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How to ship car parts by courier

26th July 2023, 9:09am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Need to send a car part via a courier?

Buying and selling car parts on eCommerce marketplaces is growing in popularity. However, car parts come in all shapes and sizes, making them tricky to post. Not to mention, some car parts are suitable for shipment, and others are not. So, where do you start?

From packaging to recommended delivery services, here’s our guide on shipping car parts with our reputable courier services.

What car parts can I send?

Packaging car parts for delivery

Below are some of the most popular car parts we see through the courier network:

  • Car bumpers/bonnets/doors (restricted)
  • Car manuals
  • Headlights
  • Tyres
  • Window wipers

You must check our Prohibited & Restricted List before you send it. If you’re sending car parts abroad, the rules are typically stricter. In that case, you should also check with local Customs.

How to package car parts?

Car parts are typically heavy, fragile and awkwardly shaped. Your shipment will travel via different vehicles; handled by automated machinery. However, provided the item is packaged with plenty of internal packaging, it should be suitable for shipment.

Here are some commonly transported car parts and how to package them:

Tyres and alloy wheels

We recommend you send tyres in separate, strong cardboard boxes and pad with extra cushioning materials. Do not package four tyres in one box or strap boxes together, which can result in damage and extra surcharges. We don't recommend you use a second-hand box for transporting heavier items like tyres and alloys. Please use a new, double-walled cardboard box.

Alloys, in particular, are susceptible to scratches and dents. Use multiple layers of bubble wrap and securely fasten with parcel tape. Wrapping in waterproof material like bubble wrap keeps the item dry in poor weather.


We commonly see headlights transported through the parcel network. However, headlights contain polycarbonate plastic which can scratch. We recommend you pay extra attention to protecting the item with bubble wrap and other cushioning materials.

Car doors/car tailgates

Delivering car parts by courier

Car bodywork, like car doors, are restricted from our services. You can send a restricted item, but it is only covered for loss.

Car doors and tailgates are large and awkwardly shaped, so they can’t always be boxed. In that case, we recommend you use much soft packaging like bubble wrap and Styrofoam, paying extra attention to the edges and corners. It would help if you also protected the centre of the door, ensuring the whole item is covered. Finally, cover the whole item in cardboard or card – shrink wrap is unacceptable.

Car batteries

Car batteries containing lead acid are prohibited from shipment. Lead-acid car batteries can be very hazardous if they overheat or leak. Therefore, attempting to post this item can result in fines or prosecution.

Car bumpers and bonnets

Similar to car doors, bumpers and bonnets are also restricted from shipment and are only covered for loss. You should follow similar packaging guidance as with car doors.

Car engines and gearboxes

Car engines and gearboxes must be fully flushed of oil before you begin packaging. A car engine might be better suited to a pallet service if heavy. We recommend wrapping the item in an absorbent material before any packaging material in case of residual liquid.

Wiper blades

Windscreen wiper blades are long and lightweight, meaning they’re suitable to ship with most of our couriers. Using a solid box and packaging material is vital for any long item to reduce the risk of bending.

As a general guide, you cannot send car parts containing oil/fuel or pressurised car parts like airbags. If you wish to ship a car component containing fluid, you must thoroughly flush the item to ensure it doesn’t leak and damage other parcels.

What car part courier services are available?

We offer various courier services suitable for carrying large or heavy car parts. As most car part deliveries are time-sensitive, you want a service you can trust. We offer a selection of fast services like UK Next Day, Timed and Weekend delivery, so you’re bound to find an appropriate tyre courier or car bumper courier service to name a few.

Please note: You cannot send car parts with Parcelforce or DPD.

Enhanced Transit Cover and Signature options

Most of our courier services contain a level of free transit cover as standard. However, if the car part value exceeds the amount of free transit cover, it’s worth purchasing extra cover.

However, you must check our Prohibited & Restricted Items list before you send because not all car parts are covered by transit cover.

Some courier services also offer a signature upon delivery for extra peace of mind.

Integrate with Shipping Manager

If you frequently sell car parts online via an eCommerce platform, like eBay, connecting your store to our Shipping Manager makes sending parcels easier. Instead of inputting every parcel detail individually, integrating your online store with our Shipping Manager lets you pull through and fulfil your orders in one place.

You can view all our compatible platforms here and watch our simple video tutorials to connect in minutes.

Get an instant parcel delivery quote for your car part

Once you’ve sufficiently packaged your car part, measure and weigh your shipment and enter the details on our website.

You can compare and book a cost-effective courier service in minutes. You can also track your parcel 24/7 via our free online tracking portal.

If you need help with your Interparcel booking, contact us via telephone, email or live chat!

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