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How to handle Christmas Gift Returns

15th December 2022, 8:08am in Business by Amy Newham

Christmas is the time of year when people around the world gift one another thoughtful presents. However, sometimes the gift isn't always suitable. As a result, businesses may experience a higher volume of returns as well as sales.

So, how do you handle Christmas gift returns as a business?

Whether this is your first holiday sales period, or you are looking for ways to improve your current return policy, you've come to the right place!

What is a Return Policy?

Write a Returns Policy

A return policy outlines how customers can return or exchange unwanted products purchased from your store. Return policies inform customers what items can be returned, why they can be returned, and an acceptable timeframe, along with other terms and conditions.

How can I improve my return policy for Christmas sales?

Much like a shipping policy, you want to ensure that your eCommerce store's return policy is concise and readable. Many companies extend their returns policy over Christmas to make it more convenient for customers. For instance, opening their returns window from 30 to 90 days makes customers more comfortable purchasing presents earlier.

Make sure it's easy to find

A well-written return policy is all good and well, but it needs to be easily accessible. Otherwise, you'll spend far too long answering customer enquiries about sending back a product or exchanging it for something else.

It's a good idea to include links to your dedicated return policy page in several places across your website. For example, in the website footer, FAQ page and within the order confirmation email/receipt.

Focus on customer service

Returns are inevitable in business. However, it's an opportunity to build a good relationship with the customer by making it simple as possible. If customers have a good experience with your customer service team, they will be more likely to purchase from you again.

Instead of processing a refund straight away though, suggest an exchange. They may want the same item but in a different colour or size.

Review and update your policy regularly

Much like your shipping policy, your return policy is not something you write once and forget about. You must review your returns policy frequently, especially before peak sales, to ensure it suits your business, customers and employees.

If you need help deciding what to include, look at what other companies similar to yours have in their policy and see how you could improve upon it. This will help give your online store a competitive advantage.

Return parcels quickly with Interparcel

Our Return Parcel feature, available in 'My Orders', makes it simple to generate a return label for customers without having to fill in the address or parcel details again!

How to use the Return Parcel feature:

Interparcel Return Policy Function

Step 1) Log into your Interparcel Account, and select 'My Orders' from the 'My Account' drop-down list. Here you can view your entire Interparcel booking history.

Step 2) The 'Action' button is located on the right of every order. Click on the 'Action' button and select the Return Parcel option.

Step 3) After selecting the order and the Return Parcel action, your order will move into the Shipping Manager. The collection and delivery address will have swapped around. All the parcel details remain the same, saving you time from manually entering them in again.

Step 4) You can choose which Collection or Drop Off courier service you want. It can be different to the one that completed the original delivery.

Step 5) Click 'Add To Cart', and your order will move to your basket, ready for payment

This is just one of the many ways we make parcel delivery convenient as possible. Our free business and shipping tools mean you spend less time fulfilling orders/returns and more time focusing on generating sales over Christmas. Our other account features include the following:

If you want to know more about how we can benefit your business, speak to our parcel experts. Our team are available to contact seven days a week, and we will be happy to assist.

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