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What To Do This Easter Weekend 2020

9th April 2020, 10:04am in Lifestyle by Eva Malpass

Predicted to be one of the less adventurous bank holidays we've all had, the long weekend ahead still offers hope, especially with the promise of the fantastic weather. So, you can't take your mini break to the south of France or drive down to Cornwall for a few days by the sea, but there's still plenty to do from the comfort of your home.

For the creatives, for those with stagnant wanderlust or for families wanting to try something new to entertain the whole house – we've got some ideas to keep you occupied and amused this Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

1. Take a virtual tour of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Met is one of the most recognised and celebrated museums in the world. You can virtually walk throughout its halls using a spherical 360-degree camera. This technology encourages viewers to experience the Great Hall and the Cloisters from the comfort of their homes. Having been viewed over 11 million times, it's probably something great to look at!

2. Host a virtual pub quiz for loved ones

With Zoom and Houseparty rising to fill our online interaction needs, why not create a pub quiz to level up your group call. As many former pubs have translated their quiz nights to the web and welcomed all, you can also simply join one and play along! These offer a great opportunity to pass the time and test your knowledge (as well as your liver).

3. Take virtual tennis lessons

If you just can't wait to get back out onto the court or want to start learning while you've got some free time, the LTA is offering home-style tennis lessons! The LTA is the National Governing Body of tennis in the UK and have put together 12 videos filled with techniques and tricks you can learn from your back garden. Although aimed at children, if you're a beginner why not give it a try.

4. Visit the Globe Theatre online


As one of our country's finest attractions, you can now view a 360-degree tour of the Globe Theatre in London's South Bank to quench your thirst for the dramatic.

who knows, you may want to visit when we're allowed out.

Failing that why not buy/rent a copy of A Midsummer Night's Dream? Filmed at the Globe in 2013 this captivating performance is just £5.99, and you can enjoy the stage from the comfort of your own couch.

It may even inspire you to buy the book!

5. Bake your own bread

A craze that has somehow *risen* to popularity through social media, why not hop straight on the bandwagon and bake some bread. Kneed all that stress out into the dough and bake a treat for the family to enjoy this weekend.

6. Put on a show everyone will love!

Who cares if you can't sing, that's not the point! Lucky Voice as one of the UK's leading karaoke chains unfortunately had to shut their doors but still offer their services online! At just £6.99 a month you have access to over 9,000 songs and it allows you to queue songs to sing later too! Belt the house down this weekend, why not.

7. Go gourmet this weekend

This London-grown Michelin star restaurant HIDE is offering customers an extra special delivery this weekend. Calling it a "high-end takeaway" they've paired with the app SUPPER to make sure you can access the best this bank holiday.

At £48 for two, their Easter banquet includes road Herwick lamb saddle, confit new potatoes with butter and parsley, crushed peas with mint, warm leek vinaigrette with Sussex Slipcote and a red wine jus with violet mustard. For dessert they offer a strawberry and vanilla custard tart, and with this offer lasting from Good Friday until Easter Sunday I'd get ordering.

8. Feeling spooky? Take the Jack the Ripper tour


Take a dark turn this Easter weekend and travel down the real-life crime scenes of Jack the Ripper's murders in east London's Whitechapel.

You get to travel back to 1888 and investigate the suspects, photographic evidence and listen to the true stories of his crimes between August and September of that year - if you're brave enough!

Your live tour guide will educate you on one of England's most infamous serial killers, the identity of which is still a mystery at just a snip of £5! There are two time slots between 7pm-8pm or 9pm-10pm.

Get it booked in... A date without leaving the house!

9. Feeling stressed/anxious? Relax and learn calligraphy

This period of isolation has allowed many to learn new crafts and get creative. Calligraphy is the art of writing and not only is it a beautiful skill to master but it can be helpful when learning mindfulness.

If you need to get off your phone or can't stand to watch another programme, Jacquie Lawes of White Olive Designs is offering calligraphy kits for those looking to learn. These sets include a video guide, workbook, practise pad, ink and calligraphy pen so you've got all you need.

Then you can get writing to your friends and loved ones and display your new skills!

10. Feeling romantic? Take a sunset tour of a vineyard in Champagne


Maybe your anniversary is coming up this weekend or a special birthday approaches, why not replace your long-awaited trip abroad with this virtual tour.

The Comite Champagne which represents 16,000 growers has created an in depth film offering beautiful views of the Champagne hillsides, cellars and houses.

You could enjoy this with a nice glass of wine from your local Tesco Express or or use it to inspire future plans – up to you!

What better surprise for your evening in together.

We know it can be tricky navigating this time and it can often seem filled with stress. Taking time to plan and schedule small events or activities can give days some well-needed structure and give little ones and adults alike something to look forward to. We at Interparcel hope your bank holiday is filled with fun and that everyone remains safe and sane!

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