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Why Your Business Needs To be Using PrePay

4th December 2020, 9:09am in Shipping Advice by Eva Malpass

Businesses of all sizes may have noticed that online sales have been steadily increasing this year as the months go on and covid still looms. But busy online sellers will know the harsh reality that constantly arranging deliveries and sending orders can eat up a substantial amount of the day. Who wants to be entering in card details 30 times a day?!

Don't worry; there's a better way! With Interparcel, businesses have always been able to send parcels in a faster and more efficient manner. We're in the business of making sending parcels as easy and straightforward as possible. We help all kinds of senders ship smoothly.

We've created our PrePay feature with businesses in mind; this allows you to add credit to your Interparcel account from a stored card you can save securely. Using PrePay enables you to log in and send a parcel fast with just a few clicks - no need to enter card details each time!

We know business shippers and individual senders alike are already benefiting from this tool, but let's look at just a few of the reasons it's becoming so popular!

Speedy sending

Send faster

We know it's not just businesses that like to save time sending parcels. Having that extra hour in the afternoon to relax with a cuppa is a welcome treat, so let Interparcel save you some time by utilising our PrePay feature.

With PrePay, all senders can save time by nominating your preferred debit or credit card to top up your account balance. This way, you don't need to re-enter your card details each time you book a delivery and can go straight from start to finish in a few clicks.

Plus, not only does using prepaid shipping make the booking process speedier but with our wide range of courier services like Same Day and Next Day, you can have a parcel collected and sent before you know it!

Run a better business

In terms of running a business, it's not uncommon for multiple employees to be responsible for booking deliveries. This can make end of year accounts difficult if you are trying to match up multiple users and different cards.

PrePay offers a great solution to this problem. With this feature, businesses can easily top up the business Interparcel account from one card. Allowing all business admins to send parcels using the PrePay funds. This can come in handy if you are working towards a set budget too.

PrePay means no more worrying about spending more than planned on shipping orders! And you don't have to supply all staff with your credit card details! Easy and secure.

Ship safely

When entering your nominated card details into our PrePay portal, you can easily save these, so you won't need to re-enter them each time you book. Your card details are securely held by our bank and cannot be accessed by anyone.

This saves customers from re-entering these details via risky wifi connections or environments where this information may not be safe. We know how busy businesses can be in the run-up to Christmas, so having a bank card saved can make sending on the move simple!

Once your details have been saved securely, you can go ahead and arrange deliveries stress-free and rest assured that your payments are secure from fraud or theft.

Budget well

Shipping budget

As we've briefly mentioned, our PrePay shipping tool allows customers to save money by keeping track of previous payments made from their account balance. This feature ensures that users know exactly how much they pay for shipping and even save money while doing so!

Our competitive parcel delivery rates also mean that PrePay users can always stick to their budget no matter how strict! We compare prices from the best of the best, and our unrivalled courier partnerships mean customers of all kinds have access to the most reliable shipping solutions at discounted rates.

Pay automatically

When using our PrePay tool, you can also choose to use the Auto Top-up function, which will automatically debit an amount of your choosing when your credit falls below a certain number. For example, you could set a rule that tops up your account credit with £10 whenever your balance falls beneath £15 so that shipping costs will always be covered.

This way, you can save time sending if your selected service depletes your balance below your chosen amount by automatically replenishing your funds. Using this function means you'll always be able to book a delivery whenever you need to.

Sell better and send smoother

sell better online

If you're a savvy seller and use Shopify, WooCommerce, or another great website builder to create your eCommerce store, we can help you send better. And that's not only because of our PrePay business shipping feature; we also enable brands to integrate their online shop with our delivery services for smoother sending.

When you have an account with Interparcel, you can benefit from a range of shipping solutions designed to make parcel delivery more convenient. With us, you will benefit from:

  • Free account set up
  • Parcel Presets to shortcut package detail input
  • Access to a range of eCommerce integrations through our Shipping Manager
  • Full use of our 'Send Again' and 'Return Parcel' actions to streamline sending
  • Branded Tracking for a seamless company experience
  • Unlimited no-cost label printing options

Our PrePay feature streamlines sending parcels and can help businesses save time and money. In this day and age, convenience is essential, so it doesn't matter if you're looking to send one parcel today or twenty tomorrow; Interparcel PrePay can help you send better and faster.

Start sending with PrePay today!

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