Sending large, long or heavy parcel

How to send a large, long or heavy parcel

9th January 2024, 9:09am in Shipping Advice by Dan Jones

If you want to send a big package once, or regularly as an e-commerce seller, you should pay attention to how you pack your items, especially if they are long, large or heavy

Size, shape and weight

To ship a large parcel, you should make sure that the box is the right size and sturdy enough to protect your items during the journey.

Use the right materials

Use a sturdy cardboard box with seams that are stitched or stapled, not glued, for big and heavy items. For items over 5kg, a double or triple-layered corrugated box is needed for proper protection. It’s better to use new boxes than old ones to make sure they can hold the weight.

Sending pallets

For a long item, you can join two strong cardboard boxes with strong packing tape along the seams - but remember, the bigger the box the weaker it is, so secure it well or use two boxes for extra safety.

If you are environmentally conscious, you can choose biodegradable materials like mushroom packaging or reusable ones, but always check that they can support the size and weight of your item(s).

Ensure it's protected

To protect your large or heavy items, you will need to find suitable outer packaging and fill the box with cushioning materials. You can use packing peanuts, inflatable bags, crumpled paper, thermocol or bubble-wrap to prevent your items from shifting or potentially getting damaged during transportation.

Once you have filled the box adequately, you will need to seal the package securely with packing tape. Do not use masking tape, as it is not strong enough for long, heavy or large packages. Use enough duct tape or a similar adhesive to ensure the package is closed tightly.

Cheapest way to send large or heavy parcels

If you want to save money on sending a large package, you should use a parcel delivery broker like us at Interparcel! You need to pack and secure your parcel, then measure its weight and size and enter them into our Quote Tool to compare our prices with the most trustworthy couriers.

We work only with the worlds best couriers who are experts in handling large parcels, so you can trust them with your packages. With Interparcel, you can find the best deals for both domestic and international parcel delivery, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on shipping heavy packages!

Send large parcels with Tuffnells

Send large parcels with Parcelforce

Send large parcels with Proovia

Send large parcels with Evri

Send large parcels same day with CitySprint

Examples of common large or heavy items

We are the preferred choice for many customers who need to ship large items fast and cheap. Our expert couriers can handle them with ease. Here are some of the most frequent items we ship and how you can get them ready for delivery:

How to send a bike

With Spring and eventually Summer on the horizon, bikes will become a popular item to send. Whether you're a seller or simply shipping a bike to a loved one there are a few things to do before sending:

  • Have a suitable box ready
  • Disassemble all parts that come away (wheels, pedals, saddle and handlebars)
  • Wrap all parts in protective materials
  • Deflate the wheels
  • Place inside the suitable box
  • Fill the space srrounding the bike with protective materials
  • Tape the box closed

  • For more details on how to send a bike by courier, check out our full blog!

    How to ship a fishing rod

    If you need to mail a fishing rod or pole, either because you’ve found a buyer online or because you’re planning a fishing trip nearby and want to send your gear in advance, we suggest you be extra careful and mindful when packing your fishing rod or pole.

    • Dismantle the rod so it's as short as it can be
    • Wrap all of the parts seperately in bubble wrap
    • Place the parts into an outer cardboard tube
    • Pad any empty space surrounding the parts in the box to minimise movement
    • Tape the box securely

    • If you need more information on sending fishing rods via Interparcel, read our how-to-guide!

      Final tips on sending large or heavy parcels

      Things to consider before shipping your large parcels:

      Transit cover

      If you are sending big packages that are worth a lot, you need to protect them from possible loss or damage. Our shipments include a basic level of cover, but our couriers rarely have any issues. However, it is advisable to add Transit Cover that matches the value of your item for extra security.

      Pallet options

      If you have a heavy item that needs a pallet, you can use one of our pallet sending specialists, Palletways or PalletForce. Just follow our guide before you book with them.

      Any questions?

      Our parcel experts are here to answer any questions you may have about your booking or how to send a heavy parcel or large package. You can reach them by phone, email or live chat from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday!

      Knowing how to ship large parcels can give you more freedom when selling or moving bulky items. We can always assist you in finding the best courier for any size shipment, so you can be confident that your packages are in good hands and on their way to their destination!

      Book your large or heavy parcel delivery now!

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