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How to enable and book Bulk shipments

21st December 2022, 8:08am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Do you regularly send small parcels or packets in volume abroad?

When you need to send multiple small parcels worldwide, booking a collection for each order can be time-consuming. That’s where our international Bulk services can save you time and money. All you need is a free Interparcel Account to get started.

What are Bulk rates?

International bulk rates

Landmark Global and Spring Global (other carriers may be added) Bulk rates are international parcel services designed for sending multiple small packets abroad at a lower cost. These cheaper rates suit anyone sending a minimum of 2 or 3 international packages per week. With the Bulk service, you can book numerous orders and consolidate them into one larger box. You then book a single collection saving you money.

How do Bulk rates work?

Once international Bulk shipping rates are enabled for your Interparcel Account, new bulk services may be available when quoting international parcels.

Book and pay for as many Bulk parcels as you require, and ensure you attach the shipping labels correctly to each individual package.

Once ready to send, seal your packets into one or more cardboard boxes and visit the Bulk collection page to book your separate pickup service. This will generate a new order with a master shipping label, address label and courier message. Attach all three labels to the outside of your box and hand them to the carrier. The main collection box will be opened at the depot and the individual parcels inside will be distributed.

Please note: You cannot book different carriers for one box. For example, all Spring Global parcels will have to go together in one large box. Therefore, if multiple carriers are required, you will need to book multiple collections.

Why book a Bulk service with Interparcel?

Saves money

Instead of paying for multiple collections, you can save money by paying for just one. It might be for a larger or heavier box, but it can work out cheaper than booking collections for multiple lighter packages.

More Efficient

Save time by organising a collection for one large parcel instead of a collection for every light or small packet. You don’t have to worry about being present for multiple collections. Equally, if you prefer Drop Off services, it saves you time from travelling to and from nearby drop-off locations every day.

Greater Flexibility

There is no time frame for completing an outstanding order in your Bulk basket. Therefore, you can keep ordering Bulk orders throughout the week until you have enough to fill your desired outer box and select a pickup service.

How to enable Bulk services

1. Hover over ‘My Account’ and select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu

Choose Settings under My Account

2. In the ‘General’ tab, toggle on ‘Bulk Services’. A pop-up message will explain how the service works.

Bulk Rates Message

3. Click ‘enable for this account’. Once enabled, available Bulk services will appear alongside other services in your parcel quote results.

How to book a Bulk service with Interparcel

Once Bulk services have been enabled in your account, they will appear in quote results if available to book. First, follow the normal quoting process by entering your parcel details and destination country/postcode.

1. Select your preferred Bulk service and fill out your details. You can choose to pay for that one booking or add more. Outstanding orders will sit in your shopping basket until payment.

Bulk orders in basket

2. Once paid, you will receive a confirmation email containing relevant shipping labels and a statement to attach to your parcels. This includes an overview of payment, order receipt, barcodes/labels for each package, customs invoice and address labels.

3. Your outstanding Bulk orders will now be available in the Bulk Collection sidebar within My Account. (Please note: the Bulk Collection setting must be toggled to view this)

Bulk orders in Bulk Collection

4. Outstanding Bulk shipments are grouped by courier, so you will now need to select a pickup service for each batch.

5. Securely package your labelled packets into one or more larger shipping boxes (depending on how many different collections you require) and click on ‘Select Pickup Service’

6. Enter the outer shipping box weight and dimensions. The box details must add up to the sum of the smaller parcels.

Enter box dimensions

7. Choose your preferred domestic Collection or Drop-Off courier service. We have a selection of reliable UK Standard, Express, Timed, Same Day and Pallet services for bulk consolidation.

Choose pick-up courier service

8. Select your preferred time and date, add to the cart and pay as normal

9. Upon successful payment, we will generate a receipt for the UK order, a warehouse address label for sort and export, and a shipping label. There will also be an extra note informing the courier to open and scan items for onward delivery. For example, the message below to Spring Global. Please print all this out and attach it to the outside of the box.

Bulk rate message

10. Voila! Your Bulk shipment is ready for collection or drop-off.

5 key takeaways

  • Bulk consolidation is available for international shipping only
  • You must have an Interparcel Account to activate Bulk services
  • Bulk services are aimed at small parcels/packets
  • You must arrange a separate pickup when booking a Bulk service
  • Outstanding Bulk orders are grouped by shipping carriers to fulfil in Bulk Collection

Book a Bulk delivery with Interparcel

Bulk consolidation is just one of many Interparcel account features and tools available at no added cost. We are constantly looking at ways to streamline parcel delivery to give you, our customers, the best shipping experience.

Our friendly team can assist you with Bulk collection if you get stuck. You can contact our team via telephone, email, or live chat.

Create a free Interparcel account today, grow your business and streamline international parcel delivery.

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