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Day of the Dads: Father's Day Gift Ideas 2020

9th June 2020, 12:06pm in Lifestyle by Eva Malpass

The day of the dads is almost upon us! Although a brief history of the origins of Father's Day was intended to kick-off this guide, you'll be surprised to find that it doesn't have quite the backstory that Mother's Day has. Starting roughly in Washington D.C, the men of 1908 'scoffed' at the holiday's attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift-giving. Liars. Everyone likes to get presents!

Times have certainly changed, as Father's Day is now widely celebrating in most countries throughout the world, celebrating the Dads, Step-Dads, Uncles, or Grandads alike! But, as we all know very well, lockdown is still prevailing to keep the country safe, so coming up with Father's Day gift ideas or planning celebrations from afar can be difficult.

He may have told you that he's 'not bothered' or 'I don't need anything, save your money!' - take no notice, he's just being nice. In times as strange as these, celebrating our families and friends whenever we can is essential. We've put together a little list of Father's Day gift ideas to get the ball rolling, let's get into some dad-Esque presents to brighten his Sunday.

1. A musical Father's Day gift

Dads record player

He may call it a 'turntable' or he might call it a 'record player' this depended solely on his age. But, if he's lived through the 70s he'll most likely have a few records lying around that he'd love to dust off!

This is a great Father's Day idea for those retro Dads! Get him a record player so he can put on a few LPs and reminisce about the years before you were born...when he was less annoyed, and quite a bit richer!

They start between £30 and go upwards so have a browse around for one that fits your Fathers Day gift budget.

Or, if your Dad's a bit more up-to-date, why not get him a bluetooth speaker to blast his tunes through! James Design has come up with a wooden speaker that both looks and sounds beautiful. Looking almost like a mini gramophone, this oak Bluetooth speaker will tie in with any decor and have your Dad playing The Rolling Stones entire discography almost instantly!

2. Foodie Father's Day gift

The Spicery has started a three month Friday night curry kit for the whole family to enjoy. Their recipe kits supply you with all the fresh spices and instructions you'll need to create a curry feast for Father's Day.

They have lots of different options is your Dad really can't take the heat, and these boxes are priced at £26! This Father's Day gift idea is great if you're celebrating indoors with your household and want to cook up a faux-homecooked meal.

3. A Father's Day Hamper

Putting together a care package or Father's Day hamper is a tried classic. As options are limited with most non-essential shops closed to keep the nation safe, you'll need to think outside the box (see what I did there). If you'll be sending a care package to him from afar think about what he loves - do you live near the sea? Fill a little jar full of sand or stones as a keepsake amongst other sentimental gifts for a Father's Day hamper.

Write him a letter, or get the kids to collaborate on a poem. Pick up a few boiled sweets that you know mum won't let him have for his special day! Or why not pop a bottle of Whiskey in there for a nightcap or two!

Interparcel can help you save money on Father's Day delivery. To send a hamper for Father's Day you'll just need to check our prohibited items list and get a quote! With Parcelforce, we can now send alcohol so Dad's nationwide can have a tipple on their special day!

4. Father's Day gardening gift

Father's Day gardening

Do you remember the days when you'd call down the stairs 'Dad!', 'DAD?' only to find him tinkering in the garden? A gardening gift is perfect in our current situation, with extra time at home and plenty of sunshine, there's no better time to be in the garden!

The Letteroom has come up with a sprout herb that doubles as a pencil so that when it's too short to use, you can plant it and watch it grow into flowers, herbs and lots more! As the first pencil that grows your dad can design his landscaping masterpieces and plant his pencil in the soil!

Completely non-toxic and eco-friendly, this product is great for the environmentally aware Dads, who might even appreciate it more if it gets to him via a carbon neutral delivery service (just saying!).

5. Father's Day movie marathon

There's nothing nicer than sitting down and watching a film on a gloomy Sunday afternoon. Pick a film he loves and set up a little movie theatre - get popcorn and some fizzy drinks to simulate the experience!

He knows you and the kids can't stand Lord of the Rings so he'll love you even more for trying to sit through all 965 hours of it! Plus if you have family that can't be with you on the day, set up a Netflix party and watch a film together and put up with dad's constant running commentary!

6. Father's Day gadget gifts

Go, go, gadget dad! Some dads just can't get enough of the new tech, constantly reading up on new gadgets and what they do. Often these gadgets can be fun for a while until the new thing comes along and the piles of dusty, discarded gadgets rise.

Why not get him a gadget that will never get boring and will always be helpful! The Tile Mate is a neat gadget designed so that you will never lose those car keys again. Is your dad always looking for the car keys - convinced that he must've dropped them outside and someone's going to steal the car? Tile Mate can be attached to your keys so that you can track its whereabouts through an app on your phone! This can also be used for your phone, making it ring even when it's on silent!

Starting at £14.99 this gadget is a bargain saving you the time and cost of replacing phones or car keys ever again!

7. First Father's Day gift

First Father's Day

If he's been a dad only a few weeks or months this gift will be something he can treasure. Letterfest has created a story template that's written from the perspective of a baby to Dad.

The story thanks Dad for all the great things he does, making the baby laugh, the places they visit together, and soothing them to sleep. With a little (that's an understatement) help from Mum, baby can write a heartwarming tale of his first few weeks with Dad.

At £23 this gift will keep on giving as new fathers can cherish this sweet sentiment for years to come!

8. A Take-away for Father's Day

In a flash he would normally be in the pub or his favourite restaurant having a sit-down meal for his big day, wouldn't he? With our current restrictions still in place and businesses staying closed for safety purposes, the only way to access to food we adore is via a takeaway! Lots of small restaurants are still doing takeaway meals as well as the big chain food providers! With lots of apps like Just Eat, Deliveroo, or even McDelivery up and running throughout lockdown you've got loads to choose from to treat him to a special meal this Father's Day! Or if you can't see him this June 21st, why not order a delivery to be sent straight to his door, what a nice surprise!

Plus at Interparcel we're running a competition to win a takeaway for him this Father's Day with a £25 Just Eat voucher! Running until midday on Wednesday the 17th of June just visit our Twitter or Facebook, like and share/retweet our competition post, and get excited! Why not get the whole extended family together for a Zoom quiz and curry when you win! You can all do this quiz together, to celebrate all the Dads, Step-Dads, and Grandfathers all at once with a virtual pub quiz night.

9. Sporty Father's Day gift

Sport Day

Can you barely peel him away from the television when the rugby's on? Does he long for the days when he can go back out and play a game with the local team? Look no further - literally - than a rugby stadium print! Turf Football Art has branched out and is offering to make a custom print of his favourite rugby stadium this Father's Day.

In their truly unique, contemporary style, these prints will sit well with any home decor and a perfect reminder of the days on this pitch to come! At just £9.95 this gift is an affordable AND thoughtful gift for Dad!

10. Father's Day crafts

It's always nice to get a gift on occasion, but in uncertain times like these, it's often nice to keep it simple and give him a Father's Day craft gift that means a lot.

Get the kids to create a brilliant work of art that depicts Dad doing his favourite sport or activity. Or simply get the kids to make paper bunting decorate the lounge so Dad can eat his breakfast amongst the home stylings of the kids!

Now you have no excuse but to plan something great for him this Father's Day! And we've made all these suggestions ahead of time so no more last-minute Father's day gifts like you did last year, and the year before that...and, yep the year before that as well.

At Interparcel, we can help send your Father's Day gifts safely with contact-free delivery. With our cost-effective shipping services, our customers and couriers safety comes first so get a quote today to save on Father's Day delivery this year!

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