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Scale your shipping strategy to handle international deliveries

30th October 2023, 10:10am in Business by Amy Newham

Are you looking to start shipping your products internationally?

As your business looks to expand and grow, you’ll need to adapt your delivery strategy accordingly. Expanding your customer base overseas is a big step as you must consider longer transit times, costs, and customs/country regulations. You first must establish how to streamline your delivery processes to save time and money.

So, let’s explore ways to scale your shipping strategy to handle international deliveries.

Reduce manual processes

When your order volume increases, you won’t have time to process each shipment like you might have done before manually. One way to save time is by importing orders into an order management platform like our Shipping Manager.

Our advanced Shipping Manager has many useful features designed to improve and speed up the delivery process. For example, you can process multiple shipments via a CSV upload or eCommerce platform integration. The great benefit of using Shipping Manager is that it will flag any missing information before letting you process it, improving the overall accuracy of your deliveries. This is important for sending parcels to Europe or beyond, as you must complete a customs invoice alongside your delivery details.

Shipping Manager works in conjunction with most of our shipping tools. When importing orders, you can set rules using the Rule Manager. You can set rules for imported shipments in the Shipping Manager in Rule Manager. Let’s show you an example of how it could work:

You’ve trialled a few courier services and decided you prefer sending your UK-bound parcels with DPD UK Next Day Drop Off and America-bound parcels with FedEx Priority. In that case, you can create two rules in Rule Manager so that these services will be automatically selected when you import future orders.

International Rule Example

Utilise a diverse selection of courier companies

Expanding your business into overseas markets can increase the risk of delays or disruptions as you deal with new modes of transport, greater distances, and local Customs. Therefore, you don’t want to rely on just one carrier as it can limit your capabilities.

Instead, you’ll want to book your parcel deliveries using a multicarrier shipping solution like Interparcel. You can try sending your parcels abroad with different carriers to see which is best for your needs based on speed, price, and convenience. You’re not tied to one carrier, and it gives you greater flexibility to switch to a different courier or service if one was experiencing a backlog of orders.

We offer international shipping services from various couriers like ECMS, Evri, DPD, FedEx Express, and Spring Global.

Book bulk services and save money

Last year, we introduced our cost-effective international bulk-sending solution for lightweight or smaller parcels. Bulk services allow you to book multiple orders and consolidate them into one larger box with one single UK collection. Once at the courier depot, the box will be opened, and the individual parcels will be distributed to their final delivery locations.

Bulk sending your parcels abroad can be a more cost-effective way to ship smaller packages abroad – especially if you want to lower your delivery costs and expand into international markets for less.

Scale your shipping process overseas today

These are just some ways you can adapt your shipping strategy to accommodate shipping to countries worldwide. The best way to see how we can help is to create or sign in to your free Interparcel Account to explore all our shipping tools and features.

At Interparcel, our free shipping tools are designed to help business customers grow their brand and tap into the overseas market. Paired with a wide range of available low-cost international delivery services, we can simplify the transition into international sending. For further information, check out our advice on our international delivery pages or blog posts.

If you require any help with your Interparcel orders, our customer service team are happy to help seven days a week.

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