How to pack niche items

How to Send Niche Items

16th April 2020, 11:11am in Shipping Advice by Eva Malpass

As millions of parcels are delivered worldwide every year, it would seem packing up and sending anything under the sun is easy. Yet when sending items of middling value or irregular shape we can often be left with a major conundrum.

Parcel delivery needn't be tricky, at Interparcel we want to make the whole process as simple as possible, so we've created some specific packaging and shipping solutions for unusual items.

Before you get ahead of yourself and start packing up your whole house after a thorough spring clean, make sure to check your items aren't on our prohibited or restricted items list. Some items can't be insured with our transit cover so be sure to double-check you're safe to send!

How do I ship a fishing rod?

Fishing rods can often be a tricky item to ship due to their length and fragile quality, but we at Interparcel can help. If you're looking to ship a two-piece fishing rod this will be slightly easier as these may fit into a standard size box. But if you're looking to send a one-piece you'll need to select a courier that specialises in long and large parcels like Parcelforce or Tuffnells.

How do I protect a fishing rod for sending?


It's always a good idea to add protection to any package you intend to send, but especially as fishing rods are often of some value. You'll need the classics - bubble-wrap, polystyrene, and packing tape. If the rod itself comes in a tube or packing case you'll still need to place this into an outer cardboard box. Or if you don't have an inner case to protect your fishing rod, you can visit your local tackle shop who may have extra to give away. Alternatively, use any cylindrical tube you may have from an old carpet as makeshift fishing rod protection!

We would advise you to wrap all parts of the rod in protective material before placing inside the inner case and pack each end to minimise movement in transit. Then place this inside an outer cardboard box - there are boxes specially made for this purpose or you can try to attach two boxes with packing tape.

If you're using a sizeable tube you can always send more than one fishing rod to save on shipping costs as Interparcel compare the best courier prices for these occasions. Just make sure to calculate the dimensions of your package accurately and we'll do the rest.

How much does it cost to send a fishing rod?

That will generally depend on how heavy and long your parcel is after you've properly protected it for shipping. But you won't need to worry too much about cost, whether you're sending a fishing rod ahead for a trip or selling one online we can offer the cheapest shipping prices so you can deliver affordably. Get a quote now!

How do I ship car parts?

Fortunately, with our wide range of couriers like Tuffnells that specialise in large and heavy packages, Interparcel can accommodate sending car parts and spares.

With us, you can send engines and tyres just with some restrictions, discussed below.

How do I protect car parts for sending?

Car engines must be completely drained of all liquid and professionally cleaned before shipping. This is to ensure no hazardous fluid leaks when in transit. Once this has been done you will need to request a pallet when booking with us so we can successfully transport the engine for shipping. For expensive items such as these, it's worth extending your Transit cover so you can ensure the full cost of your package is covered against loss or damage along the way.

Transit cover provides our customers with security, protecting your packages and giving you peace of mind. Most services have varying levels of free cover included as standard, but if your goods are worth more than this covered amount, you can add on additional cover to fully protect your shipments in transit.

To fully protect your package you will need to encase the engine inside a sturdy cardboard box with lots of padding inside to withstand transportation. We recommend selecting a double or triple lined box to make sure the weight of your item is supported.

Tyres must also be placed inside a strong cardboard box. Although this is a pretty hardy item, you'll still need to pad the inside of the box for some extra cushioning and please make sure to place each tyre in a separate box. For both tyres and engines, we advise our customers to use plenty of packaging materials inside to secure the box. The less the items can move around inside, the better protected the items will be. These items, as with all items in our network, cannot be sent without a box. Take a look at our handy guide of Do's and Don't of packing your parcel too.

How much does it cost to send car parts?

This will depend solely on the weight and size of your items, but with our Quote Tool, it'll take seconds to find a cheap delivery service to suit you.

How do I ship a bicycle?

As we approach summertime everyone will be wanting a pushbike to pedal around in the sun. To ship a bike you will need to have a suitable box to put it in. New bikes won't be a problem as their original box will do just fine.

If you want to ship an older bike that isn't already dismantled, you'll need to disassemble it as it will be easier to send. All parts of a standard bicycle will come away with a spanner and varying sizes of Allen key so make sure you have these to hand. You'll need to remove the saddle, pedals, front wheel, rear wheel and handlebars.

You will also need to partially deflate each wheel, this is to prevent any damage in the event of depressurisation. Not deflating each wheel completely allows the frames to be protected from any scratching or damage.

How do I protect a bike for sending?

Once you have dismantled the bike, it's a good idea to wrap each section in pipe insulation or bubble-wrap before placing it into the cardboard box. Then you should fill the space inside the box with packing peanuts or another cushioning material to limit movement whilst in transit.

How much is it to send a bicycle?

The quickest and easiest way to find this out is to measure and weigh your box. The manufacturer of the bike may also include the weight of the bicycle on their website so make sure to add that to the weight of the box when you get a quote!

How do I ship artwork?

how to package

Sending artwork can be a lot like sending books, if they are of higher value they need more thought and care when shipping. For these sorts of packages its worth considering extra transit cover. Although most of our courier services offer a level of free transit cover as standard which will of course protect your package from damage or loss, sometimes this amount will not cover the value of your item.

In this instance, you might consider using 'Goods in Transit' cover. This offers door-to-door cover which protects your package from collection right up until delivery. The process for reporting and resolving a damaged or lost parcel can be found here, but hopefully you'll never need to claim, but it's good to know your goods are travelling protected in any case.

Remember courier companies will not process a loss or damage claim if the goods were inadequately packaged, so it's worth knowing how to protect your items in transit.

How do I protect artwork before sending?

If you plan to send artwork than cannot be rolled or is sizeable you should firstly wrap it in shrink wrap to protect from any moisture entering and add a layer of bubble-wrap to double this effect.

You should then find cardboard that measures to fit the front and back of your artwork – but not too snugly! Using strong tape, secure the packaging in place.

If you want to send a print or poster that can be rolled, you'll need to use a cardboard tube. We recommended using a triangular tube as these prevent any rolling mishaps during transit. Make sure to add protection around both ends when sending like this as a cushioning agent on its journey.

How much does it cost to send artwork?

We can accommodate any size artworks including framed prints as long as they are packaged and protected properly. The cost of delivery will depend on the dimensions of your parcel, so make sure to measure accurately and get a quote today.

How do I ship a guitar?

Guitars can often be items of great significance to the owners or receivers as well as great value, so taking precautions to protect them for transit is important. We are able to send guitars, but these must be equipped with a hard case before packaging.

How do I protect a guitar before sending?

What you'll need to do first is de-string the guitar or slack the strings, so they won't snap during the process of sending. As always, make sure to add a hefty layer of bubble-wrap or protective material to keep any fragile parts safe.

When choosing an outer packaging for the encased guitar we recommend you use a strong cardboard box. You could try securing two cardboard boxes together or perhaps purchase guitar boxes online that are made especially for this purpose.

You won't want the guitar moving around a lot whilst inside the box, make sure to fill the box with crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts to fill the gaps and protect your package.

How much does it cost to ship a guitar?

For this, you will need to measure and weigh the package carefully. Most of our couriers will deliver items up to 30kg, but Tuffnells specialise in bulky items so why not have a look at their services which will also be listed when you get a quote online.

How do I ship a pram?


Prams and pushchairs are essential when carting around your kids, but when you no longer use these they're often good to sell online or give to a relative who'll be needing it. On the outset, these look tough to send, but we can make it simple.

How do I protect a pram for sending?

What you'll need to do first is fold it down, making sure any detachable parts or pieces are secure. You then need to wrap it all up in bubble-wrap, so it has at least 5cm of padding to protect it.

If you have the box it came in stowed away this should still be fine for sending, but if not, you should be able to secure two boxes together or ask a neighbour for any spare shipping boxes to hand.

How much does it cost to ship a pram?

After you've boxed it up with lots of protection inside, you'll have to measure and weigh it. If you can only make a rough estimate on the size or weight check the manufacturers' website where the details of the folded dimensions should be available. All you'll have to do now is pop these dimensions in our quote tool and access a range of services which can collect straight from your door.

How do I ship vinyl records?

As vinyl LPs made their unsuspected comeback in recent years, lots of people don't have the foggiest idea of how to prepare and package records. Here are some tips and tricks to sending vinyl (and some mistakes to avoid).

How do I protect records for sending?

Firstly, you'll need to 'dismantle' the record. Take the vinyl out of the jacket cover and remove its paper sleeve. Place the record on top of the jacket and then place the sleeve on top of the vinyl. This creates a sandwich that protects the record from cutting through the jacket as most of the time owners would like them to be in pristine condition.

Place the sandwich inside a padded plastic wallet or a layer of bubble-wrap and select your outer packaging. Vinyl record mailers are specifically made for sending vinyl records, so if you send lots of records perhaps for your small online business this can be a good investment. But if you're a one-time sender you can always use old pizza boxes with sturdy cardboard. Just make sure to fill any space inside with protective filling.

How much does it cost to send vinyl records?

You'll have to measure and weigh your package after it's all been securely prepared to figure this one out. Make sure the dimensions are correct and pop them in our Quote Tool. If the record you're sending is time sensitive and need to arrive before some retro party, why not have a look at our Same Day or Next Day delivery services at discounted rates!

If you're still unsure about how to send any items that we haven't included here be sure to contact our customer service team open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday to get all the information you need on packing and sending. Happy Shipping!

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