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Tracking In Style: Interparcel's New Branded Tracking

28th September 2020, 11:11am in Services by Eva Malpass

At Interparcel we love to support the growth of small businesses and give them the tools they need to make that happen. We're always working hard in the background to improve our services and making sure we provide the best experience for our customers, that's why we've developed our Interactive Tracking tool!

Our new parcel tracking feature allows businesses to provide their customers with a seamless branded tracking experience. Our customers are able to create a bespoke tracking page with keeps your logo and brand aesthetic consistent throughout. From the initial sale right through to delivery, your customers can monitor their delivery, staying in the loop while your brand stays in the spotlight.

Why should my business use Interparcel's Branded Tracking?

Interparcel's Branded Tracking

We want to support businesses of all sizes looking to take advantage of the eCommerce market and start selling online. Cultivating an online presence and generating customer orders can be tough when you're getting started, so let us handle the deliveries and tracking so you can focus on the customer service and selling.

By integrating your brand with Interparcel you can create a consistent experience for your customers. Using our trustworth courier services and up to date tracking information will build a bond with new and existing customers. By keeping your brand prominent on the tracking page you are reminding customers of your business and ensuring they will come back to you time and time again.

Seamless brand experience

We've created our tracking portal around small businesses; making it so you can add your own logo, customise the colour scheme, we've even created space for you to add a promotional banner. This allows you to keep your brand in the forefront of your customers minds when they are using this tool to track their orders. Creating a seamless branded experience from start to finish.

We think businesses of all sizes should have access to low-cost, high-quality shipping services so they can appeal to more customers. By creating a professional, brand-centric portal, you can relax in the knowledge that your customers are receiving the best possible delivery options and will never lose sight of their favourite brand!

Never miss a beat

To access our new Branded Tracking portal all you'll need is your tracking URL plus your unique code:

This can be shared amongst your customers so they too can keep up to date with the whereabouts of their orders. On this page, they can watch on our live updates map as their parcel arrives from across the globe or just from the next town over, allowing you to track orders online or from a mobile!

No matter how near or far, you can track every order made with us at Interparcel. We will send you notifications telling you and your customers about the progress of each parcel, putting the important information into your pocket!

How to use our Branded Tracking

1. Select 'My Account' with Interparcel

Whilst hovering on the 'My Account' drop-down arrow, select 'Business Tools'

2. Select 'Branded Tracking'

Interparcel's Branded Tracking portal

This area will now be your new Branded Tracking portal free of charge

3. Activating your tracking URL

When you first visit the Branded Tracking portal you will need to activate your URL by adding your company e.g. ''.

This will be the subdomain link that you will send to your customers to access tracking information

4. Adding your company logo

Here you can upload your business logo so that your branding is present throughout the entire tracking process

5. Enter your company name

Pop in your brand name so that your customers won't forget who's providing them with this excellent tracking tool!

6. Customise colours

Customising brand colours

You can fully customise the header and order status background, as well as the order status font and the map line colour.

7. Add a banner image

As a little extra, you can also add a banner image and it will be displayed at the bottom of the tracking page

8. You're ready to track!

Sit back and admire your wonderful, new branded tracking portal that your customers will love!

Setting up shop with Interparcel

Having an account with Interparcel enables you access to all of these excellent features that are proven to help businesses of all sizes thrive! When you set up an account with Interparcel you benefit from:

  • It's free with no subscription fees for using our shipping services
  • Save card details, preferred services and use our prepay option
  • Access our Shipping Manager and eCommerce Integrations
  • Benefit from Parcel Presets to save time when sending
  • Use our 'Return Parcel' and 'Send Again' actions to simplify shipping
  • Unlimited no-cost label printing options

Stay connected

By listening to our customer's needs we developed our Shipping Manager to make processing large orders and handling multiple sets of customer details easy. We've partnered with all the biggest and best eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Magento, and more.

No matter where you sell, Interparcel can pull all of your order information into one neat area, provide you with address labels, discounted shipping services, and now branded parcel tracking! We know that customers love choice, so by using our Shipping Manager to integrate your eCommerce store, you can offer them special services like Same Day, Pre 9 am, and Next Day delivery to name a few!

We don't just cater to the UK either, our wide range of services ship globally so sending to Sheffield is as easy as shipping to Sydney and tracking packages online have never been more simple!

Ready? Set? Send!

Our partnerships with reliable trusted couriers like DPD and Parcelforce, your shipments are in great hands. Paired with our Branded Tracking tool, you can start sending with a professional edge!

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