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Are you planning to send a parcel to the USA from the UK?

Whether your package is for an address in New York or California, we can help you send a parcel quickly and affordably to the United States.


Affordable parcel delivery to the USA

The United States of America is one of our most popular shipping destinations. With over 50 states spanning over 3.8 million square miles, it's also one of the largest economies in the world. Individual senders and eCommerce businesses frequently send parcels across the pond for Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At Interparcel, we can help you send your parcels to America for less through our partnership with international courier experts. The high volume of parcels we deliver to the USA daily has enabled us to secure discounted US shipping rates.

Compare cheap shipping quotes to the United States

We have negotiated some of the best prices for delivery to the USA with international carriers like DPD, FedEx, Landmark Global, Parcelforce, Spring Global and UPS. For the fastest delivery estimates, you could opt for one of our Express options. We can deliver parcels from the UK to the US in as little as 1-2 working days after collection.

Enter your parcel dimensions and weight into our online quote tool to generate a list of discounted Collection and Drop Off international delivery services to the USA.


Popular delivery services to America

When you book with Interparcel, you'll have access to a range of reputable international couriers that send parcels to the USA.

Here are some popular Economy, and Express services from the United Kingdom to the United States.

Delivery to the United States starts from £13.60. Service blocks above display the cheapest price available for the service, not specifically for shipments to America.

Why choose Interparcel to send to the USA?

Courier collection and drop-off services

We offer collection and drop-off delivery services from the UK to the USA, giving you the flexibility to make parcel-sending suit your schedule. You can rely on us to ship your package safely and quickly, no matter the size.

Free comprehensive tracking

You can choose to receive our email or SMS tracking notifications during the booking process to monitor your parcels' journey. You can also enter your 12-digit tracking number on our website to monitor the progress of your delivery.

Transit cover included free

The majority of international parcel delivery services booked through Interparcel include a level of free transit cover. You can also purchase additional transit cover up to a maximum of £2,000 on certain services.

Award-nominated customer service

We're obsessive about customer service. Our parcel experts deliver friendly, efficient and helpful support over the phone, live chat, contact form, or email. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us!


What items can I not send to America?

The United States prohibits and restricts many items from being imported. It is important you check with local Customs and our list prior to shipping to reduce the risk of additional fees or delays.

If you're unsure, we advise you contact U.S. Customs and Border Protection for further clarification on what you can and can't ship to the United States. Please also check the Interparcel Prohibited & Restricted Items guide.



Do you want to find out if you're using the best services for your needs, or if you could be saving even more money on parcel sending? Want to streamline your sending process with our shipping tools and integrations, but not sure where best to start?

Take advantage of our free shipping review where our shipping experts will analyse your current parcel sending and provide you with personalised recommendations on how to streamline and improve. To book your review, click below, email us at, or call us on 0333 3003 040.


Delivery to USA FAQs

How long does it take to send a parcel to America from the United Kingdom?

Transit times to the USA from the UK vary between 2 – 12 business days, depending on the service speed selected.

Do I need to complete a customs form when shipping from the UK to the USA?

Yes, all packages received over in America must be cleared through Customs. We incorporate required customs documentation within the booking process to minimise delays. If you need some guidance, have a read of our blog.

What's the best way to package my item for international delivery?

When packaging goods to send abroad, remember that your shipment will be handled multiple times when loaded on and off vehicles and aircraft. We advise you:

  • Use a strong and rigid cardboard box
  • Individually wrap loose items to protect from movement / vibrations
  • Fill the space in the box with cushioning materials like packing peanuts, tissue paper or bubble-wrap
  • Invest in robust and weather-proof packing tape

  • Read our blog for further information.

How do I write an American address internationally?

The main differences with the USA's addressing system and ours are the two-letter state abbreviation and the use of ZIP codes instead of a postcode. You can find out more about addressing a parcel to the USA in our blog.

What items can I send via courier to the USA?

Before booking a parcel delivery with us, you must check and agree to our Prohibited and Restricted list. You can filter results by the courier and destination to ensure that your goods can be safely carried.

Can I send a pallet to the USA?

Unfortunately, at the moment, pallet delivery services are only available within the UK.

What is my tracking number?

If you are having issues tracking your parcel, we are here to help. Your tracking number starts with GB followed by 10 digits, e.g., GB1234567890. You can find your tracking number in your order confirmation email, and your reference number can be located in your order history if you have an account with us.

When will my parcel start being tracked?

Parcel tracking will start from the moment your package is collected. If you opt for a collection service, the courier will scan your package as soon as it's picked up. However, sometimes the information is uploaded once it reaches the local depot. You can also track your shipment on the move with a mobile or tablet device on our mobile-friendly website.

Still have questions?

With reputable carriers like FedEx Express and Landmark Global, you can't go wrong leaving your parcels in our care.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our parcel experts.

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