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Back To School: How to Save on Supplies This Year

4th September 2020, 10:10am in Lifestyle by Eva Malpass

As we start September parents across the country will inevitably start to think of pencil cases, crisp white shirts and massive backpacks. Or, for some, it may be time to buy the essentials for students heading off to university. Shopping for back to school supplies can make a large dent in your bank balance and many of us are feeling the pinch in the current climate.

So that parents can get their little ones (or not so little ones) ready for term time without splashing too much cash, we've got a few tips and tricks we think you should explore - to save money on school supplies so you can ship your students off to their studies in style. Let's get into it…

Do a clean sweep

You would be surprised how much school stationery you can dig out and find buried in cupboards that knock a few items off your list. Take inventory of your home, as Laurie Hise, founder of Penny Pincher says, the best deal is the one you get for free!

'Waste not, want not' is a great lesson for the little ones (and not so little ones), so get rummaging! Make it a fun game and get the kids involved - it's a bit like hide and seek but for stationery hiding away in the nooks and crannies of your home!

Once you've successfully found all you can, make a list of all the stray highlighters, sharpeners, pencils and pens that you can cross of your shopping list for this year!

Compare prices online

school shopping online

Now you'll probably surmise that you'll need to buy SOME things, and during our current period of uncertainty, families may want to reduce risk by shopping online. This is always a great idea as not only is shopping online safer, it's often cheaper too! Due to the competitive nature of the e-market, you're guaranteed to find the best price for school stationery, university supplies and uniforms bits and bobs.

Always give it a quick Google first to see what pops up and then browse through sites like eBay and Amazon to compare prices for cheap school supplies. You can also add an extension to your browser called Wikibuy that automatically alerts you to other online shops with better prices whilst online shopping.

Supply swap

In this day and age buying new is on the out - as fast fashion becomes a growing issue and businesses look for ways to be more sustainable, finding cheap school supplies online that also abide by eco-friendly ideals is important.

If you know other parents that are also struggling to save on school stationery this year, organise a supply swap! Some families may have older kids setting off for uni and no longer need their old school supplies that your younger ones can use and visa versa. And if it's the other way around and yours are off to get their degree, ask around for any school supplies clogging up garages that you can nab.

Make a school supplies group on Facebook with other parents from your local area or even ask friends and family to get involved! Once you've started getting some traction, it's best to consider exchanging school items by post or courier to abide by social distancing send with Interparcel for fast, efficient and reliable delivery.

Love preloved

buying secondhand

If, however, you can't network with other families for supplies why not have a search in charity shops? It's always a fantastic time finding a bargain and especially for soon-to-be uni students, charity shops often house lots of home goods that still have a plenty of life left in them.

When it comes to gadgets, we don't think you'll find a Macbook Air in your local British Heart Foundation. But, buying refurbished models of laptops, phones or tablets can save you hundreds. On marketplaces like eBay, you can find certified sellers that come with 30-90 day warranty, selling gadgets for less.

Make sure you read reviews and ensure the person you buy from is a trusted seller. You don't want to be left out of pocket on the big-ticket items just before term starts!

Send to save

For parents with not-so-small children off to live the uni life, getting mountains of their belongings might be an unachievable task. Lugging lamps, bedding, and 867 pairs of trainers from Cornwall to Newcastle sometimes can't be done and might require time off work and a lot of petrol money!

If that sounds like the situation you're in then not to worry. We at Interparcel understand that circumstances for sending are varied so that's why we partner with a wide range of couriers that specialise in all types of shipments, including shipping school supplies, bikes and the works!

With our reliable couriers like Tuffnells or Parcelforce that are renowned for sending large parcels, you can ship school supplies in bulk in one booking and have it delivered straight to university halls or student residences.

And when the homesickness sets in and they're missing familiar comforts, why not ship a student care package full of all their favourite things and lovely reminders to keep them ticking over until the next half term?!

Get some help

Getting financial help

Finally, there's no harm in seeking a little bit of help to relieve the pressure of getting back-to-school ready. There are several initiatives set up by the government to help financially:

Students can access:

If you haven't been able to find a grant that applies to you and you're still in need of a little extra help with your or your children's educational funds, search for a grant with Turn2Us who can help source one that will be right for you!

Most parents don't have time to pre-plan their back-to-school shopping and set aside ample amounts to pay for it! You're certainly not the only one feeling term creeping up exceedingly fast so it pays to explore every avenue you have to save time and money. We're always here to help keep people connected, and sending school items is something we do well. Times may be a little strange, but the excitment of getting a new pencil case will always stay the same!

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