Popular summer items

Popular summer holiday items you can and can't send

26th July 2022, 11:11am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Last year, we discussed some popular festive gifts you can and can't send through our services. Now we have a summer holiday edition!

The holiday season is a busy time for individuals and eCommerce sellers. Families and friends jet off abroad or travel within the UK and businesses see a surge in sales for the summer essentials. We've put together some examples of items that are cool for the summer and others that are too hot to handle!

You can send:


Clothes are relatively simple items to send via a standard courier delivery service. As long as they are folded correctly, popular summer clothing like swimwear, dresses and shorts are suitable for shipping and are cheap to send within the UK and abroad. Whether you're planning to ship your summer wardrobe ahead of schedule, declutter and sell clothing on eBay, or you're an online store selling your latest fashion line, we offer numerous low-cost courier services suitable for clothing.

APC MailPack and CourierPack UK services are ideal for sending lightweight clothing like t-shirts and swimwear and will arrive at their destination the next working day after collection.

Beach towels

Send a beach towel by courier

Towels are relatively easy to ship as they can be neatly folded into a plastic mailing bag or cardboard box. If you have multiple towels to send, we recommend you package them together in a box and book a collection service as they can be pretty heavy when stacked together.

Suitcase (if encased in cardboard)

This time of year is when panic sets in as you realise your ol' reliable case has lost a wheel. If you're planning a coastal trip in the UK, you might want to ship a suitcase in advance. If you're an online luggage business, rest assured you can send suitcases with our carriers but they must be encased in cardboard.

Like any other item sent with us, suitcases must be packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with the wheels and handles wrapped in protective film for added protection.

Inflatable items (if deflated)

Lilos, beach balls and inflatable pink flamingos are all welcome in our courier network, providing they are deflated in the box. If you try and send an inflated pool float by courier, not only will it most likely pop, but it can damage other parcels in the process.

Suncream (if sent with APC Liquid)

Liquids have always been a grey area in regards to transport. Fluids pose a risk to other parcels because they can spill over and potentially ruin other packages, which is why they are banned from shipment on most services.

However, choose the APC Liquid service if you need to ship a liquid such as sunscreen. Their specially trained staff sort all parcels by hand and separate them into individual cages to maximise protection.

You can't send:

Surfboards and paddleboards

Do not send a paddleboard by courier

Due to their fragile nature, surfboards and paddleboards are unsuitable for sending via our courier services. They are prone to chipping and breaking and can become heavy if sent in bulk. So, if you want to ride the waves, best you hire a board on the day.

Frozen/ Chilled items

Any food or drink that deteriorates due to environmental conditions, such as dairy, fruit, and veg, is banned from domestic and international courier services. As tempting as it might be to ship ice cream, please don't do it, as it will result in a hot mess!

Perfume/ aftershave

Most perfumes or aftershave are flammable under specific temperature or pressure changes so they are prohibited from shipping via our domestic and international delivery services. You don't want to risk damaging a great perfume bottle, so don't attempt to send it with us.


Due to the risks related to loss or fraud, we cannot accept passports via our parcel delivery partners. However, we will happily ship documentation related to your passport application-CitySprint is particularly useful for sending last-minute documents quickly. Although, we cannot accept any cash or cheques through our services.

Unboxed items

Do not send unboxed items by courier

If an item is unboxed, it cannot be sent via one of parcel courier services. We advise you choose a strong (double-walled or triple-walled) cardboard box and cushion the inside of the box with internal packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Seal the package using strong packing tape along the lids and sides and securely attach relevant documentation to the outside of the parcel. Our guide on packaging your item provides further details.

Our Prohibited and Restricted list should not be ignored, if you're caught trying to send a banned item your goods will be exempt from cover and potentially confiscated. You may also be liable for prosecution, fines and even imprisonment so please read our list VERY carefully before you book!

As you can see, our couriers can send a range of hot summer essentials, so don't hesitate to book with us. However, please check if your item is listed as Prohibited or Restricted before you book a discounted parcel delivery service.

If you're an online company who sells holiday-related items, don't forget we offer a range of free account features and shipping tools. Connect to multiple eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy and sync your all your orders into one place and ship your parcels with ease. You can also create a free Branded Tracking portal and personalise with your logo, colour scheme and promotional banner. Find out more about our account features and shipping tools by reading our blog and creating a account.

If you're still unsure, give our friendly team a call, email or message and they will be happy to assist.

When you're ready to send a parcel, generate an instant list of prices online using our free parcel delivery quote tool and discover our range of low-cost courier services.

Please note: Information was accurate at the time of writing. Our Prohibited and Restricted list is frequently updated, so ensure you check the list at the time of booking. The Carrier/Interparcel have the right to refuse a consignment if there is no packaging, insufficient packaging or the shipment contains a prohibited item. For further information, please read our T&Cs.

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