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How Using Same Day Delivery Could Benefit your Business

10th March 2021, 3:03pm in Business by Eva Malpass

Customer loyalty is hard to come by, especially as more and more businesses move online and consumers are faced with a greater selection of brands and products. However, this doesn't mean that loyalty can't be won – and many customers will stay with a brand that offers them the service, or benefits, that they are looking for.

Trends show that shipping is one of the most influential factors in winning loyalty and customer retention. More specifically, those businesses that provide same day shipping are setting themselves on the route to success. Customers hate waiting - that's a fact. So why not offer shipping that can rival the high street, other online businesses, and set you apart.

Here are some reasons why using a same-day delivery service can benefit your business:

Put yourself ahead of the competition

With more businesses starting every day, it can be really difficult to stand out. Almost all companies offer free delivery or next day shipping, as well as competitive pricing, making it tricky to differentiate yourself.

Recent statistics show however, that same day courier services have given brands an 85% increase in sales over those that don't offer it. Consumers absolutely love quick delivery and its effectiveness can't be stressed enough.

Applicable to many industries, no matter the product, customers will love to have the option to receive it ASAP. Same day delivery can be just the ticket to put you ahead of the competition.

It's affordable

Citysprint Same Day courier

Offering same day delivery doesn't have to mean you have to be out of pocket! A survey found that 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for some day courier services, so offering a slightly higher price for this option could be a great way to improve your service.

Having a professional courier service that can fulfil orders for affordable prices can help you in the long run. Before long, you should see how increased efficiency and customer retention is improving your overall revenue.

At Interparcel, our Shipping Manager was created so that eCommerce businesses could pair with excellent shipping solutions to provide a better service. Our partnership with CitySprint has given these brands the opportunity to offer same day delivery.

CitySprint offers a range of services from Motorcycle, LWB, or Small Van and can collect your deliveries right from your workplace or home address. They can save you time dropping off parcels AND delivering them the same day – amazing!

Encouraging trust

Offering same day shipping is often seen as a sign of a business that is reliable and trustworthy. A slap-dash, pop-up brand that's looking to make an easy profit won't be offering customers a fast, premium, same day shipping service now would they?

Using a same day courier separates you from the rest, and shows you as a brand that puts thought, effort and money into ensuring your customers have the best possible experience. Customers understand that it may not be financially possible for smaller brands to offer same day delivery, but when you do, it shows that you're investing in the customers that use you and the future of your business.

Plus, with 49% of shoppers stating that same day delivery makes them more likely to shop online, it can't hurt to offer it!

Convenience is desirable

One of the most cited reasons for using same day delivery is that the customer needed the item immediately and was willing to pay more to receive it sooner. Amazon Prime is an excellent example of this; many Prime users will pay the annual fee so that they can access same day shipping when they need it, the convenience of receiving products almost instantly is a big influencer in repeat purchases from a brand.

So, by giving consumers the option to pay more for a faster delivery option, you could raise your profits and give your customers the fantastic products they need, fast!

Attract a wider customer pool

Same day delivery = more customers

With over 65% of online retailers stating that they will offer same day delivery in the next two years, this 'trend' of convenient, fast shipping is definitely more than a trend. Online shoppers are of a younger demographic too, and millennials are the most common users of same day delivery.

Businesses are making a smart move by attracting this very large swathe of online shoppers by offering them a better and faster shopping service. As more and more millennials start successful businesses of their own, same day delivery is a key component in getting noticed, so ignoring this demographics' wants and needs could be a detrimental move!

Improving productivity

Same day improves productivity

Offering same day shipping could mean that you or your employees may be under increased pressure to get orders out in time. However, this time structure has been shown to improve productivity among businesses when goods must be sent on the same day.

This creates a fast paced process that streamlines the fulfilment of orders and increases motivation in your workplace. Plus, if you want to provide even more motivation, you could offer employees incentives for meeting quotas and getting orders out on time!

This quick succession of orders can also mean more revenue and more capital to invest back into your workforce, to improve the experience for both customers and workers – it's a win, win!

If we've got you interested in how same day delivery can benefit your business, but you aren't sure which service is right for you, give our parcel experts a call, live chat message or email from 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday or 9 am - 1 pm on weekends and we'll talk you through the process of connecting your online store with our reliable discounted shipping services.

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