Popular items sent at Christmas with Interparcel

Popular Christmas presents you can and can't send with Interparcel

2nd December 2021, 8:08am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

With just under a month to go before Santa's yearly debut, shippers all around the globe need to get their parcels ready in time for the big day!

However, gift-givers need to be savvy, as that pretty bottle of gin for your sister in Australia might not be suitable for sending overseas. Different countries and couriers all have their own list of items that are prohibited or restricted. To avoid leaving your gifts to chance, read our handy prohibited and restricted guide for a comprehensive list. We also created a handy video with some example items and advice on how to send your parcel with us.

So, keep your reindeer in a row this Christmas and check what popular items you can and can't send with us to ensure no one ends up on Interparcel's naughty list!

Interparcel's Nice List

Check you can send with Interparcel

Christmas Trees

Due to their varied and bulky shape, Christmas trees can be tricky to ship! Tuffnells is our go-to courier for sending real Christmas trees because they specialise in sending large and awkward shipments within the UK. We advise you book to send your Christmas trees early in the working week and select an Express service so you can freshly pack your tree in the morning for afternoon despatch.

Alcohol (under 1 litre)

Mulled wine? Oh, go on, it's Christmas! A festive tipple is a popular item to send to friends and family at Christmas and we can help you deliver your beverage of choice with Parcelforce. However, there are some rules you must follow:

X Alcoholic beverages CANNOT exceed 70% alcohol by volume (ABV)

X Alcohol that ranges between 24-70% (e.g. gin, rum, vodka) CANNOT be collected within the UK or sent internationally

✔Alcohol that ranges between 24-70% (e.g. gin, rum, vodka) CAN be sent via Parcelforce Drop off services

✔Alcohol that ranges between 0%-24% (e.g. wine, beer, champagne or prosecco) CAN be sent domestically in the UK and internationally


A cashmere jumper to keep the winter chill away? Yes please! Clothes are one of the most popular items sent at Christmas and they don't break the bank. Plus, if something isn't quite your style, you can easily re-sell them on a shopping platform like eBay or Shopify and integrate your store with us for streamlined shipping.

Whether you need to send a large box of clothing or one particular garment to a friend, it can be done cheaply using our UK and International courier services such as DX, Evri or Yodel Direct. With both Collection and Drop Off available, you can choose a delivery service that best suits your schedule and budget.

If you're shipping clothing abroad, be sure to provide a detailed overview of your items in the Customs form, including the type of clothing, colour and number of items etc., to avoid unnecessary delays at Customs.


Books of all shapes and sizes are relatively easy to ship but they must be properly wrapped to avoid damage to the cover or spine. Ensure you pay close attention to the corners and bubble wrap the item to protect it from water damage or any bumps along the delivery journey.

If the book is a paperback, you could package in a padded envelope and send with Evri ParcelShop Postable who specialise in affordable letterbox deliveries from only £1.75. The service is suitable for smaller parcels under 35cm x 23cm x 2.5cm so if it fits through the letterbox, it could be an efficient courier service for your presents.

Vinyl records

Opening Christmas present sent with Interparcel

Vinyl has made a giant comeback in recent years, so much so that in 2020 one in five of all albums purchased were vinyl! For those special people in your life who enjoy a bit of retro, sending them a classic record this Christmas correctly is essential for a safe shipment. There is a specific way of packaging vinyl to avoid the dreaded snap, so read our blog for top tips on safe delivery.

Jewellery – under £250 in value

Never underestimate the smaller presents under the tree as they could contain something shiny! Jewellery is again a popular Christmas gift but you can only post jewellery through us if it is under £250 in value. If you have bought a lucky someone an expensive necklace or watch, it would be best to give them that gift in person. However, if you can't see them during the festive season, you could send them a token gift so they still have something to open on the day and Evri Economy can get your parcel there in just 3 working days!

Interparcel's Naughty List

Christmas crackers

What did the salt say to the pepper?....Season's Greetings! (Ha Ha) Cheesy Christmas jokes aside, Christmas crackers might be a welcomed addition to the dinner table but they are not welcome in the post! Any chemical compound or device capable of producing an explosive effect with the substantial release of heat or gas is strictly prohibited by all couriers. Not only could they damage other parcels, but they also pose a danger to courier staff. So, you'll have to get your hilarious jokes for the evening from somewhere else.

Money / notes / coins

For the person who has it all (or who are very fussy), sometimes gifting money is the only option left. However, cash, coins and payment cards are not allowed to be sent via our services. We advise you bank transfer or even Venmo your money instead. The sound of wrapping paper crinkling can be a hard noise to resist though, so why not send an extra smaller gift so your recipient still has a gift to open on the day? Hermes Postable Next Day is perfect for sending an express letterbox sized item in just 1 working day!

Perishable goods

You might think a homemade Christmas pudding is the perfect Christmas present to ship to your Gran but unfortunately it will result in a melted or inedible mess! Any product that deteriorates due to environmental conditions, such as meat products, dairy, or fruit and veg is banned from both domestic and international courier services.

A luxury box of chocolates or a sweet hamper however, whilst is prohibited to send abroad, can be sent within the UK if it is properly sealed and has a long shelf life.

Perfume/ Aftershave

Due to the high alcohol concentration, perfume or aftershave is prohibited from shipping via our services because it can be highly flammable under specific temperature or pressure changes during transit. Guess you'll have to keep that brand new bottle of Chanel for yourself- it is Christmas after all!

Unboxed items

Repeat after us. Everything I send through Interparcel must be encased in cardboard. If an item is not boxed, it cannot be carried under any circumstance. It is crucial you select a strong, preferably double-walled cardboard box and pad the inside with materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts for an added layer of protection. When sealing the box, use strong packing tape to tighten the lids and sides and securely attach the delivery label to the parcel.

Last posting dates

Check the last posting dates you can send with Interparcel

Please don't leave your delivery until it's too late! Our parcel networks are extremely busy around this festive season, so ensure you know the latest dates you can send your gifts to ensure delivery in time for the big day.

Full online tracking

All shipments booked through us come with full-online tracking from collection right through to delivery so you can be confident that your Christmas presents are in safe hands. You will be given a unique tracking number at the time of booking that you can share with the receiver if you want them to monitor their package's journey.

Give us a call

If you're still unsure about sending your item, please do get in touch with us! Our parcel delivery experts are available 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9-1 pm at weekends. Our team has all the information you need on all the couriers and services to help you decide the best service for you.

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