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Who are Tuffnells?

Tuffnells are the go-to courier for large, bulky shipments within the UK and abroad, and has a long heritage that dates back to 1914. Tuffnells has a dedicated network that aims to minimise the number of times your consignment is handled to reduce the possibility of damage. Tuffnells delivers everything from tyres to building supplies, and with Interparcel you have access to their services without needing an account or hitting minimum volumes.

Send a Tuffnells Parcel

Sending a parcel with Tuffnells has never been cheaper or easier.
Just enter your parcel details in the Quick Quote box below, and choose from an extensive range of Tuffnells services, at a discounted price.


Tuffnells Parcel Tracking

All our Tuffnells services include full tracking from collection to delivery as standard.
Visit our Tuffnells Tracking Page and enter your 12 digit tracking number to track your parcel

Tell me more...

Tuffnells parcel express is one of the longest-standing courier companies today. The company began over 100 years ago in 1914 when the founder, Harold Tuffnell, started the company with a horse and cart he purchased for £100. Today, they have thousands of employees, do over £100 million in turnover per year, and are unrivalled for fast service for heavy, bulky and irregular shipments.

When Should I Use Tuffnells?

You can use Tuffnells for all of your parcels, they will accept small as well as large but they are the courier of choice when you need to make a specialist, heavy or awkward shipment as soon as possible.

If your parcel weighs more than 30kg or is larger than 200cm in length then you may struggle to find a cost effective solution, but they really are the experts with handling Irregular Dimension and Weight freight (IDW) transit costs are kept low whilst service levels remain high, so this is the perfect service for you. Their big green parcel machines can carry parcels up to 6m in length; there really is no job too large!

Will Tuffnells Collect My Parcel?

Yes, goods will be collected from any address in the UK. Simply enter your desired collection address at the time of booking and the friendly local driver will collect from your home or work.

Please note that to maintain high service levels the collection point will be called the day before collection to ensure that your freight is packaged and ready to go. Please ensure that when you get your Tuffnells quote you provide a valid telephone number, if the local depot cannot contact the collection point then this will affect the requested collection date.

Can I Drop My Parcel off to Tuffnells?

No. Tuffnells do not currently offer a drop off service. If you wish to drop your parcel off instead of waiting for a collection please take a look at our other courier services.

Can I Track My Tuffnells Delivery?

Yes, all services booked through Interparcel include full online tracking from collection right through to delivery.

You will be given a unique tracking number at the time of booking that you can share with the receiver if you want them to monitor their parcels journey. A proof of delivery is also available once the parcel has been delivered.

How Much Can I Cover My Parcel For?

We include £25 of cover with every Tuffnells booking. You can purchase additional coverage to a maximum of £2,000.

Some items are deemed as Restricted or Prohibited on our services so please make sure you read our Prohibited list to ensure that you will be covered.

Why should I book through Interparcel?

When you book a parcel with Tuffnells through Interparcel you can relax; confident in the knowledge that your parcel is in safe hands, no matter what courier you book. Interparcel have been in the industry for over 16 years and hold established accounts with national courier brands you will almost certainly already be familiar with. We work hard to secure the cheapest prices so we can save you money whilst maintaining the highest service standards you have come to expect.

Our easy to use parcel comparison website offers you a full range of services in seconds from all of the big shipping suppliers. It's easy to compare shipping solutions and you aren't tied in to any contracts or minimum spends. Why settle for only one supplier with a limited range of postage options when with Interparcel you have the freedom of choice?

You can send your UK packages with one carrier and then choose another carrier for your international post. At Interparcel you will have access to our range of carriers and services, giving you choice, all in one place.

Interparcel are passionate about customer service too, we have bucked the trend of hiding away behind screens and social media accounts, we are proud to have a UK call centre where you can speak with a parcel expert 7 days a week. We know that our customers sometimes want to speak to a human being and we just love to talk parcels. We only work with the best couriers so it's not often that things go wrong, but if they ever do it's good to know that we are here to talk you through it. Great price, but also great service, now that’s real value for money!

How do I Send a Parcel with Tuffnells?

To send a parcel through Interparcel it's really very simple:

  1. First package your parcel carefully. We recommend using a good quality cardboard box and internal packing materials (like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspaper) to protect the contents.
  2. Measure and weigh your parcel carefully. All of our prices are based on the weight and size of the parcel, getting this wrong could mean you pay too much for your delivery.
  3. Use our easy booking page to get a quote and choose your courier service. We have a variety of delivery options available so just select the one that's best for you and your needs.
  4. Once you book you’ll receive an address label which you should print out and stick on your parcel. If you don't have access to a printer you can simply handwrite the address clearly on the box. You do not need to print any shipping labels for this service as your friendly driver will bring the labels with them.
  5. Wait for your collection time and give the parcel to the courier.

How do I Book a Tuffnells online Delivery?

To book a parcel delivery through Interparcel in minutes just:

  1. Go to our Get A Quote page
  2. Enter the UK collection address (where you want the driver to pick up the parcel from)
  3. Enter the receivers address - where you want Tuffnells to deliver to
  4. Weigh your parcel in kg as accurately as possible – you can use your own scales or a kitchen scale
  5. Measure your parcel and note down the length, width, and height in cm
  6. Enter the parcel details
  7. If necessary, repeat this process for an additional parcel
  8. Click QUOTE ME to generate your quote
  9. Next, you’ll see the service options available to you. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget
  10. Click “Book” on your chosen service
  11. Fill out the contact information, confirm the collection and delivery addresses, define your collection date and time if necessary, and describe your parcel contents
  12. Pay to complete your booking
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