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What's PrePay?

15th June 2023, 8:08am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Want a fast online checkout experience? Choose PrePay.

PrePay is one of our many free shipping features that you can access from your Interparcel account. Instead of typing in your card details, select ‘PrePay’ from the payment method options, and you’re done!

In 2021, we posted about the benefits of PrePay. Now, we want to give you a recap on what PrePay is and how you can use PrePay to pay for your Interparcel orders.

How does PrePay work?

Top up PrePay online using mobile device

What’s PrePay, you ask?

PrePay simply means ‘to pay in advance’. Effectively, it’s the facility to add credit to your Interparcel account using a valid UK credit/debit card. Then, you can select PrePay at the checkout to pay for a booking using your PrePay funds.

How do I add PrePay to my account?

There are two ways you can use our prepayment facility:

Manual Top Up

You can manually top up your PrePay balance using a credit or debit card. Enter your payment card details and the amount you’d like to add. You must add a minimum of £10, and you can save this card for future transactions. Once the credit is added, the funds are available to use immediately.

Auto Top Up

Once you’ve added credit, you can activate auto top-up by switching the toggle. Auto Top Up will automatically credit your account if your balance falls below your minimum threshold. You can enter your card details or select one of your saved cards.

After you’ve topped up your PrePay balance, a PDF receipt is generated that you can keep for your records.

Please note: PrePay can only be used to pay for an order in full, not as part payment.

What are the benefits of using PrePay?

Whether you’re sending parcels for business or personal use, PrePay has many benefits:

Faster checkout experience

Don’t waste time rummaging around for your card information! Use PrePay credit to pay for your parcel deliveries instead of entering your payment details each time. It is faster and saves you from entering your payment details over risky Wi-Fi connections or in insecure environments.

For business users, it also avoids the nuisance of sharing your card information with different employees.

Easier payments

Auto top up PrePay amount online

Automating simple tasks is helpful to streamline the delivery process and gives you time to focus on other tasks. Auto Top Up ensures you never run low on funds in your PrePay balance to pay for your orders.

Better budgeting

If you’re sending parcels regularly, budgeting your weekly or monthly delivery spend can be difficult. That’s why paying for shipping from one central pot is a straightforward way to keep on top of your outgoings, and you can view all your prepayment transactions in one place.

How do I find out my PrePay balance?

You can access your PrePay balance 24 hours a day by logging in to your Interparcel Account. Simply select ‘PrePay’ from the ‘My Account’ drop-down menu. You can also top up your PrePay balance and view your previous PrePay transactions.

How long does PrePay last?

PrePay credit will automatically expire if not used after one year. If you wish to withdraw money from your PrePay balance, contact Customer Services to request a refund. The minimum withdrawal is £1, and the funds can only be refunded to the original payment card.

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