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Next Day Delivery: Why You Should Be Using It Today

27th August 2020, 1:01pm in Shipping Advice by Eva Malpass

No matter if you are an online ebay seller wanting to offer a wider range of shipping services or if you forgot your nan's birthday so need to send a gift hamper pronto. Maybe you just have no patience and want that pair of jeans like yesterday... whatever the reason, Next Day parcel delivery is an invaluable solution across the board and it's usually cheaper than you might think!

For those not in the know, Next Day parcel delivery is a option that allows users to have items delivered the working day after the courier collects it. This means that customers can receive orders quicker than the standard 3-5 day wait. With Interparcel, users can choose to have their parcels delivered, next day, right to their doorstep in most of the Mainland UK.

But why should businesses and individuals alike be using Next Day delivery?

Why opt for Next Day delivery?

Next Day delivery

Next Day delivery services are the answer to all problems that online shopping garners. The possibility of clicking 'Purchase now' and receiving your items the very next day neutralises the negatives of online shopping that often drives customers into physical retail stores. One of the main reasons consumers choose to purchase instore rather than online is that they don't want to wait - so by offering a speedy delivery service you remove that problem.

To boost eCommerce sales

As touched upon above, Next Day delivery can effectively mend any reservations customers may have when buying from your business online.

By offering a fast means of shipping orders you stand much more of a chance at eCommerce success. It works both ways too, if you offer a returns service then you can choose to use Next Day delivery for your returns as well. We have recently created a handy tool which makes returning items quickly, simple - our 'Return Parcel' feature allows you to select the order and book a return delivery in just a couple of clicks and at the same great price you have come to expect from Interparcel. You can then just send the recipient the correct labels to attach to their parcel. Keeping your customer experience smooth and shipping easy!

To increase conversions

While we're on the topic of Next Day delivery benefits for online businesses, using faster delivery is an excellent way to increase conversions on your website.

Conversions refer to the occurrence of visitors to your site becoming buyers, and it's up to you to convert them! So by offering Next Day delivery services amongst other shipping options you're giving customers a reason to choose you above your competitors.

Offering Next Day delivery creates a unique selling point for your business to use in advertising campaigns, social media promotions and marketing output. Shipping services that are low-cost but high in convenience sell themselves, so you're sure to have many more visits to your website!

To get more for your money

Although Next Day courier services come out a little more expensive than Economy options, the quality stays consistent and your customers will know what day to expect delivery. With Interparcel, our Next Day delivery services can assist small businesses in forging strong customer relations, offering convenient services that are worth the added cost. With retail businesses in the UK estimated to lose around £4.9 billion annually by simply not offering a Next Day courier service, you can't afford to not!

If your business is able to build fantastic customer rapport through the use of speedy and reliable shipping options you'll soon make a name for yourselves. In addition customers are much more likely to spend more on your website if they know they can receive their items the next day!

To be convenient

Consumers love options. With an endless variety of brands out there selling similar products, having a stand-out identifier is essential. Some businesses go with unique unboxing experiences, others choose an all sustainable approach but most successfully, brands use their shipping to stand out from the crowd.

With many people heading back to the office or getting ready to drop the kids off at school, sending and receiving parcels needs to go hand-in-hand with convenience. That's why our drop off, collection and local ParcelShops and locker services can meet customers Next Day needs and be available to collect while you're at the shops or running errands. By offering this service you are showing that your business works for and with customers to provide the best possible service and acknowledges their busy schedules!

To build loyalty

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In marketing, it's well known that it takes more effort (and money!) to convert new customers than to keep old ones. Supplying your repeat buyers and long-time customers with perks that keep them loving your brand is a great way to ensure loyalty. By offering Next Day parcel delivery, your customers can rely on your brand to get what they need, fast.

Take ASOS as an example of this - their annual payment guarantees customers Next Day courier services for a year and has proven to be very popular. By doing so they also encourage shoppers to continue buying from them throughout the year, after paying for their shipping ahead of time!

To stay competitive

It could be for a forgotten birthday or a fast replacement for something that's broken, there are so many different reasons why having items shipped Next Day is essential.

When you offer Next Day delivery you won't just prove your brand against online competitors, but customers will consider you over physical shops. Retail stores stay popular as there are always people who need to pop out to grab something last minute. But when eCommerce stores are boasting more competitive prices and shipping of basically the same speed, customers will prefer the option that doesn't necessitate looking for parking on busy high streets.

You could also consider offering your customers a sustainable and fast parcel delivery service like DPD Local Next Day. When choosing between your brand and another, climate-conscious customers will much prefer using a low-cost sustainable courier when its offered to them!

Next Day delivery is an invaluable service in our hectic world today. As the eCommerce market expands, offering customers a wider and more varied selection of products is important. But using a convenient, fast delivery service is an essential way to stay ahead of the competition!

With Interparcel, you can integrate your online website with our cheap parcel delivery services and start benefitting from:

  • Advanced shipping manager: collate orders from multiple platforms in one place
  • In-built address verification and correction, no more manual errors
  • New branded tracking, create a seamless brand experience when customers track orders
  • Despatch orders in a few clicks and carry on selling!
  • Cheap shipping - UK and International!

Patience is old-fashioned, try Next Day delivery today!

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