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How to use Smart Boxing

9th October 2023, 11:11am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Are you looking for a way to reduce shipping costs?

Inefficiently packing your parcels is one way that you could be wasting money. Underfilling boxes means paying for air or materials instead of the products you’re shipping. That’s why it’s crucial that you optimise your parcel packaging. One solution is to use Smart Boxing.

What is Smart Boxing?

smart box your parcel

Smart Boxing is a free Interparcel Account feature. When sending multiple products in one order, our algorithm determines the most efficient box to pack all your products into. It allows you to cut costs on packaging and implement a more environmentally friendly shipping strategy.

In a nutshell, Smart Boxing works by identifying item dimensions and deciding the best way to pack the items in your set box sizes.

What are the benefits of Smart Boxing?

Save on delivery costs

As well as distance, the delivery price is determined by the box’s dimensions and weight. Smart Boxing ensures your order is packed sufficiently, so you don’t spend any more for delivery than you need to.

Spend less money on packaging materials

When you’re using the correct-sized boxes to ship items, you’ll get a better indication of what packaging materials you need to buy for your business. You might be overspending on bigger boxes or using too much packaging material for the item.

Save time processing orders

Smart Boxing will provide all the necessary information so you don’t waste hours packing orders. You can easily view packing images, too, to see how to place the items in a box.

How does Smart Boxing work?

Person adding items in Inventory

Before you start using Smart Boxing, there are some key bits of information to know:

  • You must be integrated with an eCommerce platform to access Smart Boxing
  • You can upload Inventory items manually, via CSV or Cart Products (Shopify & WooCommerce only)
  • Our website will match item details from Inventory and the platform via name and SKU code
  • Item dimensions need to exist either in the customer’s e-commerce platform or in the Inventory
  • We prioritise the information available from your eCommerce platform before Inventory items – if the dimensions don’t match, then we will use the measurements you’re your website/store

How do I activate Smart Boxing?

1) Log in/Sign in to your Interparcel Account, go to ‘My Shipping Tools’ and choose ‘Smart Boxing’ from the drop-down menu

2) Visit the Inventory tab and upload product dimensions via CSV, integration, or manually and add the height, width, length and weight

3) Visit the Smart Boxing tab and ‘Add New Box’ – upload all the regular box dimensions

4) Toggle on ‘Enable/ Disable Smart Boxing’

5) In Shipping Manager, click on three dots and click ‘Smart Box Item’, and the algorithm will work out how to perfectly fit items in your boxes

What’s the difference between Parcel Presets and Inventory?

Parcel Presets look at the parcel size. It’s a handy feature whereby you can add your regularly used box sizes to speed up completing order information in Shipping Manager.

However, Inventory looks at the item size. You enter item details to use in conjunction with Smart Boxing.

How do I view packing images?

Pack parcels via Smart Boxing

After you have ‘Smart Boxed’ the shipment, click the three dots and choose from the options. It will then pop up with a diagram.

Can I exclude items in my Inventory from Smart Boxing?

Yes, you can exclude items in your Inventory from Smart Boxing easily. All you need to do is tick the exclusion box when uploading items.

Pack smarter, not harder, with Smart Boxing

It’s good practice to review your shipping strategy and business spend routinely. Free shipping tools like Smart Boxing can help you save time and money. Our algorithm will provide the most effective way to pack an order so you don’t pay more for delivery than you have to.

What are you waiting for? If you don’t have an Interparcel Account, sign up today and start packing parcels smarter. If you require further support, speak to our team via telephone, email or live chat.

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