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Activate Bulk services to save money on overseas deliveries and efficiently scale your business.

International Bulk Sending Solution

Ship parcels worldwide for less

Bulk services allow you to book multiple orders and consolidate them into one larger box, which will then have a single collection - saving you time and money. Once at the depot, the larger box will be opened, and the individual parcels distributed to their end locations.

With Bulk shipping, you can expand into international markets for less, diversify your customer base and introduce your products to a new buying audience.

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The Interparcel Bulk Solution is available for free to all our customers.

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Enable Bulk Services with Interparcel

Choose your platform

1. Log In

Log in to your Interparcel Account via the top right of the page

Connect to your store

2. Navigate to Account Settings

Hover over 'My Account' and select 'Settings from the dropdown menu

Import & fulfill orders

3. Enable for Account

When in Settings, toggle on 'Bulk Services' and click 'Enable for this Account'

Quote Interparcel Bulk Services

Quote Bulk Services

Once activated, available bulk services will appear in quote results. You can choose from Landmark Global or Spring Global Bulk services.

Process your international bookings as normal, and your outstanding Bulk orders will be available in the 'Bulk Collection' sidebar within 'My Account'. Please don't forget to pack each item individually and attach the labels before placing them in a larger box.

Complete Bulk Orders

Enter the measurements and weight of the outer box, then choose your preferred domestic collection or drop-off service for each batch of orders. Your chosen courier will deliver the shipment to the relevant depot, where the larger box will be opened, and the individual parcels sent to the relevant addresses.

Complete bulk delivery order

International Bulk Services FAQ

Can I use Bulk delivery services for UK shipments?

No, Bulk shipping is only available for overseas sending.

Is Bulk shipping worth it?

Bulk services are designed for anyone sending a minimum of 2 or 3 international packages per week, and will save you time and money if sending in volume.

How long does delivery take?

Estimated delivery is around 5 – 16 working days after collection from the UK depot.

How do I track the pick-up and delivery of each individual parcel?

Like all services booked through Interparcel, free package tracking is available as standard. You will receive a tracking number for the UK pick-up of your order and individual tracking numbers for each parcel delivery. You can access this information under the 'My Orders' page.

Can I mix Landmark Global and Spring Global parcels in one box?

No, it's important to only pack parcels booked with the same courier in one box. For instance, all Landmark Global packages must be placed together in one large box.

Still have questions?

With reputable carriers like Landmark Global and Spring Global, you can't go wrong leaving your bulk delivery parcels in our care.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our parcel experts.

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