Maintain Brand Consistency

How to maintain brand continuity

30th June 2022, 9:09am in Business by Amy Newham

We've spoken about the importance of creating a strong brand identity, but it's also important to reinforce this image through brand continuity. What's the difference, you ask?

Brand identity is the perception, value and strategies of the company you want the public to see.

Brand continuity (or brand consistency) is the reinforcement of brand messaging in line with brand identity, values and strategies over time.

Brand continuity is essential for any business because it helps build trust with your customers and encourages a positive relationship with your brand. Customers want to know what to expect when interacting or purchasing from your services, so you need to understand what your audience wants and how you can deliver that to them.

This article explains how you can maintain brand continuity and improve customer retention. Plus, we identify how our free shipping tools and ideas can help achieve this.

Post-purchase branding

It might sound obvious, but branding shouldn't be ignored- especially after the sale. A consistent logo, colour palette and typeface should be used across all marketing materials so customers can build an association with your business. This is particularly important during the customer's post-purchase experience as you want them to remember you and buy from you again.

Branded tracking is one way to incorporate your brand during the post-purchase stage. Most online buyers are curious to know the whereabouts of their order during transit, so it's the perfect opportunity to provide a consistent customer experience from sale to delivery.

Our free Branded Tracking feature allows you to create your very own tailored tracking page, complete with a unique subdomain, for parcel deliveries booked on our website. You can customise the colours, upload your logo, and even add a promotional banner in a few steps. Our step-by-step video demonstrates just how simple it is to set up:

Book with reliable couriers

Delivery is essential for building a good brand reputation, especially if you are solely an eCommerce company. If a customer has experienced exceptional delivery once, they will expect it again and again. Therefore, to keep up this reputation, you must ensure your supply chain is strong and your shipping methods are consistent.

A benefit of booking your parcel shipping services through Interparcel is that we offer services from multiple carriers, so you can choose from a range of reliable parcel delivery services. As a result, you don't have to rely on one supplier for your orders and you can choose from a range of Economy, Next Day, Same Day, Timed and Express delivery at discounted prices. Not to mention, our award-nominated customer service team are on-hand to assist with all orders booked through our website, so you know you're in safe hands.

Showcase your brand tone across social media

Social media platforms are a way for your business to express the tone of your brand and interact with customers, showcase new products and promote existing products or services. If buyers can see you actively posting on your platforms and are easily reachable, they are more inclined to do business with you.

Equally, social media retargeting, such as paid ads, can help you reconnect with users who have already interacted with your brand previously, like viewing pages on your site or sharing their email. Social media campaigns support brand awareness by keeping it at the forefront.

Email your subscribers

Email newsletter

Email marketing is a great way to communicate your brand values to your clients. Each time a customer sees your brand name and products, you are strengthening your brand image in their mind.

Emails can also be used to send exclusive offers or VIP promotions, like a code or voucher, that only works for returning shoppers.

Unique packaging experience

As the online market is becoming more saturated with brands, new businesses need to stand out from the crowd. The packaging of your products should convey your brand logo and colours, but it should also be exciting and memorable for the shopper.

The main elements you'll want to consider when creating a brand-centric packaging experience are the exterior printed packaging, the filler materials and promotional add-ons. The 'unboxing' experience doesn't have to cost a fortune either. For example, you could design your own stamp to produce consistent branding on the outside of your packaging. It's also worth considering how you can make your packaging more eco-friendly by switching to recyclable, reusable or compostable alternatives.

Prioritise Customer Service

One of the best ways of retaining buyers is by making customer support a priority. It's not just about listening to any complaints and making the necessary adjustments. It would help if you also thanked those who have left you testimonials and shared your social media posts. Customers like to reach out to companies via social media platforms, email, live chat, contact forms, even WhatsApp, so ensure you are active on some of these channels and respond promptly.

Maintain brand continuity with an Interparcel account

When you create a free Interparcel account, you can access a range of shipping solutions to simplify your parcel delivery and maintain a strong brand image. With an Interparcel account, you have access to some great features:

Interparcel helps businesses improve their customer journey, brand visibility and retention rates by offering all businesses, big or small, free shipping tools and access to industry-leading, reliable couriers at the lowest prices. We offer a wide range of courier services and some of the best prices. Get a quote for your parcel delivery today!

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