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How to ship a fishing rod by courier with Interparcel

17th February 2023, 8:08am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

If you are wondering how to send a fishing rod by post, you have come to the right plaice.

Fishing rods are popular items sent via courier, especially in summer. However, they can be an awkward-shaped item to ship because they are long and fragile - particularly one-piece rods. You will often find that the Post Office typically will not accept it via its services.

Luckily, we have put together a fin-tastic guide on everything there is to know about shipping fishing rods. Our updated blog post also includes packaging guidance and suggested courier services.

Can I send fishing rods by mail?

Telescopic or two-piece fishing rods are easier to send because they can be condensed to fit in a smaller box. However, shipping a one-piece rod can present more of a challenge as they range between 6 – 12 feet!

Luckily, if you need to ship a fishing rod or fishing equipment, our courier services are only a few clicks away. Depending on the rod size, we partner with reliable and cost-effective couriers who are experts in sending long and niche items.

How do you pack a fishing pole?

Pack a fishing pole for shipping

Most modern fishing rods are made from a variety of light and fragile materials like fibreglass or graphite. While this is great for anglers, it poses a greater risk of snapping. Therefore, your parcel must be packaged sufficiently to minimise any potential knocks or damage in transit for e-fish-ent sending. Here’s how to prepare your fishing rod for shipping:

1. Dismantle the rod if possible. If it is a two-piece rod or telescopic rod, make sure it is as short as it can be

2. Wrap each part separately in bubble wrap or similar cushioning material

3. Place the fishing rod in a tube or case. If you don’t have a protective case, pop into your local tackle shop. Alternatively, a standard posting tube could work for this purpose if it of sufficient thickness and strength

4. Put the tube in an outer cardboard box

5. Pad any space inside the box with protective cushioning material, like bubble wrap, polystyrene, or crunched newspaper to minimise movement

6. Tape the box securely using strong packing tape, focusing on the edges

7. Attach relevant shipping labels clearly to the outside of the box

If you're looking to send multiple fishing rods, you can always send two or more in one tube. However, ensure you wrap them individually to avoid scratches and scrapes while in transit.

We recommend sending any fishing accessories separately to avoid the items knocking against your rod and causing damage.

Which courier is best for posting fishing rods?

You might be surprised to know you have a choice of services suitable for sending long or a large parcels, so you can be confident your fishing rod will be in safe hands. Evri, Parcelforce and Tuffnells are just some of the couriers suitable for sending long parcels.

Please note: Service blocks above display the lowest price available for the service, not specifically for sending a fishing rod.

How much does it cost to ship a fishing rod?

The delivery cost will depend on the final weight and size of your parcel after you've properly protected it for shipping. We recommend you measure the length, width and height of your parcel using a tape measure and weigh the package on a set of scales. Round up measurements to the nearest decimal point to avoid any potential surcharges.

After you’ve obtained your parcel dimensions, pop them into our online Quote Tool to generate an instant and accurate list of low-cost delivery services.

Can I post a fishing rod internationally?

Fishing equipment

Looking for affordable parcel delivery options to Fin-land or elsewhere?

You can send a fishing rod internationally to many countries around the world. However, worldwide delivery does come with more rules and restrictions – particularly if your parcel is on the long side. It’s important to check the destination country’s rules as well as our Prohibited and Restricted list before you send.

What about enhanced transit cover?

With the price of fishing rods ranging from £20 to over £1,000, you’ll want to make sure your parcel is protected. That’s why we recommend you purchase enhanced transit cover for extra peace of mind.

Enhanced cover can be added at the time of booking for a small additional fee. For example, if you’re sending a fishing rod worth £500, enhanced transit cover costs an extra £38.00 + VAT. It might seem an unnecessary fee, but if you don’t take out extra cover you can only claim for the amount of free transit cover included - typically around £25.

You can find out more about transit cover in this blog post.

Catch a great deal with Interparcel

We’re hooked on providing our customers with affordable and fast delivery for parcels of all shapes and sizes. We hope this article has helped to identify the key things to consider when sending awkwardly shaped items like fishing rods.

When you book a courier delivery with Interparcel, you have access to a large selection of discounted UK and international parcel services Our longstanding partnerships with some of the best delivery companies in the world means you can be confident you'll find the most cost-effective option when sending parcels. Simply pop your parcel details into our online quote tool to compare and book Economy delivery, Next Day delivery or Same Day delivery, to name a few.

Parcel tracking will start from the moment your shipment has been collected. You can track a package for free using our online tracking portal.

Creating an Interparcel account also gives you access to loads of fantastic shipping tools and features to make sending a parcel even simplier, and to help you streamline and grow your eCommerce business.

If you need further advice on shipping a fishing rod or questions about the booking process, you can speak to our friendly team. Customer support is available seven days a week via live chat, telephone or email.

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