Transit cover for courier delivery

What is Transit Cover and why is it important?

23rd August 2022, 2:02pm in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

At Interparcel, we offer a wide range of reputable parcel delivery services with top-rated courier companies. However, sometimes accidents happen and packages can become damaged or lost. Luckily, Transit Cover can help bring extra peace of mind with an added layer of security!

When you've booked parcel delivery services through our quote tool or Shipping Manager, you may have noticed a blue shield symbol next to each service. The trusty coat of armour informs you if the service includes a level of inclusive Transit Cover and the option to add Enhanced Cover for packages that exceed the value of the cover. Transit Cover gives you extra peace of mind when sending consignments within the UK and abroad.

Our updated 2022 blog on the importance of Transit Cover will tell you everything you need to know about it, including the benefits of adding cover and how to make it work for your parcel-sending needs.

What does Transit Cover mean?

Protect your parcel with transit cover

Transit Cover means the financial value your parcel is protected up to during its delivery. We also give you the option to purchase additional Transit Cover (aka Enhanced Cover) if your parcel's value exceeds the included cover.

For example, if your inclusive cover is £25 and your consignment is worth £200, £175 of Enhanced Cover would be purchased for the goods to be covered in full.

Do all courier services offer a level of Transit Cover?

Most of the courier services we offer include free Transit Cover as standard. (Typically, between £15 - £25). This is highlighted during the booking process and confirmed once the order is booked.

However, you have the option to add additional Transit Cover to any of our services for a small fee. The maximum amount of Transit Cover you can add varies per service but will not exceed £2000. Transit cover is currently charged at 5% of the additional cover on most services.

For example, if your item is £200 and the service includes £25 of free cover. You will pay 5% of £175. So, to fully protect your parcel, which includes loss and damage, you will pay £8.75 + VAT.

Please note: Transit cover is charged at 8% for all pallet services, all Tuffnells services, the Evri Light & Large service, and the Parcelforce Express 48 Large service.

Do I have to add additional cover?

There are specific scenarios where adding extra Transit Cover is a no-brainer, like sending a valuable item or shipping to somewhere with bad weather conditions. Equally, if you're an eCommerce seller sending large orders, you can rely on Transit Cover to reduce the risk of losing money if orders are lost or damaged. Please bear in mind costly items could be deemed as Prohibited or Restricted, meaning no transit guarantees will apply.

Enhanced Transit Cover is optional at the time of booking but we strongly recommend you add Enhanced Cover for a small fee. You may risk sending an item without cover to save a few pounds, but this could mean losing a significant amount of money if anything were to happen.

What does 'make sure your packaging is sufficient' mean?

Package your item sufficiently

We talk about packaging A LOT but for a good reason!

Whether you're shipping a parcel domestically or internationally, your package must withstand different weather conditions, conveyer belts and occasionally other parcels stacked on top, so you must package your goods sufficiently for transit for safe delivery. What do we mean by sufficiently, you ask?

  • Suitably-sized double-wall cardboard boxes
  • Individually wrapped goods secured in cushioning material
  • Internal padding materials like packing peanuts and bubble wrap
  • Strong packing tape

If your goods become damaged, but they were not sufficiently packaged, it could invalidate your claim. If possible, take some pictures of your packaged items before you seal the box to show packaging meets courier guidelines. Our blog and packaging guide provide the dos and don'ts of sending.

What happens if my parcel is damaged?

Like most things, nothing is ever guaranteed and delivery is no exception. Parcels can, unfortunately, become damaged during delivery but luckily, we handle all claims in-house, so if you're entitled to compensation, we can process your claim quick and easy.

If your parcel becomes damaged, you must contact us within 28 days. The receiver will need to provide you with photos of the damaged boxes and packaging so we can see if the goods were sufficiently packaged for delivery. You will also need to provide an invoice/ receipt with the replacement value of the consignment to substantiate the claim amount. The recipient must keep the damaged item at their address in the original box in case an inspection is necessary.

What happens if my parcel is declared lost?

If your item hasn't been delivered within the advised time frame, our helpful advisors are on hand via telephone, email, live chat and social media. Usually, our parcel experts can explain why the goods have suffered a delay or instruct a network search to locate the package.

If the parcel is declared lost by the courier, we will begin the claim process for your lost consignment. We will also need an invoice/receipt to reflect the claim's value to help complete the process.

What is excluded from Transit Cover?

A consignment is mainly excluded from Transit Cover because it's a Prohibited item. Prohibited items like perishable goods, weapons and hazardous materials are banned from shipment and must not be sent via our services. Restricted items like laptops, glass and car bumpers are deemed unsuitable for shipment, so no damage cover is available on these items.

Other common reasons why an item is excluded from Transit Cover include:

  • Loss or damage due to insufficient packaging
  • Sending prohibited or restricted items

  • Our booking system accepts orders automatically, so it's the sender's responsibility to check that the Transit Cover is valid for the items.

    How do I add Enhanced Cover to my order?

    When you enter the value of contents in the parcel contents section, you will receive one of two pop-up messages.

    Yes, you're covered:

    Package your item sufficiently

    No, you're not- we recommend additional transit cover:

    Package your item sufficiently

    If the parcel exceeds the free Transit Cover, you can choose if you'd like to fully protect the package for the stated fee. This will then be added to your overall total.

    Ready to book your parcel delivery?

    When you're ready to send a parcel, simply enter your package dimensions and weight into our online quote tool. Or, you can bulk upload orders via CSV in your Shipping Manager or pull through your orders via your eCommerce integrations.

    It's better to be safe than sorry and for a few extra pounds, you'll know your package is covered in case the unexpected happens.

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