Putting together a care package

What To Put in a Care Package: Send Loved Ones a Pick-Me-Up

8th April 2020, 11:11am in Lifestyle by Eva Malpass

As we reach our third week of self-isolation, some may be feeling disheartened and lonely. Creating a care package can give that person a well needed lift and remind them you're never too far. The key to creating a great care package is in striking the right balance between reminders of home comforts and practical items they can use.

Interparcel want to keep people connected during this uncertain time, no matter the distance. All of our couriers are providing contactless deliveries, as well as services like Evri ParcelShop where packages can be left in a secure locker for delivery and collected by the recipient. Our customers safety and happiness are our top priority so here's some care package ideas to brighten someone's day!

1. Old family photos


Although recent family photos would be lovely to send to your grandparents, having them printed at the moment wouldn't be possible. Why not dig out some old pictures of the kids as babies or Christmases past as a warm reminder of the events you've shared as a family.

2. Candles!

A candle can be another reminder of home. Sending a candle to a daughter or son whether at one end of the UK or the other, or another country entirly can be a soothing gift to give! Better yet, if you can find a candle scent that resembles 'mum's washed bedlinen' or something similar that would effectively bring home to the receiver.Yankee Candle have a wide range of unorthodox scents, so have a browse.

3. Pasta

Pasta, only recently returning to our local shelves, was once a rare breed. Save your loved one a trip to the shop and pop a packet of pasta in there. With its many functions and long life we can understand why pasta was highly coveted so it's always worth having some in the cupboard!

4. A good book

Although this time is perfect for binge watching Netflix programmes you've been waiting to watch, catching up on some reading can be equally as entertaining. Peel your friends or family from their telly screens by sending them a good book. This can be one you've read and can confidently recommend or one you've heard glowing reviews about. Note: the more upbeat or inspiring the better!

5. Old fashioned entertainment


Do you want to spark anger and fear in the households of your loved ones? Send them Monopoly! Chances are they have loads of films and programmes to watch but a board game will get them talking. Games like Scrabble or 80's Music Trivial Pursuit can be informative and entertaining for everyone!

6. A handwritten letter

Although letter writing is a very very old form of communication, isolation can offer you time to write loved one's letters they can keep forever. Additionally, this task could double as an English lesson for the kids to improve their creative thinking and writing skills. Especially to grandparents, to whom writing letters may be a fond memory, this idea would be a touching gift to give. Why not pop a little gift in the parcel too and really bring a smile to their face.

7. Sticky note reminders

Write down some positive affirmations on each sticky note for the recipient to stick on their wall each day. Not all of these have to be cliché 'You've got this!' messages, you could always include a few jokes or little memories you share. Having visual reminders of your connection although separated is helpful to remain cheerful and could really make a difference.

8. Herbal tea


Known for its calming properties Chamomile tea is a great agent in soothing stress. Especially at the moment stress levels can rise exponentially, so making a conscious effort to partake in soothing activities (like a cup of tea!) can be really beneficial.

9. Comfort food

Although we can't send your homemade brownies in a care package, you can send a brownie mix for them to make themselves! Aunt Bessie's ingredients come altogether in a box and are available in most supermarkets. This can give your loved ones the opportunity to try their hand at baking and perhaps enjoy some homecooked-ish comfort food.

10. Arrange the package

Just pop everything inside a cardboard box, maybe sprinkled with some confetti or little candies, and you're ready to send! Make sure that everything is secure and protected for transit. You'll need to measure the dimensions and weight of your parcel, pop those details into our quote tool and we can get you the best prices!

Finally, don't forget to check our prohibited and restricted items list to avoid delays or failed deliveries.

Get an instant parcel delivery quote in seconds using our online quote tool. If you want a question or two answered first before you book, speak to our friendly parcel delivery experts. They are available from 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am - 1 pm on weekends via telephone, live chat and email.

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