Get eCommerce website noticed

How to get your eCommerce website noticed

31st January 2023, 8:08am in Business by Amy Newham

Knowing how to drive traffic to your website can be tricky for many reasons. First, many eCommerce stores operate in an extremely competitive and saturated market, especially if you are just starting out.

However, there are many ways to try and encourage more visitors to your website. If you need some ideas, try these strategies below to help attract new customers, increase website traffic and build your brand.

Optimise your website for SEO

When customers search for a product or service in Google, you will want your website to appear as a relevant result. To do this, you need to include relevant content that is helpful to the customer. Visual branding, like product photos, is important, but you also need to optimise your product descriptions and general copy to drive website traffic and demonstrate your brand’s personality.

Google regularly updates its search engine so you should regularly review your eCommerce website’s SEO strategy. Of course, optimising for SEO doesn’t just happen overnight. It can take time for Google to adapt to your changes. However, you can make an impact by adding blog posts, videos and infographics to your website.

Blogging is a great way to organically target keywords and encourage customers to visit your website. All you need to do is think about what your customers will enjoy reading and how you can promote your brand within the content. Blogging can also help to strengthen your brand authority and develop a tone of voice. All beneficial in retaining a loyal customer base.

There are many paid tools available to use, such as Semrush, which can help to determine relevant keywords to target and how you compare to competitors. There are also websites available like WordStream, who offer free keyword generators and campaign suggestions.

If you need some inspiration, our articles cover a range of topics, including shipping advice and new services intending to simplify parcel delivery for all our customers, whether they are individual shippers or business senders.

Use email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is an affordable and efficient way of attracting customers to visit your website. Your email could be in the style of a monthly round-up, news, or product focused. For example, we send weekly newsletters highlighting different topics surrounding parcel delivery (plus a promotion now and then!) You can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of any of our blog posts.

Email platforms like Mailchimp offer a free plan for businesses with up to 500 contacts as well as paid plans for larger email lists. If you're not experienced in email creation, their drag-and-drop creation tool can help to speed up the process.

If you don’t have an email list, you could introduce discounts or voucher codes to help entice customers to sign up.

Run ad campaigns for your online business

One of the easiest ways to increase the visibility of your eCommerce business is to run ads. You can create campaigns on Google as well as social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Tik Tok. When a customer sees your advert, all they need to do is click on the ad and they will be redirected to your online store.

Alongside social media ad campaigns, there are also search engine PPC ad campaigns. You can start with any budget that works for your business and easily track your results. Running seasonal campaigns can also help to boost sales and brand awareness around key holidays like Christmas and can help you appear as "position zero" in Google rankings.

Be active on social media

Social media marketing

If you don’t feel quite ready for an ad campaign just yet, it’s still important for your eCommerce store to be active across all social media platforms. There are estimated to be 4.89 billion social media users worldwide in 2023 – that’s a lot of opportunity!

Before you start, it is essential to understand the basics of engaging with followers and creating exciting content. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Post regular content about products – think blog posts, images and videos
  • Promote limited-time offers or competitions
  • Show customer feedback to build a good reputation
  • Get in touch with relevant influencers to reach a larger audience

Interact with your industry

Getting involved with your industry virtually (and in person if you can) is an excellent way to build brand awareness and rapport with your relevant community. We are part of Gatwick Diamond Business; a professional and supportive business network supporting local business growth. Last year, we won the Award for Business Best Adapted to Flexible Working at the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards!

Many local industries hold regular networking events and exhibitions which will help you grow your image and brand recognition within the community. All of this will hopefully result in an increase in sales and revenue for your business.

More sales mean more parcels to send!

Before you start implementing these strategies to increase website traffic, have you stopped to think if your shipping strategy can handle an influx of orders?

Luckily, organising your parcel deliveries is easy with Interparcel. With our multi-carrier shipping solution, you can import orders from multiple eCommerce platforms, manage them all in a simple dashboard, and provide your customers with tracking information for every order. Our free shipping tools like Branded Tracking help support brand efforts gained in the sections above to give your buyers a cohesive purchasing journey.

Sound good?

Create a free Interparcel account today and benefit from all of this, as well as:

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