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Who are UPS?

With over 100 years of history, UPS (United Postal Service) has become a global leader in parcel delivery services, and is now one of the most trusted parcel delivery services in the UK. They offer fast and reliable UK parcel delivery along with many trusted international services. The company was originally founded as the American Messenger Company in 1907 by two teenagers, and now delivers more than 18 million packages per day.

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From their humble beginnings, they now employ over 444,000 people worldwide and own a fleet of 100,000 vehicles and 237 aircraft. From the smallest packages up to large freight deliveries, UPS with Interparcel has the ideal service for you, and when you book your shipment with Interparcel you’ll get the great courier service you trust for a discounted rate.

Why should I choose UPS?

UPS are the worlds largest parcel delivery company and one of the UK's most trusted shipping specialists. They deliver more than 15 million each day right the way across the world. Whether you are sending within the UK or Internationally UPS have a vast range of services that will ensure your parcel is delivered on time and without fuss.

Will UPS Collect My Parcel?

Yes, the courier will collect your parcel from any address in the UK. Simply choose a service that includes collection when you book – you can filter collection only services by ticking the box at the top of the Quote screen.

Can I Drop My Parcel off to UPS?

Yes, there is no need to wait in for a driver. You can drop your parcel off at one of 2,500 UPS Access Points across the UK. Simply use our Drop Off Locator tool to find your closest UPS Access Point.

Can I Track My UPS Delivery?

Yes, all services booked through Interparcel include full online tracking from collection right through to delivery.

You will be given a unique tracking number at the time of booking that you can share with the receiver if you want them to monitor their parcels journey. A proof of delivery is also available once the parcel has been delivered.

How Much Can I Cover My Parcel For?

We include £50 of cover with every UPS booking (£100 for Premium). You can purchase additional coverage to a maximum of £2,000.

Some items are deemed as Restricted or Prohibited on our services so please make sure you read our Prohibited list to ensure that you will be covered.

How to Send a Parcel with UPS

To send a parcel through Interparcel it's really very simple:

  1. Pack your items carefully with a good quality cardboard box or shipping bag and packing materials (like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspaper) to protect the contents
  2. Use our easy booking page to get a quote and choose your courier service. We have a variety of delivery options available so select the one that's best for you
  3. Once you book you’ll receive your shipping label which you can print out and stick on your parcel. All UPS services require you to have access to a printer
  4. Wait for your collection time and give the parcel to the courier or drop your parcel at your local Access Point

How to Book a UPS Delivery

To book a delivery through Interparcel in minutes:

  1. Go to our Get A Quote page
  2. Enter the UK collection address (where you want the courier to pick up from), even if you intend to use the access point option
  3. Enter the receivers address - where you want UPS to deliver to
  4. Weigh your parcel in kg as accurately as possible – you can use your own scales or a kitchen scale
  5. Measure your parcel and note down the length, width, and height in cm
  6. Enter the parcel details
  7. If necessary, repeat this process for an additional parcel
  8. Click QUOTE ME to generate your quote
  9. Next, you’ll see the bookings available to you. Choose the one that best suits you and your budget
  10. Click “Book” on your chosen service
  11. Fill out the contact information, confirm the collection and delivery addresses (or drop off point), define your collection date and time if necessary, and describe your parcel contents
  12. Pay to complete your booking