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New Account Benefit: Save multiple collection addresses

1st March 2023, 10:10am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Do you regularly send parcels from multiple collection addresses?

Perhaps you run a small business, sending packages from your home and business address?

Now, you can save these frequently used pickup addresses in your Interparcel Account. It is a simple, time-saving feature, saving you from manually typing out your desired collection address for each order.

How do I add a new pickup address?

1. Log in or create an Interparcel account

2. Hover over ‘My Account', and select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu

Choose settings

3. Click on the ‘Pickup Addresses’ tab

Select pickup address tab

4. Click on ‘Add New Address’ and enter your address details

Add pickup address

This new pickup address will become your default address instead of your account address. If you add more addresses, you can select a different address as your default.

If you don’t add a new pickup address, we will use your account address as your automatic collection address.

How do I choose a different collection address when placing an order?

When you create a shipment in Shipping Manager, you can choose from your saved collection addresses in the drop-down menu.

The saved collection addresses only work when booking through Shipping Manager. If you book through the normal quoting process, it will select your default account address.

Set an address rule in Rule Manager

Rule Manager is another time-saving tool designed to speed up manual processes and give you more control over your deliveries. This feature is beneficial if you send parcels from multiple addresses (i.e., a home and business address). You can set a rule whereby your chosen condition will deliver from your chosen address.

For example, if you send all your Shopify orders from a specific address, you could create a rule like this:

Set an address in Rule Manager

The condition is ‘Shipping Platform is Shopify’, and the action is ‘Ship from (your chosen collection address)’. In our example below, we selected our Head Office address.

Rule Manager is just one of many beneficial shipping tools and features designed to streamline parcel delivery. Whether you run an eCommerce business wishing to boost your brand presence or you're an individual sender looking to manage your deliveries in one place, an Interparcel account can do all that and more.

Benefit from all our features and tools

With a free Interparcel account, you can do more than send a parcel cheaply. We regularly add new features and shipping tools to help customers grow their online businesses. Features include:

At Interparcel, we offer a discount selection of UK, European and International courier services. Our Customer Service Team is also available to help, seven days a week, with any queries you may have. Get in touch via telephone, live chat or email. Get a parcel delivery quote!

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