APC Lightweight By 12
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Parcel collection from your door

APC Lightweight By 12

UK Time Definite Delivery

Domestic delivery service
Domestic Delivery
Your parcel will be collected from your door
Collection Service
Delivery in 1 day
Delivery in 1 day
A signature is included with this service
Signature Included
Maximum parcel weight is 5.0kg
Parcels up to 5.0kg
Maximum parcel length is 45.0cm
Maximum length 45.0cm
Secure online  booking
Secure Booking
Tracked  delivery
Tracked Delivery

About APC Lightweight By 12

Delivery by 12pm next working day after collection throughout most of the UK mainland.

This service is for small packages up to 5kg.

Streetwise is part of the APC network, and packages will be delivered by APC.

Track your APC Lightweight By 12 parcel

Our APC Lightweight By 12 service includes tracking from collection to delivery as standard.
Visit our APC Tracking Page and enter your 12 digit tracking number to track your