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8 Stunning Staycation Destinations UK

15th July 2020, 2:02pm in Lifestyle by Eva Malpass

As the government urges British sun-seekers to consider staying within the UK this summer, the staycation holiday has risen to meet these needs! A 'staycation' typically refers to holidaying in the country of one's home - and why not! The UK has some gorgeous coastlines and scenic getaways that can quell any desire to head abroad this summer.

While social-distancing restrictions require visitors to pre-book tables at restaurants and attendance at activities, with a little added planning you can still book a fantastic holiday in the UK. Plus, at a glance (and after a glass of wine) Norfolk's lavender fields can resemble Provence and the Welsh shoreline a Grecian isle - so let's have a look at some UK staycation ideas you can start planning for this summer…

1. Portmeirion Village, Gwynedd, Wales


Built and styled in the style of an Italian village by Sir Clough William-Ellis between 1925-1975, Portmeirion could fool the best of us! With its boutique hotels, scenic streets, and unique beauty, this destination has attracted holiday-goers for a long time! Not to mention the Festival N°6 which has drawn visitors to watch acts like James Blake and Hot Chip perform every year since 2012.

While you're there…

Visit the Central Plaza, with its ornamental garden and campanile, its referred to as the 'centerpiece' of Portmeirion. Or even have fun in your unorthodox surroundings and have a lifesized game of chess!

2. Langamull Beach, Isle of Mull, Scotland


Aptly named the Mull Caribbean, the beautiful white sands of this UK holiday destination will delight. To get to the seafront, you'll have to walk about 20 minutes along a secluded trail, which is well worth the views when you reach the shore. On a clear day, visitors can often see small islands nearby and Skye.

While you're there…

Although sea eagles are a common sight around the Isle of Mull, why not attend the Mull Eagle Watch? Get all the info about the native White-Tailed Eagle and have a chance at seeing Otters, Seals, Terns, and other birdlife.

3. High Force, Durham, England

High Force

This 21-meter cascading waterfall is truly one of England's best staycation holidays to experience. Brimming with wildlife and native foliage, this setting is akin to a Costa Rican jungle! Close by is The North Pennines Area of Natural Beauty (AONB) which holds expansive heather moors, dramatic dales, and flowing upland rivers. As one of 33 in the UK, this designated AONB has recognised national importance due to its beautiful character and qualities.

While you're there…

Visit the Eggleston Hall Gardens - maintained since the 16th century, this patch of land gradually became a botanical garden of sorts, the variety, and range of their plantlife increasing rapidly over the centuries. You can take a walk through the enchanting gardens or just pop into the (reasonably priced we hear) tea room nearby!

4. Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Barafundle Bay

Back to Wales again, but to Barafundle Bay for another UK staycation idea! Easily mistaken for a secluded Grecian bay, this beach has been crowned the best beach in Britain and has also been included in the top 12 beaches globally.

Previously owned by the Cawdor family, the beach is now open to the public. Set between two cliffs from the north and south, this sun-trap will make for a beautiful UK staycation destination this summer. Just make sure you plan for a walk because to reach the shore it's around a half a mile walk from the nearest car park.

Whilst you're sunning yourself on this picturesque beach, why not send your loved ones back home a jealousy-inspiring postcard to mark the occasion? Booking this through us can be done in a few clicks and delivery costs start from just £2.39!

While you're there…

Row yourself and the family around the Pembroke Castle! Not far from Barafundle Bay, this castle was the birthplace of Henry VII, the first Tudor King of England and Wales. Boats can be hired from Paddle West and even allow you to bring along furry friends for a boating experience!

5. Kynance Cove, Cornwall, England


No wonder this UK staycation destination is one of the most photographed and painted in the UK - its home to more white sands and turquoise seas, a landscape artist's dream! Featured in an episode of Poldark, the rock-towers are a recognisable feature, along with a multitude of sea caves and islands explorable at low-tide.

While you're there…

Take a trip with Vertical Blue Adventures and kayak, paddleboard, or mountain bike through your beautiful surroundings. Ideally positioned to take full advantage of Cornwall's stunning coastline, take a peek into any of the sea caves for a fun and informative trip!

6. Norfolk Lavender Fields, Norfolk, England

Norfolk Lavender

Popular with travel bloggers this 100-acre lavender farm offers unrivaled, colourful scenery, becoming a favourite for staycation holidays. Founded in 1932 by Linn Chilvers, who had the idea to grow and distill lavender on a large scale. Chilver's had had this idea for a while, but previously farmers had binned his idea, thinking it was pointless!

This lavender farm is now renowned worldwide and creates lots of lotions, potions used by respected herbalists. They even offers hampers full of lavender based products for you to purchase when you visit.

While you're there…

Head down to Heacham South Beach to watch the sunset and have a stroll. This quiet and dog-friendly beach is an excellent spot for a late afternoon picnic or twilight walk to end the day. It also boasts a wide beach so even if it's a little busier on a hot day, families and individuals alike can be spaced for safety!

7. Observatory Gully, Ben Nevis, Highlands

Ben Nevis

Feeling adventurous? For the explorer types, this UK staycation idea will be perfect. With a range of walk routes from moderate to energetic, hikers of all skill sets will be able to take on this peak. Or if you're looking for a little more guidance go with a guide who can teach you a few tricks and take a couple of Instagrammable pics to post along the way!

If you're planning on bringing a hefty load of hiking gear and haven't got room for clothes, why not ship them to your destination and have them arrive just as you do! With our services you can make packing for a staycation trip easy - we can guarantee some of the fastest and cheapest parcel delivery solutions out there, so let us get on with the boring stuff and you can get climbing a mountain!

While you're there…

Stay at the Inverlochy Castle Hotel. Set against the stunning Scottish West Highlands, this 19th Century castle hotel is sure to make you feel like a character in Macbeth (in a good way). Plus, situated only 4 miles from the base of Ben Nevis you can be up, out of bed, and up a mountain in no time at all!

8. Stranocum, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Famous for its winding, dark lanes Stranocum is home to the Dark Hedges. This lane featured on Game of Thrones which quickly catapulted the area into a favoured tourism attraction. Planted in 1775 these trees mark a dramatic entrance to the Gracehill house, which is now a bar and restaurant!

While you're there…

Why not linger around the Dark Hedges and seek out the spirit of the Grey Lady who is said to haunt the lane with others from a forgotten graveyard nearby...or, just grab a drink at the Gracehill estate once you've traversed the pretty lane.

Holiday-goers have a wealth of choice within the UK, with top-rated staycation destinations coming out of their ears! It really can feel like you're a million miles away, but actually you're not! Plus, if you forget anything, Interparcel deliver all over the UK and beyond. You don't only have to ship goods to your home or work address, ship to your holiday rental or hotel. With our prices, it could be cheaper & quicker than you think. You might not be at home, but with our Nationwide coverage we're always just down the road from you and could be quicker than taking a day out to find that much needed item!

So with the temptation of secluded scenery and quiet tranquil beaches that really aren't that far away, it really is worth the sun-seeking Britons among you considering a sunny staycation at home this summer.

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