Aquionoe Children in their hoodies

Hoodies for Kitale, Kenya

28th January 2020, 5:05pm in News by Jo Lomax

The Aquinoe Learning Centre was founded in 1998 providing an inclusive education for children in and around Kitale, Kenya. Pupil numbers vary from 120-200, many from very poor families. Over 20 of the pupils have physical, sensory or learning disabilities.

The Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust (ALC) was set up in 2004 and thanks to the hard work by the ALC trustees the school now has many "extras", including new classrooms and dormitories, a library and even a computer room. They also have a physiotherapy department that is providing an incredible benefit to the pupils with physical disabilities.

Some of the pupils sleep at the school in dormitories during term time before returning home to spend the holidays with their families. There are some orphans however, who remain at the school all year round. This is home for these children.

One of the classrooms of Aquinoe.

Interparcel first learned about The ALC when we were contacted in late November by Chairperson; Jean Thompson. Jean explained that the charity had been gifted a large quantity of new clothes for the children but was struggling to find affordable shipping. Six large boxes being shipped to Kenya would cost the charity several hundred pounds; money that was desperately needed elsewhere. Jean asked if Interparcel would be able to offer a discount on the shipping costs.

As soon as we looked on the Aquinoe website we were incredibly touched by the great work the ALC is doing for these children in Kitale and knew that we wanted to help. We agreed that Interparcel would cover the shipping costs for the charity and arranged for the six boxes to be sent to Kenya free of charge.

The children of Aquinoe in their new hoodies.

We were delighted to hear from Aquinoe that the boxes arrived safely in Kenya a few days ago. The children are absolutely thrilled with their brand new sweatshirts. Don't they all look smart and well presented?

Interparcel would like to say a big thank you to the staff and volunteers for doing such a tremendous job in caring for these children and we would also like to express our gratitude to the trustees for allowing us to be a part of it.

Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust banner.

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