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Why you should use Express shipping

29th April 2022, 11:11am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

If you're looking to send goods abroad quickly, a speedy Express delivery service is an excellent option. With Interparcel you can book your delivery, have your parcel collected from your home to travel thousands of miles, and it can arrive at the recipient's doorstep as quick as the next working day!

We work with some of the best names in the courier business to offer our customers reliable and discounted door-to-door and drop-off shipping services, who can deliver your parcel in as little as 1-3 days.

What is Express delivery?

Express overseas delivery

Express parcel delivery offers you the fastest way to ship your package overseas. Delivery to Europe can be as quick as the next working day after collection, worldwide starting from 2 days.

What are the benefits of Express Shipping for…

Individual shippers?

It's fast

Express shipping is really just that- fast. If you're sending a birthday gift for example, you might worry that you need to be sending weeks in advance but not if you use Express. Shipping to Europe can be as quick as the next working day after collection, so you don't have to worry!

It's reliable

We want to help make the booking process as simple and stress-free as possible, especially for international express deliveries. Shipping an item on an Express service gives you the confidence that your parcel is in safe hands. Plus, our simple booking system aims to make filling in necessary Customs invoices easier. All Express services also come with at least £25 cover included for free with the option to purchase additional coverage.

It's convenient

Express delivery is not just collection based. If you're not going to be at home, you can opt for a Drop Off service. With thousands of Drop Off points distributed around the UK, it makes sending on the go a convenient option.


Reach a broader customer base

Offering Express worldwide delivery allows your business to tap into overseas markets to help drive sales and grow your eCommerce store. With the option to send to over 200 countries and territories, you have the flexibility to send wherever you wish.

Builds good brand reputation

Express shipping shows that your brand is reliable and can send your customer's orders quickly to their doorstep, whether in Manchester or Malawi. If you sell on platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify, you can integrate your store with us and set up live shipping costs at checkout so your customers have complete transparency on how much they will pay.

Better security

All our Express international services are signed-for to give you peace of mind that the shipment is with your customer, especially if it's a high-value item. Of course, all services booked through us come fully tracked, and email and SMS notifications can be set up during the booking stage so you or the buyer can be kept informed every step of the way.

How much does Express shipping cost?

Opening parcel together

You can get parcels delivered worldwide on Express services via our discounted courier rates to popular destinations like France, Germany, China, and the USA. The price of Express shipping changes per destination country. Enter the country of choice in our Quote Tool for an instant list of prices.

You must check our Prohibited & Restricted list before booking with us to avoid potential delays or fines. You can filter the list by courier and destination country.

What International Express services do you offer?

We offer fast and reliable Collection and Drop Off Express services to most worldwide destinations. Here are a few examples below:

TNT Express: TNT delivers millions of parcels daily for businesses worldwide. Their express shipping offers parcel collection from a business address from £25.50.

UPS Express Saver Drop Off: Drop your parcel off at your local UPS Access Point and your package will be delivered between 2-6 working days from £24.90.

FedEx Express International Priority: Reliable and cost-effective, FedEx is a global giant within international courier services and you can send to the USA in 1-3 days from £24.05.

DPD Air Express: Fast international door-to-door express delivery for parcels up to 30kg from £15.70.

How to book Express shipping with Interparcel

Booking a worldwide Express courier service with Interparcel is easy. Simply:

  • Click on 'Get a Quote'
  • Type in your parcel measurements, weight, collection and destination country
  • You will then receive an instant list of quotes to choose from
  • Scroll down to Express Delivery, select your preferred service and fill in the rest of the details in minutes
  • Sit back, relax and wait for your friendly delivery driver to collect your parcel, or pop to your local Drop Off location

Our Shipping Manager can also help you organise, fulfil and send orders from multiple couriers all in one place! Our Shipping Manager can integrate with various eCommerce platforms, providing your business with a streamlined tool for your parcel sending needs. Interparcel users can benefit from:

Book an Express parcel delivery service today and see how much you could save on international shipping!

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