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Who are Collect+?

Collect+ is a UK-based parcel delivery and returns service that offers convenient local drop-off and pick-up points across the country. Partnering with local shops and retailers, Collect+ provides a network of accessible locations for customers to easily send and collect parcels. Known for its simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency, Collect+ is a popular choice for those seeking convenient parcel delivery solutions.

Collect+ alternatives

While we don't currently offer courier services from Collect+, we have many great value alternatives. Get your instant parcel delivery quote now!
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Collect+ is a well-known UK-based parcel delivery and returns service that offers convenient, local drop-off and pick-up points across the country. Designed to simplify the shipping process for both consumers and businesses, Collect+ partners with local shops and retailers to create a network of accessible locations where customers can drop off or collect their parcels at their convenience. This service is particularly popular for its ease of use, extensive network, and flexibility, making it a preferred choice for many who value convenience and efficiency in parcel delivery.

While Interparcel does not currently offer Collect+ services, we provide a wide array of excellent alternatives that deliver great value and reliability. Our partnerships with top couriers such as DHL, DPD, UPS, and Hermes ensure that you have access to fast, dependable, and cost-effective shipping options. Whether you need to send parcels domestically or internationally, require express delivery, or are looking for budget-friendly solutions, Interparcel has a range of flexible services to meet your specific needs.

Explore our diverse delivery options today and find the ideal alternative to Collect+ that suits your requirements. At Interparcel, we are dedicated to offering exceptional service, competitive rates, and a seamless shipping experience to ensure your parcels are delivered efficiently and securely.

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