find the reference number in your order history if you have an account with us. You can find your tracking number in your order confirmation email.

When will my parcel start being tracked?

Tracking information is available from the moment the courier collects your package. If you opt for a collection service, the courier will scan your package as soon as it's in transit. However, sometimes the information is uploaded once it reaches the local depot.

For Drop Off services, tracking will begin once you've dropped the parcel off. This will confirm that the package is in the network. The shipment will be rescanned once the courier has collected the item from the drop-off location.

Our mobile-friendly website lets you track your shipment on the move with a mobile or tablet device.

Still have questions?

With reputable carriers like APC and Parcelforce, you can't go wrong leaving your parcels in our care.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our parcel experts.

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