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How to ship a laptop by courier with Interparcel

5th April 2023, 9:09am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Need to send a laptop safely by courier?

Second-hand laptops are frequently sold and bought online on marketplaces like eBay and travel through the parcel network. However, laptops can be fragile and expensive items, so appropriate packaging and preparation is imperative when sending.

Please read our guide on preparing a laptop for shipping, including packaging advice and recommended delivery services.

Can I send a laptop in the post?

We recently removed laptops from our Restricted Items list, meaning they are now eligible for transit cover. Laptops typically contain lithium-ion batteries which can pose a danger if pierced. However, many couriers will accept laptops provided the batteries are kept within the device and the laptop is well packaged.

How do I send a laptop through the post UK?

Like any item, you must spend time packaging the item well enough to withstand a tumble. Therefore, relying on the laptop manufacturer’s packaging is not enough for a standalone shipment.

Packages at local hub

If you still own the original manufacturers packaging, and it’s still in good condition, we recommend you:

  • Check that the laptop is turned off – you can even protect the power button with a patch of electrical tape so it doesn’t accidentally turn on in-transit!
  • For extra protection, place a thin layer of foam or bubble wrap between the keyboard and the screen
  • Wrap the laptop in cushioning material like bubble wrap and place the laptop in a tight plastic bag
  • Separate any laptop accessories and wrap them individually in bubble wrap
  • Place the device in the laptop box
  • Place the laptop box in a larger, strong cardboard outer box
  • Fill any space with additional packaging material – foam packaging/inserts work well to keep the item in place
  • Add any additional laptop accessories in the box and ensure there is minimal movement
  • Seal the box with strong parcel tape paying close attention to the corners and edges

If you plan to ship a laptop internationally, please be aware each country and courier has their own rules and regulations regarding lithium batteries. We advise contacting local customs alongside the courier’s prohibited list before booking.

Which courier is best for sending laptops?

Laptops can be pricy, so you want to ensure you’re sending with the best couriers possible. We have longstanding partnerships withreputable couriers to provide reliable and affordable delivery services.

Through the years, laptops have become thinner and lighter, so many delivery companies like DHL, Evri, and UPS will accept them.

What is the cheapest way to send a laptop?

When you book through Interparcel, you can access a wide range of courier services at discounted prices. Our simple quote tool makes comparing and booking a parcel delivery simple.

Laptops are valuable items, so it’s worth paying a little extra for a speedier service. We offer a UK Next Day selection that aims to deliver your parcel the next working day after collection. Many include a signature upon delivery for added security.

We also sell Timed and Special shipping options that aim to deliver parcels in a specific time frame.

Please note: Service blocks above display the lowest price available for the service, not specifically for sending a laptop.

If you'd prefer even quicker delivery, we offer Same Day delivery services from CitySprint. Your laptop can be collected from your home or business address and delivered to the recipient the very same day. Same Day shipping is convenient for higher-priced items because your parcel is on the road for less time, reducing the risk of damage.

Please note: Service blocks above display the lowest price available for the service, not specifically for sending a laptop.

All our courier services are trackable online via the Interparcel Tracking Portal. Many come with a level of free transit cover as standard. However, suppose your item value exceeds the amount of free transit cover. In that case, you can purchase enhanced transit cover when booking.

For example:

  • Your laptop is worth £380
  • You want to send the device with UPS Standard (includes £25 free transit cover)
  • You would pay an additional £14.00 + VAT to protect the item up to its full declared value

If you choose not to purchase additional transit cover, you can only claim up to £25 if the parcel was lost or damaged. So, for valuable items like laptops or computer parts, it’s worth spending a little more for extra peace of mind.

Send your laptop with Interparcel today!

As you can see, sending a laptop by courier is simple with Interparcel. Our price comparison service will help you discover discount courier services from reputable delivery companies

If you have questions about the booking process, please speak to our friendly parcel experts. They are available any day of the week via phone, email, or live chat.

Disclaimer: this blog post is for informational use only. You should always conduct your own research to verify the accuracy of this content. The information was accurate at the time of writing but may be subject to change.

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