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Interparcel Courier Spotlight: United Parcel Service (UPS)

22nd July 2021, 2:02pm in Services by Amy Newham
Founder of UPS

Known and beloved by many, UPS has been around for many years. Since 1907, UPS (United Parcel Service) was finding its feet in Seattle, managed by 19-year-old James E. Casey and Claude Ryan.

Having borrowed $100 to kick it all off (roughly $2,300 in 2021), the two boys set up their headquarters beneath Ryan's uncle's tavern in his basement. For their first clients they ran errands, delivered letters and parcels by foot or by bicycle. Once news of their service began to grow, they set up a second office in 1912 and their business grew from there.

Merging with a competitor the following year, the UPS shipping services gained its first delivery truck. The business then started to gain real traction on the roads of not just Seattle but, Oakland and Los Angeles, where they first began using the name UPS.

By the end of the decade UPS were delivering all over the West Coast. Fast forward to today, UPS has exponentially increased their global presence and offer services in over 250 countries and territories worldwide. At Interparcel, we take great pride in our partnership with UPS who have always provided fantastic shipping solutions and logistics.

Tried and trusted services

With over 100 years of experience, UPS certainly know a thing or two about shipping! Having honed and harnessed their excellent delivery services, their partnership with us at Interparcel means we can offer our customers a wide range of UPS shipping options to choose from.

Delivering over 18 million parcels a day, customers of UPS from all around the globe can choose to send via their vast range of trusted services. Need to deliver a parcel quickly? Try Express, Express Saver or Interparcel Premium which delivers in just one day! Looking to save those pennies? Why not give UPS Economy, or Standard a try?

The UPS courier service has developed their range of parcel delivery solutions so that every customer can find a service that suits them. No matter the destination or budget, UPS's courier service works to meet your needs with every delivery made.

A courier that meets your needs

Through the pandemic, UPS courier services have worked to ensure their delivery solutions are safe for all involved.

Since 2020, UPS offer Drop Off services which allow customers to cut down the stop of their journey and deliver a parcel to their numerous Access Points throughout the UK. This has enabled many customers to safely stay connected with loved ones throughout lockdown.

UPS has also maintained their collection services which have been a vital resource for customers unable to leave their homes due to isolation or shielding. Collecting from any address in the UK, UPS have been operating safely to collect parcels from these vulnerable individuals homes and keep communities going.

To book a Drop Off or a collection service all you need to do is follow our Quote Tool and choose a service that includes the UPS Drop Off or collection shipping option. You can also toggle the results to only show drop off or collection solutions to narrow down your search!

A leader in innovation

In collaboration with the drone manufacturer Matternet, UPS in 2020 began testing delivery drones, building a future toward shorter transit times for couriers and more innovative and sustainable delivery.

Flying at speeds of 43 mph and with the ability to carry up to 5 pounds, Matternet's M2 drone was tested by UPS in the hopes that this technology could aid medical testing and turnaround time. They hoped the drone would be able to travel to a campus from its base vehicle, collect medical samples and deliver them to facilities for testing in just a fraction of the time it used to take.

This drone technology built through UPS could mean that medical facilities can operate more efficiently and provide faster test results for patients. It also provides a useful contactless element that keeps recipients and couriers safe. For UPS and their drone innovations the sky is truly the limit, and we can only see their groundbreaking research changing the face of parcel delivery for the better in years to come!

Why book a UPS service through Interparcel?

Booking a UPS delivery with Interparcel

When you book through us you can simply send and relax. With over 16 years industry experience we deliver to over 250 countries and territories throughout the year and know everything there is to know about UPS parcel delivery.

With us customers know they are benefitting from long-established courier partnerships with the best of the best like UPS and that their packages are always in the most reliable hands.

eCommerce integrations

A fantastic benefit of using UPS parcel delivery through us at Interparcel is that our services integrate with all major eCommerce websites! If you have a store with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify or others, you can easily connect your online store with our shipping solutions to offer your customers a better delivery experience.

Our discounted UPS shipping options enable small businesses online to increase sales and build great customer relationships through convenient and trustworthy delivery solutions. Plus, when you book a UPS service through us you can protect your parcel as we cover each delivery with £50 Transit Cover. This can also be increased up to £2,000 depending on content value!

Branded tracking

Businesses can also benefit from our Branded Tracking. This handy feature allows brands to provide their customers with a seamless company-centric tracking experience. Our business users are able to create a unique tracking page which keeps your logo and brand aesthetic consistent throughout. From the initial sale right through to delivery, your customers can monitor their delivery with UPS, staying in the loop while your brand stays in the spotlight.

This feature allows you to customise the logo and colour of your tracking portal and create a unique URL to pass on to customers when sending a parcel. This way you can create a professional branded tracking experience whilst they can watch their UPS delivery arrive safe and sound.

Unrivalled customer support

Here at Interparcel our parcel experts are always on hand to help guide you through your delivery experience. Available from 8 am - 8 pm on weekdays, the team is able to speak to you via telephone, email or live chat so that you can get answers to your questions easily. Or if you don't have time in the week, they are also around from 9 am - 1 pm on weekends to speak to you about your bookings or discuss which UPS service would best suit your delivery needs. Booking a UPS delivery is very straightforward, but if you ever need help don't hesitate to get in touch!

Book a UPS service through Interparcel today!

From a basement beneath a tavern to leading innovation in the skies, UPS is a leader in courier solutions and with us we've secured you the best price for their excellent services. Book a UPS delivery through us today and see how much time and money you can save!

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