Sending a mattress by courier

Dos and don’ts of sending a mattress by courier

14th July 2023, 2:02pm in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Beds and mattresses are examples of furniture transported through our courier services. The best way of sending a mattress is when it is rolled and packaged. Mattresses are typically out-of-size with most carriers and are more susceptible to damage and staining.

In this article, we will review some simple dos and don’ts of sending a mattress by courier. Plus, recommended cost-effective delivery services.


Send rolled mattresses

Send a rolled mattress

Most mattresses, mattress toppers and mattress kits bought online come roll-packed. This is not only to save money on delivery costs but also to reduce carbon footprint. However, only roll-up memory foam or latex mattresses are suitable for rolling. Innerspring mattresses or pocket coils can become ruined or damaged in transit as the springs become misshaped.

If you need to send a full-size mattress or mattress topper, consider booking a Same Day or Pallet service. These types of services typically transport larger items.

Package well

The sender is responsible for protecting the mattress and checking that it’s suitable for shipment with the delivery companies. The majority of mattress claims are due to stains caused by insufficient packaging. Sometimes, the courier driver will refuse to collect the item if it does not meet packaging guidelines.

Even if the mattress is in its original packaging, that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for delivery. We advise you to wrap a mattress in bed sheets and waterproof material – thick bin bags work well for this purpose. You should also include layers of protective material to completely cover the mattress.

However you package and send the mattress, the outer packaging must be cardboard. Your mattress must be well packed and protected, with as many cushioning layers as possible, for the best protection in transit.

Take out additional transit cover

Mattresses are available at all prices to suit different budgets and needs. Most of our courier services include free transit cover as standard, typically between £15 – 50. Since mattresses are high value, it’s worth considering purchasing additional transit cover, known as Enhanced Cover. That way, the total value of your shipment is covered in the event of loss or damage.


Man measuring a parcel with a tape measure

Under-declare the weight or dimensions

It’s crucial to accurately declare the parcel weight and dimensions when obtaining a quote for many reasons. If the parcel has been under-declared, it can result in extra surcharges. Packages are also measured and weighed by machinery at the delivery depot. Therefore, it’s best to round up measurements by 1 or 2 cm to avoid any disputes.

Send a mattress without outer packaging

No matter the size of the item, unboxed items are prohibited from shipment. Unprotected mattresses are more at risk of damages like rips and stains. You must follow our packaging guidelines to protect your parcel efficiently.

Waste money on parcel sending - use Interparcel instead!

You’ll want to ensure you get the best price for your parcel delivery regarding large and heavy mattresses. Enter your parcel details online to compare courier quotes instantly and book the right one for you.

All Interparcel bookings come with free tracking, which you can monitor on our tracking portal.

Suitable courier services for sending a mattress

Most rolled mattresses are relatively small, so they can be sent via standard courier services. Below are just some of the popular courier services we offer:

Please note: Service blocks above display the lowest price available for the service, not specifically for sending a mattress.

Send a mattress with Interparcel!

We hope this article has helped explain how to send a mattress with Interparcel safely. Our price comparison service makes generating the best prices for your parcel deliveries simple and quick.

If you require assistance with your Interparcel booking, please contact Customer Services via telephone, live chat or email.

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