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How To Ship a Guitar with Interparcel

4th August 2020, 9:09am in Shipping Advice by Eva Malpass

Have you ever sat around the campfire on a scenic staycation, and saw the perfect opportunity for a couple of verses of Kumbaya, but there's no guitar in sight? Well you absolute rockstar, you'll never miss out again because we're going to tell you how to ship a guitar anywhere and anytime, hassle-free.

As they are big, bulky and quite fragile items, you may think that guitars can be a headache to send. But that's where Interparcel come in, we know the best and cheapest way to send a guitar by courier so you just can sit back and enjoy the tunes! Thankfully sending a guitar through the post doesn't have to be as complicated as playing one, so let's get into how you can make this campfire dream a reality!

Preparing a guitar for sending

preparing a guitar for sending

As the pride and joy of many a musician, a guitar can seem tricky to prepare and protect before sending. But this just isn't the case, every day guitars are safely sent throughout the UK and even internationally with Interparcel's expert couriers. We specialise in sending parcels and love your guitar (almost) as much as you do!

Whether you are moving house with your Gibson, have sold your Fender on eBay or you're posting the Yamaha to your holiday destination, we have got the tools to make shipping your guitar fast, easy and cheaper than you think.

How do I protect a guitar for shipping?

First things first, nothing beats a hard case for your guitar when sending through the post. This is going to provide a vital layer of protection for your instrument when in transit. Make sure your guitar fits snuggly inside and is nicely cushioned.

Before you pop the guitar inside the case, it's a good idea to de-string the guitar or slack the strings, so they won't snap during the process of sending. Use bubble-wrap or paper padding around any fragile areas to give extra protection.

Then we need to protect your hard case against any scrapes or bumps from travelling with a courier. Cardboard and bubble wrap are the best materials for this. Completely wrap your guitar case in bubble wrap and then either pop it into a large sturdy cardboard box, or, if you don't have a box large enough, you can wrap and secure cardboard around the case. Just ensure your guitar case is fully covered in cardboard.

Right let's put that in checklist form so we can be sure we're whistling to the same tune, have you:

✔Got a guitar hard case
✔ De-strung the guitar
✔ Covered fragile areas in protective materials
✔ Got a sturdy cardboard box
✔ Filled gaps with protective materials
✔ Used packing tape to secure the parcel

Great! Now we've protected your guitar, let's look at how we can save you money on the shipping too!

How to ship a guitar with Interparcel

sending a guitar

Shipping a guitar cheaply is easy with Interparcel. We have partnerships with the globes best courier companies like Tuffnells or TNT that specialise in bigger and bulkier items, so guitars are a walk in the park.

All you'll need to do is measure and weigh your package once it's all packed and ready to go. You should then pop these details into our easy to use Quote Tool and you'll be able to see the most appropriate couriers for your specific parcel.

You don't need to worry about lugging your guitar down to the post office and waiting for hours in a queue, our couriers offer collection services and will collect right from your door step!

If you're setting up a business regularly selling guitars then consider using our shipping solutions to save even more time and money. Our shipping solutions integrate with all of the major eCommerce platforms. So if you use eBay and Shopify you can easily access our cost-effective shipping with reliable couriers. Using our services online sellers can benefit from:

  • Advanced Shipping Manager, collating orders from multiple eCommerce platforms into one place
  • In-built address verification and correction, no more manual errors or unprofessional mistakes
  • New branded tracking, create a seamless brand experience when customers track orders

We can ship your guitar(s) quickly and easily and you can continue on your path to stardom.

How much does it cost to ship a guitar?

The cost of shipping a guitar will depend on its packaged dimensions, which service you choose to use and where you are sending it, but it can be as little as £8.95* vat with TNT.

Many of our services include a certain level of Transit Cover which can be increased for more expensive instruments. Even services that do not include any cover as standard, can have it added on for a small additional cost. Just make sure you cover your guitar for the value you would need to make a claim, then you're covered in the rare event of any bumps along the way!

Shipping a guitar cheaply with Interparcel makes the whole process easy, but if you have any questions at all be sure to contact our customer service team open 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday & 9-1pm at weekends to get all the information you need on packing and sending.

*Quoted price based on a 10kg packaged guitar with dimensions of 115 x 45 x 15cm. Price obtained on 15/09/2020. Prices will vary depending on size/weight/destination & chosen service.

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