TNT will soon be FedEx

9th September 2020, 12:12pm in Services by Eva Malpass

We're sure you've heard of FedEx Express and TNT Express, they are two of the most globally recognised and renowned courier brands after all. Individually they safely deliver millions of parcels every day - but soon they will be joining forces! Combining FedEx Express's air express network with the European road network of TNT Express will enable them to build on the strengths of both companies under one brand.

FedEx is set to fully asbsorp TNT by early 2021 and together they aim to create connections and generate new opportunities for shippers across the globe. The familiar orange branding of TNT will no longer exist but will instead become FedEx. Customers should not be alarmed that they are losing the TNT brand though as the services will still exist, albeit under a new name. This merger will only lead to provide customers with a better, all encompassing service - delivering the same exceptional parcel delivery they always have.

The History of FedEx and TNT

History of FedEx-TNT

But before we get into what the future holds for this dream team, let's quickly delve into their past. FedEx had humble beginnings. In 1965, Frederick W. Smith as an undergraduate at Yale, wrote an essay exploring the logistical challenges airfreight shippers have when using passenger routes to deliver economically.

Despite the revolutionary ideas he had, his professor couldn't see it and was unimpressed with the submitted paper. But, after a few years of experience and one firm built, Frederick founded Federal Express and began operations from Memphis International Airport in 1973; soon to become the premier carrier of parcels and a household name in the shipping industry.

TNT also started from the bottom and was founded by Ken Thomas in 1946 under the name KW Thomas Transport; with just one truck Ken intended to start a transport company in Australia. That one truck has now turned into over 56,000 all over the world!

Business boomed in the 1950s as Ken's brand began offering overnight road and freight services across the country. In 1958, Thomas Nationwide Transport or TNT was their official title and by 1961 their brand was so successful they were listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Creating connections and strengthening services

FedEx's absorption of TNT is a relatively recent venture, beginning in 2016 bringing the two companies together to build potential and provide a stronger service. The combination will work to combine the globes most recognised air express courier with an exceptional leader in European road shipping.

They hope to expand their services and reshape the face of global delivery and industry logistics. With a combined workforce of over 300,000 TNT and FedEx want to roll out improved coverage, better global connectivity and a wider range of delivery solutions.

What's going to change?

FedEx's absorbtion of TNT is set to take place in stages, concluding in 2021, to eventually provide one fully-functional courier for all your shipping needs, fulfilling shipments via a streamlined pick-up and delivery operation. Customers should expect to no longer see the TNT branding available as the existing services will become a part of the FedEx offering.

And they've already made significant progress to date - since their 2018 UK integration, they have joined multiple locations across the country to unite their services. But what does this mean for customers?

For customers, this FedEx and TNT integration will improve access to a global shipping network that is unmatched worldwide. Combining strengths in road and air shipping to over 220 countries and territories, customers will benefit from better connections and better sending. Plus, with the combination of both brands, more services will be made available extending convenient delivery nationwide by 2021.

Why book a FedEx/TNT service through Interparcel?

FedEx-TNT with Interparcel

At Interparcel we have a fantastic reputation for outstanding customer service. We want to bring our customers the fastest and cheapest parcel delivery services out there, and that's why booking a newly enhanced FedEx service with us is the smartest option!

Our long term partnerships with both FedEx and TNT individually emboldens our belief that their combined powers will be invaluable to our customers. So why wouldn't you want to book their fantastic services at the most competitive rates? With Interparcel you can save time, money and benefit from a range of expert parcel sending tools like:

  • eCommerce integrations fast and free integration with all the major platforms
  • Smart boxing: set up defined product and box sizes for grouping big orders
  • In-built address collection and correction, no more manual errors
  • Branded tracking, create a seamless brand experience when customers track orders
  • Parcel Presets: set pre-prepared parcel dimensions to save time when sending
  • 'Send Again' and 'Return Parcel' actions to send and recall parcels from the same recipient fast
  • Unparalleled customer service open between 8 am - 8 pm via live chat, email and telephone for any q's

Book a FedEx/TNT service through Interparcel today!

With the formation of this shipping powerhouse, we know their services will make many customers happy as larry! Customers will still have access to both FedEx and TNT services until their complete integration. Book today and be reassured that no matter the destination this experienced team of parcel professionals can get the job done quickly and efficiently as ever.

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