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Country Spotlight: How to Send to India with Interparcel

15th October 2021, 9:09am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

With a population of over 1.38 billion people, India is the second-most populated country in the world and is the seventh largest country by land-mass. Home to stunning places such as Mumbai, Dehli, and Goa, India is full of rich historical significance and is a popular destination for parcels.

India holds strong commercial links to the UK, so no wonder reliable courier services to India have grown in demand. Whether you are an individual sender or an eCommerce shipper, Interparcel can help you safely send your package to South Asia.

Why ship to India?

Why ship to India

India is a popular business hub where many British companies base their offices, support network and headquarters. The UK is the regions' third largest investor and have exported over £8 billion.

As the Indian population expands further into the eCommerce market, UK sellers are seeing an increase in sales to the country. For these online sellers, having reliable and efficient courier services to India are more important than ever.

When you book with Interparcel, sending a parcel to India is simple. Our globally recognised courier partners are experts in shipping around the globe and can easily deliver your parcels to India in as little as 2 days!

What to know when sending to India

Shipping to India is easy when you've got all the info- so we're going to go over the important steps to ensure your parcel is ready for sending!

Know your documents, know your customer (KYC)

Indian Customs authorities require that the parcel recipient entering the country provide a KYC document. This stands for 'Know Your Customer' and involves the recipient filling in their name, telephone number, email and address to confirm their identity.

Ideally this document would be sent to the courier delivering their parcel ahead of its arrival into Customs. If these documents are not provided, delivery times may be affected. Therefore, sellers looking to import goods into India will need to make their buyers aware of their KYC obligation and have them send this information ASAP.

It is the seller's choice whether to assume responsibility for supplying your chosen courier with this document or contacting the recipient directly. The seller should also make the recipient aware that the details on the KYC document must match those entered into the customs invoice.

Check the address is correct

Address for India

Addressing a parcel to India differs slightly to our system in the UK. It's very important you properly address your packages, otherwise it could lead to lost or misdelivered shipments.

Luckily when checking out with Interparcel you'll just need to fill in the boxes accurately with the recipient's:

  • Full name
  • Company (preferable)
  • Telephone number
  • Email (essential for KYC purposes)
  • Address line 1 (street e.g. 106/b, Hamayun Pur, Safdarjung Enclave)
  • Address line 2 (necessary if line 1 is full)

The rest of the details will be pulled from the initial postcode you entered in our Quote Tool. We will then supply you with an address label whichwhich you must print and secure to your package.

Prohibited and restricted

Don't skip your research! It is important to check what you can and can't ship to India before you book with us online. Some couriers and countries have different requirements so read our handy Prohibited and Restricted guideto ensure your parcel will go through Customs.

Speedy deliveries are also important for customer satisfaction, especially if you are a small business. Your customer doesn't want to have to incur lengthy wait times to receive their parcel, so do check before you send.

Why use Interparcel to send to India

Why ship to India

With over a decade of industry experience, sending to over 250 countries and territories, we are experts in reliable and affordable parcel delivery. Alongside our courier partners, we have worked to ensure our customers find the cheapest ways to send a parcel to India.

We also aim to offer our customers the lowest prices and fastest delivery times on international postage. Senders can benefit from Priority and Standard services depending on the urgency of their package and send a parcel to India in just a few clicks!

To see postage price comparisons to India just pop your parcel dimensions and weight into our Quote Tool and find a service that suits you.

Looking to send to India as a business?

India is a fantastic market to trade with if you're an eCommerce business so it is essential to use a reliable shipping service. We created our Shipping Manager and its many integration functions so that online sellers have access to cheap international delivery solutions and easy order fulfilment.

Businesses that use our Shipping Manager also have access to:

  • Automatic address correction: no more incorrect addresses to India
  • Multi-channel fulfilment: collate orders from multiple e-marketplaces into one place
  • 'Send Again' and 'Return Parcel' actions: to streamline repeat and return orders
  • Parcel Presets: save parcel details for speedier sending on future orders
  • Branded tracking: businesses can customise their own branded tracking portal
  • Cheap ways to ship to India!

Whether your parcels are bound for Mumbai, Calcutta or Delhi, we can find you the cheapest way to ship a parcel to India - and the fastest too! If you are interested in sending a parcel to India but want a question or two answered first, contact our parcel delivery experts. They are available from 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am - 1 pm on weekends via telephone, live chat and email.

Start sending to India today and see how easy it can be with Interparcel!

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