UPS Courier Delivery


UPS (United Parcel Service) has over 100 year's history having been originally formed back in 1907 as American Messenger Company. Two teenagers, Ryan & Casey, borrowed $100 from a friend to start trading in a Seattle basement. Initially a messenger service operating on foot and bicycle they have grown today to be the world's largest parcel delivery service delivering 18 million packages per day to more than 7.9 million customers.

Since the humble beginnings, Ryan & Casey believed in giving the best service at the lowest rates.
Initially focusing on retail outlets and delivering mainly on foot, they then became the main runners for the United States Post Office in Seattle. This led onto consolidated deliveries when the volume grew, replacing foot & bicycles with motorbikes and then their first delivery car by 1913.

In 1922 they acquired a Los Angeles company called 'Common Carrier' which added the ability to deliver to any address, private or commercial and additional features such as multiple delivery attempts, a return service & weekly billing to name a few. This acquisition was key in shaping UPS that it was to be going forward.

Two years later in 1924 they introduced the first conveyor belt system for packages. This extended the additional value added features inherited from Common Carrier to 125 miles further outside Los Angeles.
The retail delivery service they offered also now included all major cities on the US Pacific coast, extending to the East Coast by 1930.

In 1937 the company logo was redesigned and they became United Parcel Service as we now know them. It was also at this stage that the vehicles were painted Pullman Brown, that very familiar site that is recognisable as UPS today.

By 1975 UPS had been successful in gaining authorisation to deliver to all addresses in the 48 Contiguous states in the USA and were the first delivery company who were successful in doing this.

This development became known within UPS as the 'Golden Link' and led to a new headquarters in Greenwich Connecticut. UPS also extended services into Canada later this year and Western Germany the year after.

One of the most notable developments going forward was in 1988 when UPS launched their own Airline. They were the fastest growing airline in FAA History, having been formed and operational in just over one year. Today UPS Airlines has some of the most advanced information systems in the world and is one of the 10 largest Airlines.

The 1980s saw a number of acquisitions, most notably Mail Boxes Etc. This led to the introduction of the UPS Store Brand and 3000 mailboxes were rebranded as UPS within two years.
They also expanded into the heavy freight section after the purchase of two major players in 2004. This became known as UPS Supply Chain Solutions now offering freight forwarding into 195 Countries with net revenue of $9.5 Billion in 2015.

Today UPS employ 444,000 people worldwide, have just under 100,000 cars, vans & motorcycles, 237 Aircraft, operate 1955 daily flights, 412 chartered Aircraft and commanded a revenue of $58 billion in 2015, making them the largest Courier company in the world.

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