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How to ship a curtain pole by courier with Interparcel

8th June 2023, 9:09am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

At Interparcel, we see all manner of items travel through the parcel network. From fishing rods to flooring, you can send a range of niche items by courier. One example is a curtain pole.

Pre-loved curtain poles and curtain accessories are frequently listed and sold on marketplaces like eBay. Equally, new curtain poles are available online from multiple curtain eCommerce stores. Therefore, there is a high demand for sending long and awkward-shaped items like curtain rods via courier.

So, let’s not hang around. Instead, let's learn how to prepare and ship a curtain pole safely. Plus, guidance on packaging curtain poles and recommended courier services.

What makes up a complete curtain pole set?

Curtain pole above window

A curtain rod or pole suspends curtains in front of a window. The pole is supported by brackets attached to the ceiling, wall or window frame. If the rod is extra-long, you might also have a centre bracket.

You also have the more decorative elements, such as curtain finials, which are visible when the curtain is hung. Finally, you have the curtain rings alongside the essential fixings and screws.

Curtain poles can be made from metal, wood, plastic and wrought iron, so they vary in weight and value.

What’s the typical length of a curtain pole?

Curtain poles vary in length, depending on the window size. Typically, curtain rods be between 1m and 3m in length. Anything more than 2m typically comes in two pieces with a joining piece for more accessible courier transportation. So, remember that you’ll want to compactly ship the pole to reduce the risk of breakage.

Can I send curtain poles by courier?

You can send a long curtain pole by courier, providing it is sufficiently packaged. Tuffnells can accept parcels up to a gigantic 6m in length for domestic delivery. Similarly, UPS can carry boxes up to 2.5m in length for international delivery.

However, it’s essential that you check country restrictions as well as courier restrictions before you book a parcel delivery.

How do I package a curtain pole for delivery?

Pack a curtain pole in long box

It’s a misconception that because curtain poles are fairly sturdy items, they don’t need as much packaging. Wrong!

Like any item, curtain poles and all joining pieces must be packaged in cardboard to be accepted in the parcel network. We recommend picking a strong cardboard box with stitched or stapled seams for maximum strength.

Ensure you wrap each curtain set piece separately in cushioning material to avoid scratches. Wood and painted poles are particularly susceptible to scuffs and chips. You don’t want to risk your items rattling in transit and your buyer receiving a damaged item.

Pad the inside of the box with protective packaging material like bubble wrap, air pillows or packing peanuts to protect the item from damage. Lastly, secure the box lids and sides with strong packing tape, paying close attention to the corners and edges.

What are the delivery options for a curtain pole?

When you book a parcel delivery service with Interparcel, you can browse a range of collection and drop-off courier quotes. Enter your package dimensions, weight and details into the online quote tool to generate a list of discounted prices.

Our couriers collect and deliver long parcels, such as CitySprint, Parcelforce, Tuffnells and UPS. Each carrier offers a selection of services from Economy, Next Day, Timed and Same Day options. Therefore, you have a wide range of delivery options when sending a curtain pole within the UK and abroad.

Please note: Service blocks above display the lowest price available for the service, not specifically for sending an item the length of a curtain pole.

Only sending finials or fixings?

If you're just intending to send curtain finials or fixings, then you have far greater variety of services to choose from as the box will be a lot smaller and lighter in size.

All Interparcel bookings come with free tracking as standard. You can monitor the progress of your shipment by entering your 12-digit tracking number on our website.

For more information on shipping long parcels by courier, check out our long parcel delivery service page.

Send a curtain pole with Interparcel!

We hope this article has helped explain how to send curtain rods by courier with Interparcel effectively. Our price comparison service makes it easy to find the best deals for your delivery needs, based on carrier, price and delivery speed.

If you need help with your Interparcel booking, contact one of our parcel experts via telephone, live chat or email.

We’ll draw the curtain there!

Source: Poles & Blinds, 2022, 'What are the parts of the curtain pole set?'

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