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How Could Local Lockdowns Affect Parcel Delivery?

5th October 2020, 2:02pm in Shipping Advice by Eva Malpass

The Governments continued application of local lockdowns across the UK means that some people are feeling confused about what this means for them. Whether you live in an area that is under restriction or you know someone who does, the rules can seem a little foggy. At Interparcel we've made changes behind the scenes to ensure that our delivery options remain open and unaffected by any lockdowns.

A local lockdown is a partial or complete re-imposition of safety measures to control the spread of the coronavirus in areas where cases have risen. The idea is that these localised lockdowns will control the spread of the virus so the country can avoid a second nationwide lockdown.

On 29th June, Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that the first local lockdown in Leicester and surrounding areas would go ahead. Since then the Government has applied local restrictions to various parts of the UK. We are fortunate that, so far, courier services have been allowed to continue in each lockdown area and so we have been able to help communities stay connected and supplied.

We understand that, at this time and particularly in regions with an increase in cases, consumers are choosing to avoid unnecessary travel to the shops and are ordering online to minimise risk. At Interparcel, we've been working alongside our courier partners to ensure our services are safe for both drivers, senders, and recipients - so we can continue delivering no matter what.

How are decisions on local lockdowns made?

NHS track and trace

The UK, Scottish & Welsh Governments along with the Northern Ireland Executive are working together to closely monitor active coronavirus numbers to identify outbreaks as soon as possible. Ultimately, each Government is responsible for setting their own local lockdowns and area restrictions within their communities.

The ongoing outbreak is under constant monitoring and advice is adapted accordingly. The Chief Medical Officer guides the approach with data from the World Health Organisation and the International community.

Alongside the NHS contact tracing app, the Government hopes to 'better identify outbreaks at an early stage and take steps to ensure appropriate local intervention'. They continue - 'local outbreaks are identified and managed through continuous monitoring of the available data and different approaches are required according to local circumstances'.

Throughout this pandemic Interparcel have done exactly that - we have increased our staffing levels and contact hours to respond to the increased demand. With our globally recognised courier partners, we are equipped and ready to handle the challenges local lockdowns may impose on parcel delivery and are already putting measures in place to maintain our standard of shipping, nationwide and internationally.

How can Interparcel help during a local lockdown?

InPost lockers

At this time local lockdowns have had no significant effect on our delivery services. Senders of all kinds, whether they are businesses or individuals, can rest assured that as we approach increased restrictions in certain areas, we will continue delivering as we always have.

Having successfully navigated the nationwide lockdown earlier this year, we've adapted to our 'new normal' here at Interparcel, we've put extra steps in place to make sure our services offer safety and security.

Customers have frequently stated the usefulness of our collection services to provide an efficient door-to-door delivery process that reduces contact with others in shops or the post office. These services involve booking a collection from an address (home or work), and the driver will come to collect the parcel from your doorstep and deliver it to the recipient's doorstep - simplifying shipping while keeping customers safe.

We've also seen an increase in customers using our Evri ParcelShop service (formerly Hermes) and dropping their parcel at an InPost locker. The secure locker service can be used to deposit parcels at accessible, outdoor stations whilst on their walk to work or trip to the supermarket. These lockers have automated security systems that allow senders access any time of the day or night, seven days a week. Find your nearest Parcelshop or locker with our Drop Off locator.

At Interparcel we've been closely monitoring the current climate and tailoring our services to fit the needs of our customers. We are certain that, no matter the restriction, our services are well equipped to continue providing safe and reliable shipping solutions to communities nationwide.

Stay safe with Interparcel

With Interparcel customers can remain confident that sending parcels is completely safe, and has become a vital resource to many. Sending care packages or cards to loved ones facing local lockdown restrictions can be that little gesture needed to lift spirits. Be it a card for a relative celebrating a birthday in isolation or an impromptu present for a friend shielding, Interparcel will always be here to help communities stay connected.

We want to continue to provide parcel delivery solutions that suit our customers sending requirements so don't hesitate to contact us - our opening hours will remain extended Our increased number of parcel experts are ready and on hand to listen. You can contact us via live chat, email, or telephone from 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am - 1 pm on weekends.

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