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Everything you need to know about pallet delivery

22nd June 2022, 2:02pm in Services by Amy Newham

Pallet shipping has been a vital part of the delivery network for decades. It makes it easy for businesses or individual senders to safely transport large quantities of goods or items across the UK. Pallet services are perfect for those heavier or larger shipments that cannot be sent via a standard courier solution.

With Interparcel, you can book discounted door-to-door pallet shipping with Palletforce, Palletways and Haulable. Booking a pallet delivery with us takes the stress out of sending, as all consignments are fully tracked and you have the option to purchase additional transit cover. You can also contact our excellent customer service team, seven days a week, for support or advice. So, if you need to send a heavy item, our pallet services might be just what you need.

What's the difference between parcel and pallet shipping?

Pallet shipment

A parcel is a single shipment packaged in a cardboard box and sent via courier.

Pallet shipping is designed to deliver multiple boxes to one destination. You can stack the boxes together on a pallet, secure them using a stretch wrap, strapping or shrink-wrap and send them as one shipment to their destination.

Pallet shipping is a popular choice for many businesses because it's typically cheaper than individually sending a consignment to the same address and your parcels won't be separated during transit.

Advantages of booking a pallet delivery with Interparcel

Easily moveable:

Pallets are designed to make moving shipments easier. Goods must be stacked on a single pallet and secured tightly to minimise the risk of movement. The couriers are specialised in manoeuvring the items as their warehouses are equipped to handle pallets which is beneficial for more oversized items.

Choice of specialist pallet courier services

When you book a pallet delivery through us, you can choose several door-to-door discounted services from Palletforce, Palletways and Haulable. Whether you need an Economy, Premium or Timed service, you can compare and book the right one for you in one place to help take the hassle out of sending.

Streamline inventory management

For any business, it's crucial not to miscount stock or send more than needed. That's where pallets come in handy because they can be easily separated into units. When you send a pallet with us, you can access full tracking and be updated via text or email on the status of your shipment.

Recyclable and reusable materials

When shipping goods on pallets, it's great to encourage your recipients to reuse or recycle the materials, so they don't end up in landfill. Pallets don't have to be used again for sending; many creative DIY possibilities exist!

Choosing a suitable pallet size

Goods must fit on a standard pallet and be shrink-wrapped before collection. During the quoting stage, you can enter your collection and delivery postcode. Next, you will have the choice of 5 pallet sizes:

Pallet sizes

Select how many of each pallet you are sending and then press the 'Quote Me' button to compare services.

How to prepare a pallet for shipping

Packing a pallet for delivery is pretty straightforward. Here are some quick steps to get you started:

1. Choose a suitably-sized pallet

The pallet must be strong and large enough to support the load and prevent the overhang of shipment pieces. Do not use a pallet with broken boards or protruding nail heads.

2. Sufficiently package your goods

Our packaging guidance provides you with the best ways of preparing your goods for delivery. If you're stacking multiple shipments on a pallet, ensure the boxes are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your items – we advise you use double-walled cardboard boxes. Securely seal or staple the boxes tightly for transit.

3. Stack items carefully

For the greatest stacking strength, align the boxes in columns, corner to corner. Start with heavier items at the bottom. Packages should not extend past the pallet edges. You should keep the top layer flat to minimise the risk of damage and avoid stacking too high; otherwise, the goods might fall over.

Pallet shipping is also helpful for sending a singular large shipment that must be securely placed on a pallet.

Wrapping pallet delivery

4. Secure shipment to the pallet

Use a good quality stretch wrap to wrap around your goods- we recommend five revolutions. Ensure you wrap all around the top and sides of the shipment and the pallet to ensure its tightly secured. For extra stability, add corner boards and banding.

5. Label your shipment clearly

Apply a shipping label on the top and sides of the pallet to ensure the label is easily visible to the driver. This is important as pallets are typically stacked on top of another shipment.

6. Book your pallet collection

Your pallet will be collected from your chosen address by a large vehicle. Ensure the collection premises can cater for the truck. All packaging and labelling must be complete before the driver arrives to avoid delays or additional costs.

Please note: We do not supply pallets for delivery. You must ensure these steps are complete before booking a pallet delivery service.

Book a pallet courier service

We offer a range of discounted pallet services with Palletforce and Palletways. Both couriers operate an extensive distribution network to provide efficient pallet shipping solutions. Equipped to transport shipments up to 1200kg, whichever courier service you choose, you know your consignment is in safe hands.

Palletforce – pallet delivery from £56.32 + VAT

Palletforce couriers

If you require a low-cost service for a non-urgent delivery, Palletforce Economy has an estimated delivery time of 2-3 working days and will collect from a home or business UK address. If you require a faster service, Palletforce Premium aims to deliver in only 1-2 working days.

All Palletforce services include £25 transit cover for free, but for peace of mind, you can purchase additional cover up to a maximum of £2000. You do not need a printer for these services and a signature is typically obtained upon successful delivery.

Please note: You can only send seven pallets daily on any Palletforce service.

Palletways- pallet delivery from £54.70 + VAT

Palletways couriers

Palletways Economy is another cost-effective UK pallet collection service with delivery times estimated between 2-3 working days. Palletways Premium aims to deliver in 1 working day, so it is excellent for urgent deliveries.

Alongside Economy and Premium, Palletways offer an additional Palletways By 12 service. This timed service has an expected delivery time of 1 working day by 12 pm, meaning your large shipment can arrive at its destination in a flash!

All Palletways services include £25 transit cover, but up to a maximum of £2000 can be purchased at an additional fee. You need a printer for these services and a signature is typically obtained upon successful delivery.

Haulable - pallet delivery from £32.48 + VAT

Founded in 2020, Haulable offer a range of Economy and Premium pallet delivery services within the UK. You can choose from Haulable Economy and Haulable Economy+ for delivery in around 2-3 working days or Haulable Premium and Haulable Premium+ for delivery in around 1 working day.

All Haulable services include £25 transit cover for free, but for peace of mind, you can purchase additional cover up to a maximum of £2000. You do not need a printer for these services and a signature is typically obtained upon successful delivery.

We believe that sending pallets should be cheap and straightforward, so we offer a range of convenient pallet services that will collect from your door.

Book today and benefit from affordable pallet delivery with reputable courier brands.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to give our friendly team a call, email, or message!

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