Some Good News: Positive Events to Brighten your Day

3rd April 2020, 1:01pm in News by Eva Malpass

During this unusual period of upheaval, we all recognise the struggle adapting to the changes in our social and professional lives. Fostering a positive disposition whilst self-isolating can be difficult alongside the saddening news across the globe, so here are some exceptional acts of human resilience to brighten a small portion of your day.

Lockdown sing-a-long


Italian residents have taken to balconies, windows and doorways to sing songs to boost morale. Becoming viral across social media, videos of these nationwide singing flash-mobs have come to represent ways in which people can stay connected while social distancing.

Pollution recedes

The measures put in place to isolate nations have reduced factories output, influenced the growth of businesses and slowed the movement of people. The reduction mainly in industrial activity vastly reduced air pollution around the globe, with gas emissions rapidly falling across continents. Most noticeably, as lockdown measures were put in place in China, emissions fell by 25% seeing an increase of 11.4% in "good quality air" days.

Digital pubs


As usually bustling pubs, clubs and theatres shut, digital meeting-places have sprung into action. A Leicestershire landlady of The Noel Arms had originally set up the website to host her local community but has welcomed over 14,500 patrons! Whilst keeping her employees on to manage their weekly quizzes, live music sets, open mics and comedy nights, she has welcomed guests from all over the globe. Now employing staff from Australia to keep the entertainment going 24/7, there's a virtual queue of 3000 members waiting to join!

Balcony marathon's

As people around the world find ways to keep fit from their homes, creative solutions have begun to emerge. Elisha Nochomovitz completed an entire marathon (26.2 miles) running back and forth across his balcony in France. He gave thanks to the vital support he had – "I had my girlfriend here who was giving me drinks and M&M's".

Cuppa collective

An entire street in Hebden Bridge came together recently – still two metres apart that is – to have a community cuppa on their street. This was after a neighbour had complained that they were struggling with loneliness. Being such a success, they've planned future distanced-street parties to celebrate upcoming birthdays together.

Dressing-up for those feeling down

Across the country, people have reported seeing some people getting dressed up to spread a bit of laughter on their street. The Stockport Spiderman for one has been cheering up children in isolation throughout Greater Manchester. Going out for an hour each day to get his daily exercise allowance, Spiderman visits different areas on request. All he asks is for parents to keep the children inside and to wave from their windows.

Another of these fancy-dress heroes is Jon Matson from West Bolden. Noticing customers seemed disheartened on his postal route he began dressing as Cleopatra, Little Bo Peep and a cheerleader. After the hugely positive response the 39-father-of-two was so pleased he had lifted their spirits and has now promised a new outfit every day.

Quarantine filmography

An abundance of 'to-watch' lists have come from this period of isolation, uncovering lots of new tv programmes or ones to re-watch. Programmes like 'Kirstie's House of Crafts' on Channel 4 are set to offer crafty projects to entertain the whole family. Or 'Lockdown Wedding Live' hosted by First Dates Fred Sirieix will see one bride and one groom go ahead with their nuptials – but with the nation watching live.

Key Workers

Not all of us get to stay home, waiting for this to pass, some are on the front line everyday. Its our responsibility to stay home so that NHS workers can continue saving lives, risking themselves every day. Other industries are continuing to keep the country running too, such as workers in the food and parcel delivery services, bringing the essentials you need in the new 'doorstep drop' fashion. Public transport workers helping people make their essential journeys and supermarket workers, who are keeping the shelves stocked and your shopping purchased. They all risk their lives everyday to ensure we all have what we need in isolation. So lets all stay home, stay well and take care of each other.

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