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How to send a parcel without a printer

26th September 2023, 8:08am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

It’s not always possible to have access to a printer. Mainly because most companies are paperless nowadays, and printer ink can be expensive. However, the absence of a printer does not mean you will miss out on fantastic parcel discounts!

If you want to send a parcel domestically without the need for a printer, we’ve compiled a list of common questions regarding our printer-free services.

Can a courier deliver a parcel without a printer?

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Yes, for UK shipments only. Many parcel couriers offer convenient printer-free delivery options on their domestic services. Even some pallet services do not require a printer!

Nonetheless, there are occasions where printing is inevitable, like sending a parcel internationally, because you must attach the customs invoice and relevant shipping labels to the outside of your package.

How do I identify a printerless service?

When you generate a quote, we provide some helpful information next to each available service – this includes whether the service requires a printer or not. Next to each courier service, it will say one of 3 things:

  • No printer needed: you don’t need a printer for this service
  • Printer optional: You can print a label at home or in-store
  • Printer needed: You will need to print a shipping label

What happens if my parcel delivery doesn’t need a printer?

With most ‘no printer needed’ services, the driver will bring their barcoded labels upon collection. Please make sure each label is attached to the correct package.

What does Print In Store mean?

Print In Store is a free service enhancement available on specific services. If you’d like to print your shipping labels at a store, free of charge, then you must tick the ‘Print In Store’ option when booking.

Once you have paid for your order, we will email you a QR code instead of a shipping label. This QR code is used to scan at your local courier drop-off point to generate your label. Attach the label to your parcel and hand it to the shop assistant.

You can find your nearest drop-off points using our locator tool.

Please note that you must select the ‘Print In Store’ option when booking. If you have generated a shipping label but want to print in store instead, you must cancel your existing order and place a new booking. Please contact one of our advisors if you’d like to do this.

What printer-free services are available?

If you don’t have a printer, you can still compare and book a low-cost courier service in minutes. Below is a selection of just some of the printerless services we offer.

Printer-free collection services

Our printer-free collection services offer parcel collection from your home or business address, and the driver will bring the relevant shipping labels with them upon collection. All our Same Day courier services do not require a printer, making sending a parcel from A to B is so simple.

Printer-free drop-off services

Our available printer-free drop-off services typically come with the option of printing, which is your preference. Most drop-off services have the facility to print labels in-store, but it’s worth checking before you go.

Need to print at home?

We can make it even easier if you need to print your shipping labels. Download our free Interparcel Print Manager to enable direct label printing from your Interparcel Account to your printer. Our plugin is compatible with 6x4” thermal label printers, too. That’s one thing made a little easier.

Watch our tutorial video below to learn more about how it works:

Send a parcel without a printer with Interparcel

Now that you’re relieved that you don’t need a printer to benefit from fantastic online courier discounts, why not book today? Enter your parcel details online to get an up-to-date quote. We make it easy for you to compare and book your deliveries in minutes.

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