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How to ship flooring with Interparcel

22nd November 2022, 12:12pm in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

You may assume that because flooring is solid and hardwearing, it doesn’t need much protection in transit. Wrong! Flooring is one of the most problematic items sent through the courier system.

If packaged correctly, flooring can avoid becoming scuffed, split or damaged in transit. It’s not enough to rely on the manufacturer’s packaging, and often it’s not suitable for delivery.

Luckily, our expert parcel and pallet couriers can transport your flooring across the UK and worldwide. However, there are a few things you need to do to ensure your item is packaged sufficiently for a successful delivery.

What do we mean by flooring?


Flooring can encompass all manner of materials a floor is made from. There are many types of flooring, such as vinyl, linoleum, stone, tile, solid wood, or laminate. In this instance, we define flooring as wooden boards or laminate slabs.

Typically, laminate flooring is 1.2m in length, and one pack can weigh around 15kg. If you plan to ship multiple flooring packs, that equates to one heavy and long parcel!

How do I suitably pack flooring for shipping?

A common misconception with parcel delivery is that once your parcel leaves your home or business address, it travels to its destination in one vehicle- this is typically not the case.

Parcels of all shapes and sizes undertake a journey from collection to delivery. Packages are often placed on top of other items and dropped on a conveyor belt in the sorting hub with 1000+ other shipments. These processes are automated with minimal human contact unless booked on a specialist service like APC Liquid.

Therefore, you must protect flooring in more than just plastic wrapping or thin cardboard. Let’s take a look at our quick dos and don’ts for sending flooring via courier:


Long cardboard box

Choose a robust and suitably-sized cardboard box

Boxes should be hardwearing and double-walled (even triple-walled) to support the weight of your flooring. We recommend selecting a brand-new cardboard box with stitched or stapled seams rather than glue for optimum strength. Corrugated cardboard with good-quality outer liners is also a good option.

Protect the item with internal packaging

The inside of the parcel box must be filled with sufficient cushioning materials like foam, bubble wrap or packing peanuts to ensure the item cannot move around inside the box. Laminate flooring, in particular, is prone to scratches or scuffs.

Support flooring planks in the middle and along the edges

As mentioned previously, parcels are sometimes placed on top of one another during transit. Therefore, heavy consignments must be strengthened along the edges and across the centre of the box.


Use plastic wrapping or thin cardboard

More than plastic sheet/shrink wrap is needed to protect flooring and any item sent via courier. Invest in strong cardboard and packing tape, as discussed above.

Rely on ‘Fragile’ labels!

‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with Care’ labels are not a substitute for good packaging!

These stickers are only appropriate for informative purposes, and your shipment will still go through the same routing as other packages.

Leave any of the item unpackaged

Unboxed items are strictly prohibited from shipment, so please don’t try and send flooring without appropriate packaging. Likewise, do not leave areas of the item exposed, as it could get damaged in transit. Laminate flooring, in particular, is susceptible to water damage which can cause the material to warp, lift or bubble.

Are you planning to use a UK pallet service?

Long cardboard box

If you plan to use a pallet service, there are a few extra steps to preparing your shipment for delivery.

  • Stack boxes carefully on top of one another on the pallet. If you have one large shipment, securely place it in the centre of the pallet
  • Secure the package on the pallet with shrink wrap. Five revolutions of the wrap should do the trick
  • Apply the shipping label on the sides and top of the pallet, so it’s easily visible

Compare delivery quotes from our couriers

We are here to help individual senders and eCommerce sellers find the cheapest quotes and ship flooring with trusted couriers.

The simplest way to send flooring is to compare shipping solutions using our online Parcel Delivery Quote tool. You’ll need to pop in the parcel’s weight and details to generate the most suitable quotes for you. For a pallet service, please enter the delivery postcode into our Pallet Delivery Quote tool.

UK Delivery

We offer a range of Economy, Premium and Timed pallet services with Haulable, Palletforce and Palletways. The carriers are equipped to transport shipments up to 1200kg. We recommend booking a discounted pallet courier service if you are planning to send multiple packs of flooring.

For smaller packs or individual slabs of flooring, many of our parcel couriers can accommodate large and heavy parcels without needing a pallet. For example, APC, Evri, Parcelforce, Tuffnells and UPS offer a selection of services suitable for larger and heavier shipments.

International Delivery

It’s important to note that pallet shipping is only available domestically within the UK. However, if you plan to send flooring abroad, we have services with world-renowned couriers like DPD, Parcelforce and UPS, who can accommodate larger parcels.

There are a couple of extra documents and restrictions to be aware of when sending a parcel overseas. For example, all packages sent from the UK to another country require a customs invoice. Luckily, we incorporate required customs documentation within the booking process, so you will have everything you need to print and attach to your parcel.

It’s also essential to remember that different countries and couriers have their own rules and restrictions. You can filter the results on our website using our Prohibited & Restricted Items list, but we recommend contacting local Customs for further information.

Book your delivery with Interparcel

Like the floor, if you fall, we will always be there...Poor joke aside, we hope this article has helped to explain the importance of packaging flooring correctly, and identified the most appropriate courier services.

At Interparcel, we make parcel delivery affordable through our partnerships with reputable couriers and simple booking system. If you have any questions about the booking process, don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly parcel experts via telephone, live chat, or email to get all the information you need on sending flooring by courier.

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