Sending a Valentines Gift

Love comes in parcels of all shapes and sizes

3rd February 2020, 9:02am in Lifestyle by Jo Lomax

Saint Valentine is the patron Saint of lovers, epileptics and beekeepers (I'm actually not kidding, google it) but the one we are interested in talking about is of course, the big L-O-V-E. With Christmas now feeling like it was a million years ago, February the 14th is just around the corner, so the next big thing on the events calendar is Valentine's Day. Mark the date in your diaries ladies and gents because sending a parcel full of sexy underwear that's two sizes too big could be forgiven, but forgetting Valentine's Day all together? Absolutely not!

Some people see it as a day to celebrate while others think of it as a novelty, but either way it's all good fun right? Whether the thought of a whole day dedicated to love fills you with joy, or if it makes you feel a little bit nauseous, you can't stop it, Valentine's Day is looming! (Cue the hordes of nervous partners beginning to panic at the mere thought). But fear not; Interparcel is here to help!

Sending a Valentines Gift.

Quick show of hands, has your partner ever said to you, 'Don't worry about getting me a gift for Valentine's Day, I don't want anything this year'? First, let's be 100% clear, no one in history has ever truly meant that. We all love receiving gifts, so if you are thinking of sending a Valentine's Day card this year, why not include a token of your affection too?

So, let's just take as a given that you will be getting your loved one a Valentines gift, what can you do for your significant other to make them feel special and appreciated, without falling into the trap of an unimaginative, outdated cliché? Now I don't know if it's just us, but in a world where almost everything is instant, online, and often 'virtual' there is something really exciting and heart warming about receiving a parcel in the post!

If your Valentine won't be around to celebrate on the day, sending them a valentines gift will show them you're thinking of them, no matter where they are in the world. Maybe they're working away, at university, or you're doing the 'long distance relationship' thing – whatever your situation, sending a gift, no matter how big or small, is sure to put you in their good books.

Valentines biscuits.

If you want to make a big impression then hopefully Interparcel can give you some inspiration on how to surprise your valentine this year.

One great gift idea is a Valentine's hamper, as you get free reign to choose gifts that are unique to your relationship, filled with lots of things you can enjoy when you're together again. You could include things like a gift voucher for your local cinema or favourite restaurant, so you can plan a date night. How about including some sexy underwear for when your date night goes really, really well?! Then just add a teddy bear, a cute photo of the two of you and a copy of your favourite DVD and you're good to go.
All that's left to do is package up your hamper, book your delivery online with us and sit back, waiting for that inevitable phone call from your significant other telling you that you're 'The greatest ', 'The best' and 'I'm so lucky to have you'. Job done.

A personalised gift always goes down well, and shows you've really thought about the person you're buying for. It's a great choice as, (without pointing out the obvious) it's personal to you as a couple, as best friends and a team. There's lots of options to go for such as a keyring, bottle opener, mug and jigsaws, there's even a personalised guitar plectrum if you partner is into their music. An absolute favourite of ours is personalised Lego minifigures - the perfect combination of cute and cool. You can now buy posters online that show a map of the location where you met, or a map of the stars as they looked at a specific date and time, perhaps your first kiss, where you proposed or any other 'firsts'.

Sending a personalised gift for Valentines Day.

A photo collage is such a sweet gift, now there are websites that will print one out for you, but there's something so thoughtful about someone taking the time to print, cut and stick all the photos together don't you think? Or you could even go one step further and create a scrapbook, including favourite photos, ticket stubs from that festival you went to where it rained non stop the entire time but was the first time you realised you loved them.

If your loved one is an avid reader, why not get them a book from a genre you know they love, or the newest release from their favourite author? Perhaps you could send them a gift that's related to their hobby - If they love to knit, send them some pink and red wool. If they are into writing, send them a gorgeous notebook and pen. It doesn't have to be extravagant, it just needs to be a little something to make them smile.

There's lots of different types of love, so why not use Valentine's day to send a gift to a friend or family member to show them how much they mean to you? Perhaps you have family that live far away or even in another country or continent - we have competitive prices on UK and international parcel delivery so whether you are shipping to Middlesex or to the Maldives, Interparcel can get your gift there. The world can be an unkind place sometimes, so now more than ever sending a gift, no matter how small – makes a big difference. It really can be a beautiful thing to send a little box of love across the world.

As a major partner of the world's top parcel delivery firms, Interparcel can offer some of the best prices around. We make the process quick, simple and stress free, so if you want to make sure your Valentines gift arrives safely, on time and at a fair price, Interparcel is the service for you. If you would like to find out more about sending your valentines parcel with us, just visit our website to get a quote or if you have any questions, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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