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How to Winter-Proof Your Parcel

27th January 2021, 9:09am in Shipping Advice by Eva Malpass

Be you an eCommerce seller or just a one time shipper, ensuring your parcel is protected, prepared and braced for inclement weather is essential. In the UK, we're no stranger to a rainy day and as we wade through the winter months, conditions can play havoc on packages and their contents.

You can't stop the rain, or set fire to it as Adele would have you think - but you can know how to package items in winter to ensure risks are minimised.

Currently, there aren't any cost-effective, completely waterproof/winter-proof packaging options, but there are strategies you can go by to make standard packaging more water-resistant and protective. If the conditions in the country you're sending from or to could be potentially hazardous to your parcel, you should try one or all of the following:

1. Use a strong box

Use strong cardboard boxes

Your box needs to be sturdy enough to withstand wind and rain, as well as keep your contents safe and sound inside. Although it's very unlikely your parcel will meet a downpour before being delivered, it has been known to happen if recipients aren't in to receive it, (our shipping notifications can help with this!) so safely packaging goods is a must!

A strong, new (if possible) box should be used, as this is often the first line of defence against the elements when it comes to unfavourable conditions. Ensure that your box has no sagging edges or holes where water could seep into your parcel.

Davpack offers fantastic heavy duty boxes that have a double wall of corrugated cardboard. These are made from robust material which can provide you with excellent protection and superior hold.

2. Tape well

A tight seal is essential not only for ensuring your goods stay inside, but for supporting and strengthening your cardboard box. Regular tape is sometimes known to become compromised in cold temperatures, which causes the adhesive to freeze and become loose.

Your best bet would be to invest in cold temperature packing tape, Shurtape offers some excellent tape that is proven to last in freezing conditions.

Keep in mind that your parcel will be stored in a number of places, like in vehicles in both your country and the destination you're sending to. You'll need to ensure that your packaging will be able to last in both climates to protect your goods from damage.

3. Pad, pad, pad

Pad the inside of the box

Padding the inside of the box is a fantastic way to protect your contents from external moisture. You also have lots of options for this, from padding pillows, bubble-wrap or tissue paper, any and all materials that can act as a layer of defence are a great idea.

This is especially useful if you pad the bottom of the box, which can protect your goods from even the smallest amount of moisture that it encounters. Lightning Packaging Supplies offers an amazing expanding foam product that was created to fill empty space within your box for better protection. The Instapak is a cushioning mould that fits perfectly around goods of many sizes.

At Interparcel we always suggest you fill the empty space within your parcel with materials that can prevent your goods from moving excessively while in transit. When safely packaging goods in winter this is doubly important, as not only will it prevent breakages, but it will add yet another layer of protection against the elements.

4. Think water-resistant exteriors

So you've protected the inside, and done what you can with your box, but you really want to be sure your package is winter-proof. To ensure the outside of your parcel is protected, you should think about using a poly mailer bag to cover your cardboard packaging.

These bags are an excellent solution, as once properly sealed, they are moisture-resistant and ideal for adding that last layer of protection against those rainy spells.

Brands like Kite Packaging offer a range of waterproof weather mailers that are lined with bubble-wrap for extra padding. These come in a selection of sizes and are 100% recyclable so you're using sustainable packaging all the while!

5. Protect the recipient's address

Secure address labels

When you send with us at Interparcel, we provide you with address labels that you will need to print and stick onto your parcel. In winter, these address labels will need to be protected so that your courier can distinguish where it needs to go.

A great way to do this is to place your address label into a sandwich bag or clear wallet and secure this to the outside of your package. This way, your labels will stay dry, intact and legible so that deliveries aren't delayed or returned altogether.

It's essential to ensure these labels are visible too, so make sure you aren't covering them with your mailer bags or other protective materials when safely packaging goods in winter!

6. Use an outdoor parcel box

This option is useful for both senders and recipients, as storage boxes aren't just good for storing outdoor toys or gardening tools, but can be great for storing parcels to be collected or that have been delivered.

These boxes are great for shielding parcels from rain and wind and keeps your parcel safe from passersby. Wayfair offers a range of parcel boxes that are both useful and look great!

All you need to do is leave a discrete note instructing the courier to leave your parcel in the box if you won't be able to receive it yourself.

It's not fool-proof but using a storage box on your doorstep is a simple way to protect your deliveries from the weather in the unlikely occasion that you aren't in!

While British weather is notoriously changeable, it's always better to be safe than soggy...or sorry we mean. No matter the time of year or the destination you're sending to, making sure you've attempted to create winter-proof packaging to protect goods in transit is important!

When you book with us at Interparcel, you can access reliable shipping services with couriers that are experts in their field. Our partners are well used to delivering in all kinds of weather and will be able to add another excellent layer of protection for your goods on their way!

If you're interested in booking a delivery, get a free quote from us today and find a suitable service to send with today.

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