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How should I address my parcel for delivery to France?

13th June 2022, 2:02pm in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Are you planning to send a package or letter to France from the UK? You'll need to know how to address your parcel correctly to avoid confusion and reduce the risk of your package not reaching the receiver.

Whether you're shipping a gift to a friend in Paris, a business document to a client in Cannes or goods from your online store to a customer in Nice, learn the proper way to write a French address by reading our handy guide below. Plus, discover our low-cost parcel delivery services to France using our online quote tool.

French address format

France's addressing system is similar to ours in the UK, but some details differ. We've provided an example of a UK address format and a French address so you can see the difference:

Parcels to France

UK address format:

John Bloggs

1 Interparcel Lane



RH10 9RD

French address format:

John Bloggs

1 Interparcel Avenue

75007 Paris


How do you write a French address internationally?

Step 1

After the recipient or company name, you need to write the building number and street name, e.g.,1 Interparcel Avenue. Of course, there are slight differences depending on the type of building you are sending to. For example, additional delivery points and geographical information are required if the recipient lives in an apartment.

Step 2

Next, you should add the postcode/locality. France uses a 5-digit numeric postcode system. The first 2 digits represent the department in which the city is located and the last 3 digits represent the delivery area. e.g., Paris 75007.

Step 3

Finally, write the destination country's name (quite an important one!) This should ideally be in capital letters.

How easy is it to send a parcel to France with Interparcel?

Over 15 years of experience shipping worldwide

With over 200 countries worldwide to choose from, we can guide you from booking right through to delivery. Our easy online booking system takes you through each field required, whether you have selected a Collection or Drop Off service.

Automatic address format

When you book a parcel delivery to France, we require the destination city or postcode first so we can format the address correctly. The receiver's telephone number and email address are also required in case the courier needs to contact them about their delivery. French telephone numbers start with the dialling code 33 and are 10 digits long. They are stated as a sequence of 5 double-digit numbers. You can opt into our email or SMS notifications to keep you or your recipient updated during the shipping process.

Simplified customs form

As the UK is no longer part of the EU, France must be treated like any other international destination. When you request a parcel delivery to France from the UK, you'll need to fill in a Customs Invoice.

We've simplified the form so that you can quickly fill in the necessary fields during the booking process and Customs will calculate any local duties and taxes due. If you're unsure, check out our blog on filling in a Customs form.

Why use Interparcel to ship a parcel to France?

As one of our most popular destinations, we have negotiated some of the best prices to France with reputable couriers like Evri, Landmark Global and Parcelforce. Enter your parcel's dimensions, weight, and destination into our online quote tool to receive a list of discounted Economy, Express and Timed international services from our courier partners.

When you create a free account with Interparcel, you'll also benefit from features such as:

What are you waiting for? Send a package to France today!

If you need any additional help, don't hesitate to contact our fantastic customer support team.

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